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The following are noted differences between the The Mortal Instruments and the TV adaptation, Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. (For similarities or scenes adapted, check each episodes' Trivia section, under the "In the books" tab.)

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Information, events, characters, story lines from the show that wasn't in the books at all

Season 1

The Mortal Cup

Changes observed in The Mortal Cup.
Book series TV series
Clary Fray was 15 years old and just turned 16 when she first encountered Jace and the others. She was a high school student.[1] Clary Fray turned 18 and was just accepted into the advanced program at the Brooklyn Academy of Art.
Jocelyn Fray primarily works as an artist for a living.[1] Jocelyn Fray ran an antiquities store.
Luke Garroway owns a bookstore.[1] Luke Garroway is an NYPD detective.
Luke is Caucasian.[1] Luke is black.
Madame Dorothea was Jocelyn and Clary's older neighbor who had little interest and relationship in the two.[1] Dot is much younger than Dorothea in the books, is Jocelyn's assistant and is like a sister to Clary.
Maureen Brown was a young fan obsessed with Simon.[2] Maureen is slightly older, around the same age as Simon and Clary, and is friends with them.
Clary playing with a faerie as a child was what convinced Jocelyn to take her to Magnus to get her memories taken.[1] Clary was attacked by a demon while playing by a lake.
The only sign that Clary's mind block was starting to fade was that she was starting to see the Shadow World for what it was, and it was past her scheduled appointment with Magnus.[1] Much like in the movie, Clary began drawing elements of the Shadow World and being a Shadowhunter, like runes and demons.
The New York Institute at that moment in the story was only inhabited by Jace, the Lightwoods, and Hodge Starkweather.[1] There are several occupants at the Institute carrying out missions.
Shadowhunters don't really use technology and gadgets and primarily rely on their Sensors to track demons.[1] The Institute is much more modern and has several computers and high-tech equipment, some of which is used to track demon activity.
The demon Jace, Izzy, and Alec followed into the Pandemonium was an Eidolon demon that was preying on mundanes in the guise of a human boy.[1] The demon they followed was a shape-shifting demon they tracked because several demons have been killing mundanes and draining them of blood. These killings have also not gone unnoticed by mundanes and became the center of an investigation by the NYPD—one that Luke was a part of.
Simon's band consists of three other male members.[1] The band consisted of just Simon and Maureen.
Eric performed at a poetry reading at Java Jones, and Clary and Simon went to support him.[1] Simon and Maureen performed as a band. (In an early draft of the script, Eric was mentioned as a band member, or a potential recruit, who'd backed out.[3])
It was Eric who has a van that they use for the band.[1] The van is Simon's, which Clary spray paints with their band names for them.
Clary first saw Jace inside the club following the demon.[1] Jace bumped into Clary outside the club, and the encounter was seen by Simon and Maureen, both of whom did not see Jace and thought Clary was talking by herself.
The Circle had no interest in mundane blood. The Circle had demons draining mundanes of blood to be delivered to them.
Magnus Bane has no connection to the Pandemonium Club in New York City. Magnus Bane is the owner of the club.
Jace, Alec, and Izzy only managed to find and kill one demon.[1] The demons had their own private section in the club and they had to fight all of them.
Clary simply shouted a warning at the demon when Jace was about to kill it.[1] Clary came up to them and pushed the demon out of the way, putting her right in the middle of the action when the fighting commenced. Clary even got hold of a seraph blade, which activated in her hand, and killed a demon that Jace pushed into it.
Clary ran into Magnus coming out of Madame Dorothea's apartment on her way to Java Jones.[1] Clary bumped into Magnus on her way out of the Pandemonium.
Jocelyn never got around to telling Clary anything about their past before the Circle members came for her. Clary was still at Java Jones when the Circle took Jocelyn.[1] Jocelyn managed to give Clary a stele, a magical necklace, and some hints about her past. Clary was home with her when the Circle members came.
Dorothea was minding her own business in her apartment when Jocelyn was taken, though she did warn Jocelyn beforehand about whispers of Valentine's being in New York.[1] Dot helped Jocelyn face the Circle. It was Magnus who called to warn them about the Circle.
Shape-shifting demons are called Eidolon. Shape-shifting demons are called Ravener demons, which are also a very different kind in the books.
Clary rushed home from Java Jones before she was attacked by a Ravener demon. When she woke up three days later, she called Luke, who told her not to look to him for help. Later with Jace, they accidentally Portaled to Luke's house from Dorothea's because it was the last place Luke used the Portal to get to. Clary overheard Luke's conversation with Circle members.[1] Jocelyn and Dot intentionally sent Clary to Luke at the precinct through the Portal. There, she overheard him talking to the Circle about not caring about them. It was then that she rushed back home and was attacked by a Ravener demon in the guise of Dot.
Clary killed the Ravener demon that attacked her in their apartment.[1] Jace was the one who killed the demon.
Clary received a Portal shard necklace from Jocelyn that gave her visions.
Clary and Jace found Simon lurking around Luke's house, which he did because Luke was making up excuses about Clary having been missing for the past three days.[1] Simon tracked Clary's phone to the Institute with an app after she has been missing for two days.
Most runes are black and only work once, after which the ink will fade (to a whitish scar) and would have to be reapplied. Most runes are red (this has been changed to black in the second season) and also fade to a pinkish burn-like scar. Drawn runes can be reactivated by waving a stele over them.

