TMI214 Seelie Court 01

The entrance to the Seelie Court.

The Seelie realm is the hidden dwelling of the Seelies. Also found within the realm is the Seelie Court.


The Seelie realm is in tune with nature, mostly having the look of a forest.

Found in the Seelie realm is a glade that contains one of their most guarded secrets: an intersection with an alternate dimension that can be accessed through a dimensional doorway protected by the Seelies.[1] The realm also has the "Wander Woods", a vast, maze-like forest designed to be confusing for non-fey.[2]

Food or drinks from the realm are known to have hallucinogenic and euphoric properties, particularly faerie narcotics and alcoholic beverages. When ingested, these may trap people, mundanes and Shadowhunters, in the Faerie until dismissed by the Queen of the Court. It is possible to convince or bargain with a faerie, to guarantee the protection and one's freedom; however, these deals are often subject to the usual faerie trickery and duplicity.[3]

There are several entrances to the land, most of which tend to be unguarded but well-hidden, almost impossible to stumble upon unless you know what you're looking for. One known entrance is in Central Park, in a shaded glade near the Shakespeare Garden.[4][1][3]


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