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The Praetor Lupus is a secret organization made up of werewolves. It literally means "Wolf Guardians," based on the Praetorians, an elite Roman military force.[1] The Shadowhunters are aware of the Praetor's existence and do not interfere with their work.[2]


The Praetor helps new, "problematic" and dangerous Downworlders.[3][4] Praetors are known to only intervene in special Downworld cases.

Guardians are able to observe and research their charges extensively beforehand; they have the means and resources to set up favorable conditions on short notice.[2] Once Praetors are given their assignment, they are bound by oath to follow through and are not allowed to choose or withdraw from their missions.[4]

The Praetor Lupus also has extensive records, including dated information on the Mark of Cain, and thus a need for archivists.[5]

Known members

Known charges

Downworlders that the Praetor Lupus has helped, or tried to, at one point (listed in order of when they were given aid):


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