The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy

Changes observed in The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy.
Book series TV series
Runes are drawn on the skin with steles differently. The stele may activate and deactivate runes already present on the skin by just waving over them.
Hodge Starkweather was primarily the Lightwood children's tutor. His curse just made him incapable of leaving the Institute.[1] Hodge Starkweather was the weapons trainer of the New York Institute. His curse involved real pain inflicted on him by his Circle rune whenever he spoke about the Circle or tried to leave the Institute.
The Circle members have their own unique rune: a circle drawn on their necks.
Valentine never actively searched for the warlock who made Jocelyn's potion, and Magnus stayed in New York after she went missing. Valentine and the Circle are hunting for the warlock so they can wake Jocelyn, and Magnus, along with many other warlocks, fled the city through Portal.
The entrance to the Silent City that Jace and Clary first used was at a cemetery.[1] The entrance they used was under a bridge.
Simon Lewis is a 16-year-old high school student.[1] Simon Lewis is an accounting student and has also been aged up.
The Mortal Sword was not used in the ritual done to try to retrieve Clary's memories.[1] The Mortal Sword was used and lowered onto Clary's forehead for the ritual, even piercing her skin, to "carve the truth from her mind".
Clary only learned about Magnus Bane when the Silent Brothers tried to help her access her memories. It was also Valentine himself who revealed that he was her father.[1] Clary did not see Magnus's name but instead remembered a conversation she'd overheard and, from it, found out that Valentine was her father.
Simon was accidentally transformed into a rat and taken by a vampire from Magnus's party by mistake.[1] Like with the movie, Simon was intentionally kidnapped by vampires to be used as bait to lure Clary to them for the Cup.

Dead Man's Party

Changes observed in Dead Man's Party.
Book series TV series
The Mortal Cup is of no interest to others except Valentine Morgenstern and the Shadowhunters because it serves little purpose for other species. Also like with the film, certain Downworlders want the Cup for its power over demons.
"Faeries" is the main term used to refer to their kind, and a "Seelie" is a faerie of the Seelie Court. Seelies is the catch-all term.
Only Jace and Clary knew that Simon was taken by vampires to the Hotel Dumort, and it was thus just them who went to rescue Simon. Jace then went to a church to get a cache of weapons.[1] Alec and Izzy were in on the plan with them. They went to a cemetery to get the weapons from a grave.
Only warlocks were shown to have the ability to freeze people in time. Vampires are seemingly capable of freezing people, or at least putting them in a frozen state.
Raphael Santiago was the interim head of the vampire clan in the absence of Camille Belcourt.[1] Camille Belcourt was still present as the leader of the clan, with Raphael Santiago still working closely with her.
Simon did not meet Camille until at least a month after he became a vampire.[2] Camille had Simon kidnapped and even seduced and used encanto on him to get information.
Clary and Jace used a vampire's flying demon energy-powered motorcycle to escape from the roof of the Hotel Dumort.[1] Clary and Jace stole a motorcycle from a vampire from a bar to get to the hotel.
Simon bit Raphael in his escape, making Raphael his later sire.[1] Camille let Simon bite her during their shared intimate moment, making her his sire.

Raising Hell

Changes observed in Raising Hell.
Book series TV series
Isabelle inherited the Lightwood family necklace when she was young. The necklace was hidden in the Institute and later given to Izzy by Magnus.
Clary found out about Magnus through his signature on her mind block. Clary found out about Magnus through Simon, who heard the name from Camille.
The party where Clary and the others met with Magnus was one the latter threw at his home for his cat. Because Magnus was in hiding, they had to set up a meeting with him. The venue was at a big party at Hardtail.
Elias was a warlock Valentine employed to summon Agramon and was subsequently killed by the demon. Elias was an adviser to Magnus and was killed by a member of the Circle.
All runes drawn on each other by parabatai have a stronger effect than those drawn on them by others or by themselves. There is a phenomenon specifically called "parabatai tracking", wherein when a pair uses a tracking spell/rune together, it is twice as effective and powerful.
Magnus's apartment is a normal flat in Brooklyn which he redecorates spontaneously depending on his mood. Magnus moves around his apartment to different locations based on convenience or need, after which he would sometimes redecorate.
Demons in general like taking memories. Valak is a Greater Demon actually referred to as the memory demon.

Moo Shu to Go

Changes observed in Moo Shu to Go.
Book series TV series
Clary first met Maryse, Robert, and Max Lightwood a while after she met Jace, Isabelle, and Alec and after they first faced Valentine.[4] Clary met Maryse, Robert, and Max shortly after Clary began staying in the New York Institute.
Max went to Idris with Maryse and Robert for no particular reason and simply because he was too young to be left in the Institute alone with his older siblings.[1] Maryse and Robert had come from Idris while Max was training at Mumbai Institute and was brought home by Robert.
Isabelle is closer to Maryse than Robert and even slightly resents the latter for his affair, while Alec was often intimidated by Robert and tried hard to make him proud. Isabelle has a complicated relationship with Maryse and instead has a closer bond with Robert. While Alec is also closer with Maryse, she is still much stricter than Robert and more than her book counterpart.
Luke killed Gabriel, the leader of the New York werewolf pack, because he needed the pack's help to protect Clary from Valentine.[1] Luke killed Theo, the leader of the pack, because he went after Clary and had the whole pack targeting her for information on the Cup.
Johnathan Clark was a U.S. Solidier Johnathan Clark was a police officer

Of Men and Angels

Changes observed in Of Men and Angels.
Book series TV series
Clary heard her parents' background story from Luke. Clary heard part of the story from Magnus Bane and then Luke.

Major Arcana

Changes observed in Major Arcana.
Book series TV series
Clary never used the Cup to control demons. Clary used the Cup to stop demons from chasing after her.
Simon Lewis was attacked and "killed" by several members of the Brooklyn vampire clan after walking into their territory. Simon was attacked and "killed" by Camille only.

Bad Blood

Changes observed in Bad Blood.
Book series TV series
Vampires cannot enter any Institute because they are built on hallowed ground; they can only enter the Sanctuary room of an Institute. As long as vampires are accompanied by Shadowhunters to get past the wards, they can easily enter the Institute.
Jace told Clary the story about his father breaking his falcon's neck after taming it while tucking her in bed. Jace told Clary the story while at Simon's home to teach her to control her emotions.
Jace, Clary, Isabelle, Alec, Raphael, and Magnus were present when they buried Simon. Jace, Clary, and Raphael were the only ones present.

