TMI104 Valak01

Valak contained within Magnus's summoning circle, taking Isabelle's memory of a moment with her brother.

Valak is a Greater Demon, also known as a memory demon.


At one point, the warlock Magnus Bane summoned Valak to feed it memories he took from the young Clary Fairchild for safekeeping.

TMI104 Summoning01

Magnus and the others summoning Valak.

Over a decade later, Magnus summoned him again to retrieve the memories and return it to Clary. After being summoned, Valak demanded a memory of their beloved from each one. Isabelle Lightwood surrendered a memory of her brother, the demon took from Clary a memory of her mother, and when it was Alec's turn, a memory of his parabatai Jace appeared.

This left Alec shaken and defensive, causing him to break from the bond that kept the demon contained. The demon lashed out, but Magnus managed to keep him contained, but not for long. In an attempt to keep the demon at bay, Alec approached it but was pushed aside by Jace, who was immediately gripped by the demon. Clary gave up on her desire to get her memories back to save him, easily killing the contained demon in one swoop with a seraph blade.


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