Werewolves, also known as Lycanthropes, are a species of Downworlders. Their demonic infection gives them the ability to Turn into powerful wolves and gain inhuman strength and enhanced capabilities.


Werewolves in their lupine and human forms possess supernatural strength, grace, speed, and reflexes, with strong claws and canines.[1] They also have the same unnaturally accelerated healing abilities as most other Downworlders.[2] Their eyes change to a particular color—typically green,[1][3][4] yellow for some[5]—when the werewolf Turns or is triggered.

An alpha werewolf has poison in his/her bite. This poison is fatal and needs serious intervention to be survivable. Known side effects of the poison are random transformation of the werewolf and hallucinations.[6]


New werewolves are created when an existing werewolf bites or scratches a human. However, not all attacks may cause a human to Turn.[7]

Newly-made werewolves need to learn to gain control of his or her transformation. When werewolves first Turn, any stress or emotion, especially grief, can set them off, making them lose control of themselves and their consciousness to happenings and people around them.[7]


Many werewolves, like vampires, belong to a group: in their case, a pack. Each werewolf pack is lead by an alpha wolf. Any werewolf that kills the pack leader will subsequently gain control of the pack.

Werewolves follow the long held tradition of being mortal enemies of vampires.[5][8][9][10]

Known werewolves


  • Because their clothes are torn off when they Turn,[1][11] it is considered protocol, at least for the wolves of the New York pack, to stash clothes around town.[12]
  • Werewolves can be harmed with weapons made of silver.[13]

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