Rise Up

Changes observed in Rise Up.
Book series TV series

This World Inverted

Changes observed in This World Inverted.
Book series TV series
Only extreme factors can break a parabatai bond. Tracking one's parabatai through their link and a special tracking rune can weaken them and break the bond.
Magnus has a cat named Chairman Meow, and a cat named Church resides in and acts as a guardian at the New York Institute. Magnus owns both cats in an alternate dimension of their world.
Clary, Jace, Alec, Isabelle, and Simon traveled to an alternate dimension in City of Heavenly Fire, the last book of the series, to rescue Jocelyn, Raphael, Magnus, and Luke and face Jonathan. Clary and Jace travel to a different alternate dimension to find a portal that would lead to Valentine.
Jace never knew what Michael Wayland looked like as photos of the real Michael were hidden from him. Jace recognized Michael Wayland as his father.

Blood Calls To Blood

Changes observed in Blood Calls To Blood.
Book series TV series
Clary never used the Cup to control demons. Clary once again used the Cup to control demons—this time to make Ravener demons flee.
Michael had black hair. Michael had blond hair.
Valentine simply took on Michael's name and identity while raising Jace, so Jace immediately recognized Valentine as his father. Valentine raised Jace while glamoured as Michael Wayland.
The Portal at Renwick's was in the form of an ornate and gold-framed mirror. It was revealed to be a Portal when Valentine approached it and showed them a glimpse of his destination by thinking of it. He then destroyed it after passing through by punching it from the other side. The Portal mirror was old and rusty. Valentine activated it by waving a stele over it. Because of the purple cloud over it, there was no way to see his destination. He simply walked into it, not bothering to close or destroy it behind him.


Changes observed in Malec.
Book series TV series
Ragnor Fell, Tessa Gray and Catarina Loss were introduced to Clary at different times. Clary first heard about Ragnor through Madeleine Bellefleur,[5] first met Catarina at a local hospital in New York after the Mortal War,[2] and officially met Tessa after the Dark War.[6] Clary heard about the three at the same time on a tech screen while looking for the warlock who made Jocelyn's sleeping potion.
Ragnor's house was located in the countryside of Idris.[5] Ragnor's country house was located just outside of London.
Ragnor was already dead by the time Magnus and Clary reached his house.[5] Ragnor was killed in front of them by a Shax demon that followed Magnus, Clary, and Jace to him.
Ragnor's warlock marks were white hair, horns on his forehead, and green skin. Ragnor's only visible warlock marks were his horns, though Magnus still referred to him as his "little dear cabbage".
Alec and Magnus shared their first kiss at Magnus's apartment.[7] Alec and Magnus first kissed in the Institute, during Alec and Lydia's wedding.
Alec first kissed Magnus in front of his family and the Clave in the Accords Hall at Alicante, during the preparations for the war.[5] Alec first kissed Magnus in front of his family and representatives of the Clave in the Institute, during his wedding to Lydia.

Morning Star

Changes observed in Morning Star.
Book series TV series
The ring Hodge used to contact Valentine after retrieving the Cup was Jace's Morgenstern family ring. Jace got ahold of the ring Hodge used to communicate with Valentine after stealing the ring from his severed left hand.
Valentine never got around to creating new Shadowhunters with the Mortal Cup, first needing Raziel's blessing and blood for the ritual. Valentine starts creating new Shadowhunters as soon as he gets the Cup, using different blood simply "purified" by the Cup for the transformation.
Hodge returned to Idris after Valentine refused his joining and was imprisoned by the Clave there. Hodge was found by Jace and Luke's pack in New York after Valentine refused him and forcefully arrested by Alec and Luke and brought to the Institute.
The Book of the White was located at Wayland manor, hidden inside a housewife cookbook. The Book was located at Camille's apartment in New York, glamoured into a cookbook.
Jace never truly sided with Valentine, though he considered it multiple times. Jace was coerced into joining Valentine and willingly went with him.
Going through a Portal with no destination in mind will simply take you to where it was last used to Portal to, or to whatever place or whoever crosses your mind. Entering a Portal not knowing where you're going can cause the person to get stuck in limbo.
Alec's problem with Magnus's immortality first came up after the Mortal War. Camille brought up the problem by taunting Magnus and Alec.
Jocelyn was woken up in City of Glass—the third book of the series, around a month after she drank her potion—in New York by Magnus while Clary and the others were in Alicante. Jocelyn was woken up by Magnus at the Institute, in the presence of Clary and the others, around two weeks after she took the potion.

Season 2

This Guilty Blood

Changes observed in This Guilty Blood.
Book series TV series
Valentine let Jace bathe in a spaghetti-filled tub for his fifth birthday. Valentine just made Jace spaghetti, his favorite, for his fifth birthday.
Valentine gave his unborn son demon blood through Jocelyn's food. Valentine gave his unborn son demon blood by injecting it into Jocelyn's womb.

A Door Into the Dark

Changes observed in A Door Into the Dark.
Book series TV series
The adamas is used only for forging of Shadowhunter tools and weapons. The adamas has other extraordinary uses.
Jocelyn realized her son's demonic traits when he was born with pitch black eyes. Jocelyn witnessed his traits when he drained a flower of its life force.

