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The official synopsis from the Freeform press release.


Recap the happenings in the episode in detail.

Incomplete/unfinished plot sections will be removed. Do not copy-paste from other sites. If you want to write your own version of a book's plot/recap at your own pace, or if you would like yours to replace the current one on the wiki, please create a blog for it, and notify an admin when you're done. Users' recaps may be considered and voted on.


An even shorter retelling of the story, focusing only on the major plot points of developments.



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A list of the songs and score music featured in this episode:

  • "Title" - Artist


  • Tidbits like when the show started and ended filming, and other information revealed by the cast or crew behind-the-scenes regarding production.

  • Other information revealed by the cast or crew behind-the-scenes.

The following are elements adapted from The Shadowhunter Chronicles / The Mortal Instruments book series:

  • Noted similarities with the books.
For differences, see here.



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