TMI201 Jace01

Jace wielding a seraph blade.

Seraph blades are the primary weapons of Shadowhunters. They are made of adamas and crafted by the Iron Sisters. When the blades are forged by the Iron Sisters, they hear the angels whisper.[1]


When deactivated, the seraph blades are dull tubes; once activated, the blade springs to life. They vary in length, from a small ones like daggers, to long ones like swords. The blades have runes cut into the sword that glow beneath the blade's surface.[2]


  • There are other weapons, such as bow(s) used by Alec, aside from swords or bladed weapons that also pop out from tubes like seraph blades.[3]
TMI1bts Seraph blade

As depicted in the film and first season.

  • The design for the blades in the first season was the same as the one used in the preceding film adaptation. The blades used to glow brightly and make high-pitched sounds when used. It was redesigned for the second season.

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