Parabatai Lost

Changes observed in Parabatai Lost.
Book series TV series
Shadowhunters of the New York Conclave went on Valentine's ship in an attempt to stop his progressing plans. The ship was then destroyed by a rune Clary used. The Shadowhunters were unsuccessful in trying to find his ship, until it was abandoned after Jace and Clary escaped.
Jace went to the Hunter's Moon to drink and was rude to the werewolf clientele. He got into a fight after refusing to investigate the death of a werewolf nearby. Jace came into the Hunter's Moon to borrow the phone to contact Isabelle. When he tried to leave, the werewolves also tried to ask him for help regarding an abducted werewolf, and Jace refused because he was in a rush to get to Alec. However, Jace was already a target of the werewolves, and the fight broke out because one of them recognized him as one of the men who'd taken their missing kin.

Day of Wrath

Changes observed in Day of Wrath.
Book series TV series
Valentine went to the Silent City with the Greater Demon Agramon to get through the Silent Brothers and steal the Mortal Sword; the demon's power scared them all to death. Valentine simply planned a surprise attack on the City of Bones with followers, and they killed the Silent Brothers that got in their way.
Valentine summoned the Demon of Fear, Agramon, to attack the Silent City. Valentine sent a demon he'd created through an experiment to infiltrate the New York Institute as a diversion while he attacked the City of Bones.
Hodge Starkweather was killed by Sebastian Morgenstern in a prison in Alicante next to Simon's cell. Hodge Starkweather was killed by Valentine in the City of Bones, in a holding cell next to Jace's.
Jocelyn is alive. Jocelyn is killed.

Dust and Shadows

Changes observed in Dust and Shadows.
Book series TV series
Magnus told Clary, Jace, and Alec about his mother's suicide during their first meeting, when Clary came to him in hopes of reclaiming her lost memories. Magnus told Clary and Simon about his mother's suicide when Clary came to him asking for a magical way to bring her mother back from the dead.
When Sister Cleophas suggested that Isabelle would make "an excellent" Iron Sister, Isabelle simply laughed at and quickly dismissed the idea. Isabelle wanted to be an Iron Sister when she was young, before she learned that she "had to swear off boys," but continued to idolize the Sisters.
Yin fen was not featured in The Mortal Instruments and has so far only been featured in The Infernal Devices. Aldertree gave Isabelle yin fen for her wound.
Clary learned about her gift for creating new runes from the Seelie Queen and later created a rune for fearlessness. Clary learned about this while trapped in the cellar with a demon and created a rune to attack it with sunlight.

Iron Sisters

Changes observed in Iron Sisters.
Book series TV series
Simon himself performed the encanto on his mother, Elaine, to make her think that she had just dreamed of Simon being a vampire. Simon asked Raphael to encanto her.
The Iron Sisters were first introduced in City of Lost Souls, the fifth book of the series, when Isabelle Lightwood and Jocelyn went to the Adamant Citadel to look for a weapon that could kill Sebastian without harming Jace. Clary and Isabelle went to the Citadel on a mission for the Clave to know what Valentine could want with the Soul-Sword and thus his plans with it.
Sister Cleophas is Amatis and Luke's mother. Sister Cleophas is Amatis and Luke's sister.
The Mortal Sword, when demonically-aligned, can be used to summon and directly control demons. The Soul-Sword, when activated with angelic energy, can generate a heavenly power strong enough to eradicate all demon-blooded creatures, specifically demons and Downworlders.
Magnus and Alec's first date was at Luigi's restaurant. Their date was cut short when Catarina Loss told them they were needed at the Beauty Bar. They returned to Magnus' loft where they passionately made out before Alec left. Magnus and Alec's first date was at Hunter's Moon. They walked back to the loft in awkward silence, ready to give up due to their differences before Alec changes his mind. The two kissed shortly before Jace arrived.
Simon was still a mundane when he met Maia. When Maia found out that Simon had become a vampire, she reacted violently and was hostile towards him, though they eventually got over their differences and became friends. Simon was already a vampire when he first met Maia. Maia was instantly unfriendly towards Simon because he was a vampire but still approached him so they could find Luke. The pair bonded almost immediately and became friends.
Yin fen is a warlock drug made of demon poison. Yin fen is made of vampire venom.
Maia was already part of the pack and had been under two different leaders by the time she met Luke. Maia first met Luke during her early days as a werewolf, during which Luke guided her.
Sister Magdalena was a member of the Circle. There was no indication that Sister Magdalena was a supporter of the Circle, and it is instead Sister Cleophas who was once a member of the group.

How Are Thou Fallen

Changes observed in How Are Thou Fallen.
Book series TV series
Clary and Jace accidentally found Ithuriel chained in the cellar of the Wayland manor in Idris. Ithuriel was freed from Earth by being stabbed with a seraph blade. Clary and Jace went to the lighthouse to find and rescue Ithuriel, whom Valentine intended to use to activate the Soul-Sword's sinister purpose.
Seraph blades are named to activate the blades. Seraph blades have never been named on the show. However, Iron Sisters hear the whispers of angels during its forging.
Ithuriel returned to Heaven by plunging a seraph blade into his body. Ithuriel simply flew back up to Heaven after being released.
Magnus and Alec went on trips to several countries during their vacation after the Mortal War, namely Italy, France, Spain, India, Berlin, and Austria.[2] Magnus and Alec went to Tokyo and Prague a while after their first date.

Love is a Devil

Changes observed in Love is a Devil.
Book series TV series
Max never received his first rune. Max completed his training and got his first rune.
Maryse told Isabelle about Robert's affair when she was young.[2] Alec found out years later when Isabelle confronted Robert about it.[6] Maryse admitted Robert's affair to Alec and Jace, after the former figured it out while asking both to keep it from Isabelle who "worshipped" Robert.
The first, and only vampire that fed on Isabelle was Simon, whom she forced to feed on her because he was hungry.[8] The first vampire that fed on Isabelle was Raphael Santiago, whom she asked to feed on her because of her addiction to yin fen and craving for vampire venom.

