Tim Dempsey was a nurse at St. Ambrose Hospital in New York.


According to his coworker Catarina Loss, Tim was a very good man. Every Tuesday, Tim brings his guitar to sing to the children in the hospital.

While working a shift at the hospital's maternity ward, Tim spots a woman, Lilith, looking at the newborn babies in the nursery. Tim politely informed her that visiting hours were over. When the woman asked if she could hold one of them, lamenting that she was barren, he expressed his sympathy but politely refused her request and walked her out.

TMI301 Tim demonized 01

While walking home that night, Tim was attacked by a being that opened his mouth and placed in him a demon that went on to immediately possess Tim's body, turning him into Lilith's first "virtuous disciple". The possessed Tim went to his home, and when Tim's wife arrived, he greeted her at the curb and slit her throat. For this act, Tim's soul became "corrupted". Lilith summoned him to her church, where she slit his throat and let his blood drip onto her altar as an offering—a blood sacrifice for the resurrection of her son.[1][2]

When the possessed Tim targeted his grandfather next, he was tailed by NYPD detective Ollie. When the detective demanded that he get on the ground, the demon reacted by running into a closed market. The demon shot him but failed to kill him, and he was attacked by a werewolf. He knocked out both and was again attacked by Shadowhunter Clary Fairchild. Though the demon put up a fight while in Tim's body, it eventually left his body—ripping Tim's body to shreds in the process—and the demon was later incinerated with Clary's Sun rune.[1]


Season Three (3A) appearances: 1/22
On Infernal Ground:
The Powers That Be:
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What Lies Beneath:
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Thy Soul Instructed:
Stronger Than Heaven:
A Window Into an...:
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Salt in the Wound:
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A Heart of Darkness:
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