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Simon's band was once made up of Simon Lewis and his friend(s). The last band name it went by was Rock Solid Panda. He now currently performs as a solo act.


For a time, Simon and his friend Maureen performed gigs together, with Simon playing the guitar and Maureen on keyboard; they also used to sing together, with Simon as the lead vocalist.[1] After a falling out, Maureen refused to perform with him again.[2]


Songs performed


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Simon and Maureen used to constantly change the band name. The many names, including those mentioned, suggested and mulled over, are (listed in order of mention):

  • Champagne Enema
  • Rock Solid Panda
  • Furious Mole
  • Ambidextrous Biscotti[5]
  • Incipient Pie Mojo[6]


  • In early drafts of the script, Eric was mentioned by Maureen as a band member who'd backed out.


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