Bound By Blood

Changes observed in Bound By Blood.
Book series TV series
Raphael and Isabelle were mere acquaintances. Raphael and Isabelle developed some form of a relationship.
Valentine abducted Simon to use his blood for the Ritual of Infernal Conversion to make the Mortal Sword demonic, and partially because of his connection to Clary.[4] Valentine abducted Simon as a hostage and leverage against Clary.

By the Light of Dawn

Changes observed in By the Light of Dawn.
Book series TV series
Valentine slit Simon's throat and wrists to collect his blood for the Ritual of Infernal Conversion.[4] Valentine slit Simon's throat with Clary and Magnus watching to give them incentive to bring Clary to the New York Institute, where he needed her to activate the sword's dark power.
Jace fed the dying Simon his blood on Valentine's ship. There was no one else around.[4] Jace fed the dying Simon his blood at the Institute, while disguised as Clary. Valentine and his Circle followers were present.
Clary found out from Jocelyn that Jace had angelic blood in him, and Jace found out from Sebastian.[5] Jace, Simon, and Clary found out that Jace had angelic blood after the Sword's power was activated by his touch.
Alaric was killed by Valentine while protecting Luke at Renwick's, when the werewolves attacked the hideout.[1] Alaric was killed by Valentine at the New York Institute, with the power of the Mortal Sword's "heavenly light", when the Downworlders stormed the place.
Jace found out that he wasn't Valentine's son from Sebastian.[5] Jace found out from Valentine, who told him the truth because he was holding the Mortal Sword.
Magnus was the first to tell Alec that he loved him.[5] Alec was the first to say "I love you".
Simon was with Clary, Jace, and Luke when his ability to survive sunlight was discovered.[4] Simon was alone when he first realized this; he later showed Clary, and Jace found out when he saw them outside.

Mea Maxima Culpa

Changes observed in Mea Maxima Culpa.
Book series TV series
The Lightwood family necklace never broke. The Lightwood family necklace broke.
Clary and the Lightwoods first met Sebastian in Alicante and was introduced by Aline Penhallow. Isabelle first met Sebastian in New York and introduced him to the others.
Sebastian Verlac is from the Paris Institute. Sebastian Verlac is from the London Institute.
Clary found out Jace's true identity from Jocelyn Fray. Clary found out from Valentine.
Magnus, Simon, Isabelle, and Alec summoned Azazel to ask questions in regards to Jace and Sebastian's demonic bond. They each sacrificed a memory in the exchange, and he was later sent back to his dimension. Azazel first escaped his dimension and began conducting attacks across New York. Clary, Magnus, Valentine, Jace, and Alec summoned Azazel for this matter but broke free. He was later vanquished by Alec.

You Are Not Your Own

Changes observed in You Are Not Your Own.
Book series TV series
Simon found out from Clary that Jace wasn't her brother. Simon heard it from Isabelle.
Imogen Herondale figured out Jace's identity herself when she saw the star-shaped birthmark on his shoulder. Imogen found out about Jace's identity from Valentine.
Imogen and Jace did not have an opportunity to get to know each other because she died shortly after she found out, and long before Jace did. Imogen and Jace found out that they were related at the same time and had an opportunity to spend some time together after.
Celine is initially believed to have committed suicide, but Cassandra revealed that she was murdered. Valentine says that Celine did in fact commit suicide and there's no indication that he is lying.
Celine was 8 months pregnant when she was killed. Celine was pregnant with Jace for 9 months when she commited suicide.
Celine's corpse wasn't eaten by Werewolves. When the Clave discovered Celine's body, a pack of werewolves were feasting on it.

Those of Demon Blood

Changes observed in Those of Demon Blood.
Book series TV series
Simon Lewis sang in a band. Simon's band disbanded and he sang solo for the first time at Hunter's Moon.
Jace Herondale learned about his parents through other people and his father's letters. Jace learned about his parents from Imogen Herondale.
Maia Roberts and Jace never had any romantic interaction or sexual encounter. Maia and Jace make out and had sex.

The Fair Folk

Changes observed in The Fair Folk.
Book series TV series
Clary, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle were all summoned to the Seelie Court together. Meliorn was present during the transaction. Clary and Jace were sent to the Court by Alec on a mission. Meliorn was attending a meeting between Downworlders and Shadowhunters at the New York Institute at the time.
The Seelie Queen had the appearance of a grown woman. The Seelie Queen had the appearance of a young child. According to Jace, she manipulates her age with Seelie magic.
The kiss between Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale was to free Clary, who accidentally drank residual juice from her finger after being pricked by a pixie. The kiss was to free both Jace and Simon, who accidentally killed gnats while in the Seelie realm.

A Problem of Memory

Changes observed in A Problem of Memory.
Book series TV series
Sebastian Verlac was intercepted and murdered by Jonathan Morgenstern on his way to Idris. The latter dyed his hair black to impersonate him while in Alicante. Jonathan kidnapped the real Sebastian in London and physically transformed into him to impersonate him while in New York.
Jonathan had the appearance of a beautiful young man with pale blond hair. Jonathan's real form was that of a burned and skinned man whose body was completely disfigured.
Magnus's stepfather tried to drown him, causing Magnus to burn him in self-defense. Magnus's stepfather called him a monster, angering Magnus and causing him to burn his stepfather.
Magnus told Clary, Jace, and Alec about his childhood at the party where they first met.[1] Magnus told Alec after they started their relationship.
Aline Penhallow was not close to and had not been in touch with Sebastian Verlac for years and thus did not realize that the one staying with them was an impostor. They had been staying in their home in Idris. Aline Penhallow and Sebastian were close. She visited him at the New York Institute and though she briefly suspected him, she did not fully realize that the Sebastian she met with was fake because Jonathan was glamoured as him.

