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All Good Things...
Season 3

All Good Things...

All Good Things... must come to an end.

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Season 3

Read up on what went down on the third season of Shadowhunters.

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All Good Things...
Season 3

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Lilith is a Greater Demon, known as the mother of demons. She is a ruler of the demon realm Edom. Lilith was the first wife of the first man Adam, before she was cast aside. She feels a deep sense of love for the Shadowhunter Jonathan Morgenstern, whom she views as her son, and would stop at nothing to bring him back from the dead.


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Season Two: 20
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Season Three: 22
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Though you walk in the daylight, darkness will follow.

–The Seelie Queen to Daylighter Simon Lewis after branding him, On Infernal Ground

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Did you know...

... that Lilith was originally created out of the Earth as a wife for Adam? She was cast out of the Garden of Eden for not obeying Adam and God and was replaced by Eve. She has since made Hell into her new realm and is considered the mother of the demons terrorizing the world.

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