Shadowhunters on Freeform Wiki
Shadowhunters on Freeform Wiki
☽ Welcome ☾
My name is Jimbob, but otherwise known as Jimbob or Jamyie. I have been active on Wikia and Fandom since 2018, making my first mark on the [1D Wiki] as a frequent on the D-Board. Over the years, I've climbed up with hard work and effort to make it as an admin and bureaucrat on multiple wikis. I love helping people out and talking, I also like making new friends.

My goals in life are to become a Hollywood Actress and hopefully play a MCU hero, though Iโ€™d be satisfied with any role. On fandom Iโ€™d like to help edit on numerous wikis, clean up discussion boards, and help grow several wikis.

Thanks for reading!

☽ Contact ☾
Feel free to leave me a message on my message wall. You can also find me at the sites below.
Note: If you wish to DM me on Discord or other messaging sites, please message me on-wiki first and let me know what your username tag is to recognize you with.

List of My Wikis
These are all the wikis I visit (usually). Basically, if you find my username on a wiki, you can send me a message and I will respond!