Day of Atonement

Changes observed in Day of Atonement.
Book series TV series
Clary made a Portal to travel to Idris on the quest to wake her comatose mother. Luke went with her. Clary made the Portal to pursue Valentine in Idris. Jace is the one who accompanied her.
The Portal rune typically needs to be drawn on a surface. Clary could draw the Portal rune in midair.
Jonathan was raised in Idris. Jonathan was banished to Edom when he was young.

A Dark Reflection

Changes observed in A Dark Reflection.
Book series TV series
No one really knew what the Mortal Mirror looked like or where to find it. Jocelyn Fray hid a compact mirror, either believing it to be the Mortal Mirror or as another instrument to mislead others except her daughter.

Awake, Arise, or be Forever Fallen

Changes observed in Awake, Arise, or be Forever Fallen.
Book series TV series
Hodge Starkweather told Jace, Simon, Alec, and Clary that he figured out the Mortal Mirror was Lake Lyn. Clary had visions of herself in the lake, and figured it out when Jace questioned the likelihood that she could destroy a Mortal Instrument.
Jonathan attacked and killed Max after he told his family that he witnessed someone climb the demon towers in Alicante. Jonathan attacked Max after the boy figured out his true identity. He survived the attack.
Bat Velasquez was one of Maia Roberts' first friends when she first became a werewolf. Bat was Turned long after Maia was.
Magnus and Alec broke up after Magnus found out that Alec was trying to take his immortality. Magnus and Alec broke up after Magnus found out that Alec lied to him about the Soul-Sword.

Hail and Farewell

Changes observed in Hail and Farewell.
Book series TV series
Valentine found out through Sebastian, who overheard Hodge telling the others, that Lake Lyn was the Mortal Mirror. Valentine found out through a spy in Alicante.
Clary never suspected anything wrong "Sebastian" before discovering that he was in fact Jonathan Morgenstern. Following Jonathan's escape from the New York Institute, Clary revealed that she knew there was something off about him when he was impersonating Sebastian, but she had second guessed herself.
An obstacle in Valentine's plans for war and summoning Raziel had been the wards of the demon towers that kept demons out of Alicante. Valentine's first obstacle to getting to the Mortal Mirror were wards put around New York by warlocks to keep those with Shadowhunter blood from passing.
Jace found out that he wasn't Valentine's son from Sebastian during their first battle. Jace already knew that he wasn't Valentine's son by the time the two fought.
Jace and Sebastian's first battle took place in Idris. They first fought in New York.
Isabelle severed Sebastian's hand with her whip. Her whip wasn't able to remove Sebastian's hand; instead, Sebastian was even able to withstand the pain dealt to him by the electrum and even pulled Isabelle by the whip. This may in part be because it lacks the "blessing" Magnus gave the whip on Alec's birthday in the books.[9]

Beside Still Water

Changes observed in Beside Still Water.
Book series TV series
Maia Roberts was kidnapped by Valentine for the Ritual of Infernal Conversion of the Mortal Sword. Maia Roberts was kidnapped by the Seelie Queen because of her connection to Simon.
It was Camille Belcourt (and Lilith) who displayed a dangerous interest in Simon and his status as a Daylighter. It was the Queen who is (currently) interested most in his Daylighter status.
The Seelie Queen did not take sides in the Mortal War against Valentine. The Queen initially simply separated the Downworlders from the Clave in their efforts to counter or protect themselves from Valentine's attack, but she eventually sided with him.
Malachi Dieudonné was killed by Valentine's pet, Hugin. Malachi Dieudonné was killed by Jace.
Valentine and Jace engaged in a battle when the latter arrived at Lake Lyn to stop the summoning. Valentine bested Jace and stabbed him with the Sword. Valentine laid in wait at the lake and snuck up on Jace to kill him before he could interfere with the summoning.
The summoning ritual required a circle of runes, the blood of a Shadowhunter tipped on the Mortal Sword and dripped into the Mortal Cup. Valentine simply dropped the Mortal Cup and the Soul-Sword into the lake. The blood of whoever wants to compel a wish from Raziel is offered after Raziel is summoned.
As a precaution once Raziel is summoned, a circle of runes is drawn, with the name of the summoner wanting to compel a wish from the angel. Anyone present could compel a wish from the angel, presumably upon the death, absence, or yielding of the summoner.
Raziel, once released from his obligation to Valentine, killed him with a flaming arrow in a feat of fury for his actions. Clary, driven by anger and adrenaline, engaged Valentine in battle and killed him, slitting his throat and stabbing him multiple times.
A battle, dubbed the Mortal War, took place where Downworlders and Shadowhunters together, tied with an Alliance rune, defeated the demon army summoned by Valentine in Idris. The demons that ravaged New York City were summoned by Jonathan (and his "mother" Lilith). The demons did not attack, but the Shadowhunters (with Downworlder Magnus Bane) worked together to close their entry point into their world.
Lilith was checking up on Jonathan when she witnessed his death and later Jace's death and resurrection, prompting her to recover Jonathan's body and plan to resurrect him. Jonathan himself called for Lilith in his last moments.

Season 3

On Infernal Ground

Changes observed in On Infernal Ground.
Book series TV series
Clary Fairchild placed the Mark of Cain on Simon's forehead upon his request. He had been fully aware of what the Mark entailed.[5] The Seelie Queen had Meliorn burn the Mark of Cain on Simon's forehead forcefully and left him to find out its effects on his own.

The Powers That Be

Changes observed in The Powers That Be.
Book series TV series

What Lies Beneath

Changes observed in What Lies Beneath.
Book series TV series

Thy Soul Instructed

Changes observed in Thy Soul Instructed.
Book series TV series
Maureen Brown was the girl whose obsession with Simon was amplified after becoming a vampire. Simon fed on her once when she was still human, and she was Turned by Camille Belcourt and Lilith. Heidi McKenzie is a girl whose obsession with Simon was amplified after becoming a vampire. Simon fed on her once when she was still human, and she was Turned by Simon's blood but helped through the process by Raphael Santiago.
Jordan Kyle met Simon Lewis with the pretense of wanting to join his band. Jordan met Simon by faking a near miss, while Simon was about to cross the road, on his bicycle.

Stronger Than Heaven

Changes observed in Stronger Than Heaven.
Book series TV series

A Window Into an Empty Room

Changes observed in A Window Into an Empty Room.
Book series TV series
Lilith mistook Maureen Brown as Simon's girlfriend and killed her to get to Simon.[2] Heidi McKenzie (the show's Maureen) mistook Isabelle Lightwood to be Simon's girlfriend and attacked her out of jealousy.

Salt in the Wound

Changes observed in Salt in the Wound.
Book series TV series
Imogen Herondale was killed protecting Jace from a demon attack on Valentine's ship. Imogen was killed by Jace, who was brainwashed and under Lilith's full control.
Imogen and Jace did not have an opportunity to get to know each other because she died shortly after she found out, and long before Jace did. Imogen died long after they found out that they were related, so they had an opportunity to spend some time together.
Imogen used the Malachi Configuration on Jace because she suspected him of being in league with Valentine Morgenstern. Alec, Isabelle, and Clary used the Malachi Configuration on Jace to keep him imprisoned while he was under Lilith's control.
Maia and her brother were estranged while he was still alive. Maia and her brother were close before he died.

A Heart of Darkness

Changes observed in A Heart of Darkness.
Book series TV series
Annamarie Highsmith died in the war against Valentine. Annamarie Highsmith is alive.
Jace never heard Maryse sing the French ballad À la claire fontaine to him before bed and only overheard her singing it to the Lightwoods, though Maryse secretly did so. Maryse openly sang the French ballad to all of them.

Familia Ante Omnia

Changes observed in Familia Ante Omnia.
Book series TV series
Lilith used Maureen to get Simon for her because she needed Simon's Daylighter blood for Jonathan's resurrection. Lilith used Heidi to distract Simon because he was a threat to her and Jonathan's resurrection.
Clary used a Necromancy rune on an unidentified Shadowhunter during their investigation into recent deaths, prompted by Maryse. The dead returned barely able to speak because of the pain, and the rune was destroyed with acid by Luke to return him to the dead. Clary used the Necromancy rune on Valentine to ask him why Lilith wanted his corpse, as prompted by Consul Jia Penhallow. He was resurrected completely and was only momentarily disoriented about being brought back. Clary deactivated the rune with her stele to return him to the dead.


Changes observed in Erchomai.
Book series TV series
Elaine proclaimed that her son Simon was dead and a monster had taken his place. Simon compelled Elaine to make her think he actually died in an accident and that thinking he was a vampire had just been her coping mechanism.
Lilith bound Jace to Jonathan prior to his resurrection. Lilith bound Clary to Jonathan prior to his resurrection.
Lilith's physical form was destroyed by the Mark of Cain when Simon intercepted her attack meant for Clary. Lilith's physical form was destroyed by the Mark of Cain when Simon tried to destroy Jonathan's coffin to make her attack him (as Lilith, aware of his Mark, actively tried to avoid contact with Simon).
Jace was freed from Lilith's control when Clary slashed the mind-controlling rune on his chest. Jace was freed by Magnus with help from his father, Asmodeus.

Lost Souls

Changes observed in Lost Souls.
Book series TV series
Sebastian (Jonathan) used Valentine's apartment, capable of moving from place to place, to hide from the Clave with his bound "sibling". It is Lilith's apartment that moves from place to place, and Jonathan used it to hide out with his bound sibling.
Jace was bound to Jonathan with Lilith's rune. The pain, and death, that one will experience will be felt by the other. Jace also lacked free will while under Jonathan's control.[8] It was Clary who was bound to Jonathan in this way. She seemed to still have her own free will.
Johnathan's hair is natrually blond in and after his demon blood was burned by the Sword of Heavenly fire, his eyes turned green. Following his ressurection, Johnthan's hair is red and his eyes are natrually blue.

Original Sin

Changes observed in Original Sin.
Book series TV series
Asmodeus wanted Magnus's immortality in exchange for his help. This would have killed Magnus, but he was never able to surrender his immortality. Asmodeus took Magnus's magic in exchange for his help. Magnus lost his immortality as well but survived.
Jonathan met with Mirek along with Jace and Clary in Prague to buy pure adamas. Jonathan went to Mirek along with Clary in France to buy a Morgenstern family sword.
Mirek was killed by Clary. Mirek was killed by Jonathan.
Cain was only ever mentioned. His mark was bestowed by God as punishment for killing Abel. Cain was still alive and was found by Simon. His mark was given to him by the Seelie Queen for protection from Lilith.
Raziel removed the Mark of Cain from Simon because he believed that the heavenly Mark did not belong on his skin.[2] The Seelie Queen agreed to perform the ritual to remove the Mark of Cain from Simon as he had accomplished the task of banishing Lilith as she'd intended.

Beati Bellicosi

Changes observed in Beati Bellicosi.
Book series TV series
Nick was killed by Maureen while looking after her. Nick was killed by Heidi while the Praetor was chasing after her.
Clary and Jace sleep together for the first time next to a hidden stream of water in Edom. Clary and Jace sleep together soon after he rescued Clary from Jonathan Morgenstern.
The New York vampire clan never attacked the New York werewolf pack under Maureen's command. Heidi McKenzie convinced the clan to slaughter the New York werewolf pack, leaving Luke Garroway, Maia Roberts, and Bat Velasquez as the only survivors.

A Kiss From a Rose

Changes observed in A Kiss From a Rose.
Book series TV series

To the Night Children

Changes observed in To the Night Children.
Book series TV series
Maia let Maureen drink her blood (laced with holy water) in a feigned alliance to kill her. Maia fought Heidi McKenzie and let Heidi bite into her and drink her blood (laced with holy water) to avenge her pack.

Stay With Me

Changes observed in Stay With Me.
Book series TV series
Raziel gave Simon the sword Glorious as a tool to sever the dark bond between Sebastian Morgenstern Jace Herondale. The group learned about Glorious from Lilith.

Heavenly Fire

Changes observed in Heavenly Fire.
Book series TV series
Raphael remained a vampire until his death. Raphael became a mundane again through Project Heavenly Fire.
Helen Blackthorn and Aline Penhallow met in Rome on an impromptu mission with Alec Lightwood. Helen Blackthorn and Aline Penhallow met in Idris after their individual efforts put an end to Project Heavenly Fire.

The Beast Within

Changes observed in The Beast Within.
Book series TV series
Isabelle and Simon figured out their own feelings for each other. Becky noticed the connection between them and convinced Simon to pursue her.
Jordan was never dismissed by the Praetor nor did he become a part of the New York werewolf pack. Jordan was let go by the Praetor Lupus for breaking their rules, after which he joined the renewed pack.
Maia temporarily took over the pack by fighting and winning against Rufus Hastings, a former member of Praetor Lupus, who wanted to be Alpha. She also restarted Praetor Lupus after Jonathan destroyed it and officially became the pack leader after Luke stepped down. Maia restarted the pack after it was slaughtered by the Brooklyn vampire clan.

Aku Cinta Kamu

Changes observed in Aku Cinta Kamu.
Book series TV series

City of Glass

Changes observed in City of Glass.
Book series TV series
Jordan was stabbed through the chest by Jonathan. Jordan died of silver poisoning from a vampire ambush.
Magnus was kidnapped and taken back to Edom along with Jocelyn, Raphael, and Luke. Magnus went back to Edom to pull all the demons attacking Alicante back.
When Sebastian disabled the demon towers of Alicante, it had been under Valentine's orders. For his own attack on Alicante, his attacking force consisted of faeries and Endarkened. Jonathan disabled the demon towers to let demons from Edom attack the city.
Clary broke the bond between Jace and Sebastian. Jace broke the bond between Clary and Jonathan.


Changes observed in Alliance.
Book series TV series
Clary and Simon became parabatai after Simon Ascended. Clary and Isabelle agreed to become parabatai, though it never happened.
Jace was infused with heavenly fire after being stabbed by Glorious. Isabelle was infused with heavenly fire after shards Glorious plunged into her body.
Meliorn assisted Sebastian, whom his queen had allied to, in kidnapping and taking Magnus, Jocelyn, Luke, and Raphael to Edom. Meliorn was not involved with Jonathan, though his queen did pursue him during Meliorn's absence. He was asked by the team to help retrieve both Magnus and Isabelle from Edom.
Jace, Clary, Simon, Alec, and Isabelle went to Edom to save Jocelyn, Luke, Raphael, and Magnus. Jace, Clary, Simon, Alec, and Isabelle, along with Lorenzo Rey and Meliorn, went to Edom to save Magnus.
Clary used the Alliance rune during the Mortal War to help the Shadowhunters and Downworlders in their fight against Valentine's army. Clary used the rune to provide protection for the team in their quest to rescue Magnus.
The team went to Edom via the Seelie Court's portal. The Seelie Court's portal was closed off, and they went to Edom using Lorenzo's magic.
With the Alliance rune, Alec was temporarily bound to Magnus. With the Alliance rune, Alec was temporarily bound to Lorenzo.
Clary, Simon, and Jace did not use the Alliance rune. With the Alliance rune, Simon was bound to Clary, and Jace was bound to Meliorn.
Luke never reverted to being a Shadowhunter and remained a werewolf. Luke reverted back to becoming a Shadowhunter after injecting himself with Aldertree's serum of heavenly fire.
Faeries were said to be unable to survive Edom.[6] The demonic atmosphere of Edom rendered it toxic to Shadowhunters, and Seelies' powers were neutralized there.

All Good Things...

Changes observed in All Good Things....
Book series TV series
Clary killed Sebastian with heavenly fire. Isabelle killed Lilith with heavenly fire and accidentally released the rest, destroying Edom.
The Seelie Queen and Sebastian conspired together and conceived a child before Sebastian's demise. Jonathan killed the Queen after spending a day in her chamber. She wanted to have a child with him, but he refused.
Jocelyn and Luke's wedding took place six months after the Dark War. Magnus and Alec got married five years later. Magnus and Alec's wedding took place the day after they escaped Edom.
The Los Angeles Institute was managed by Andrew Blackthorn. Helen Blackthorn lived there with her siblings. The Los Angeles Institute was managed by Robert Lightwood. Helen wasn't mentioned to have been involved with the Institute.
Sebastian attacked the Los Angeles Institute to convert the Shadowhunters there. The Blackthorn children and Emma Carstairs managed to escape through a Portal. Jonathan attacked the Los Angeles Institute and killed most Shadowhunters, only sparing Max and Robert to have them send a message to Clary.
Simon lost his memory after Asmodeus stripped him of his vampirism and Daylighter powers. Clary lost her memory and runes as punishment by the angels for misusing her ability with runes.
Robert became Inquisitor after Imogen's death. Alec became Inquisitor within the year after Jonathan's defeat.
Alicante didn't have a High Warlock. Magnus became the High Warlock of Alicante.
Clary and Jace became heads of the New York Institute after Maryse stepped down, around three years after the Dark War. Isabelle became the head within the year after Jonathan's defeat.
Jade Wolf only served as a takeout-only restaurant for their cover, and Taki's Diner was a separate local diner for mundanes and denizens of the Shadow World. Maia reopened the Jade Wolf as Taki's, intended to be a safe space for Downworlders, one year after a raid on the restaurant.


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