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Parabatai Lost is the third episode of the second season of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.


TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR JACE: Everyone is on the hunt for Jace for their own individual reasons.

Already cut off from the Institute and his friends, Jace finds his situation worsen when he becomes a target for the New York wolf pack who believe Jace to be a killer. And don't forget about Aldertree and the Shadowhunters who continue their own hunt for Jace! With Jace becoming the most wanted man in New York, can his friends get to him before everyone else?

Meanwhile, Simon is on a search of his own as Raphael puts pressure on him to find Camille.



After jumping off the ship together, Jace and Clary are separated by the strong currents, but Jace washes up on the shore a few feet from the deceased Gretel. A mundane woman sees them and makes a fuss, assuming that Jace had something to do with Gretel's death. She screams and calls the cops. Meanwhile, Clary returns to the Institute and is interrogated by Aldertree; she lies and tells him she has no recollection of the events after Dot took her.

Simon has been avoiding his mother, Elaine for weeks. Because he is unable to live normally with her, without raising her suspicions, he lied and told her that he wanted to try living in the dorms, but his cover has been blown since her mother called the dorm's resident assistant and found out that he wasn't there. Simon is unable to do anything to calm her because he's preoccupied with his search for Camille. Raphael sees his family concerns as a distraction and tells him to focus on looking for Camille.

Jace comes into the Hunter's Moon looking to use their phone. The bartneder Maia Roberts lets him, free of charge, and even offers a drink. Jace calls Clary and Isabelle, and when he finds out that Alec was dying and needs his help, Jace tells them that he'll come. However, because the Clave was still on the hunt for him, Isabelle and Clary decide to meet him at Magnus's loft instead.

Jace makes a move to leave, but not before Maia asks him to help them look for Gretel. Being in a hurry, Jace declines. Annoyed that the Shadowhunter wouldn't help them, Maia calls him out. Taito approaches and recognizes Jace as being one of the Circle members who kidnapped Gretel. The other werewolves begin to crowd him, and Maia returns behind the bar and watches as a full-on brawl breaks out, until Jace escapes when Taito throws him out the window.

Being an NYPD detective, Luke is able to draw attention the mundane police's attention away from the case involving Jace, but is unable to control his pack's desire for justice. He goes to the Hunter's Moon and tells Maia and Taito that Gretel was found dead. He shows them a police sketch of Jace, and she and Taito immediately recognize him. When Taito suggested that they kill Jace for justice, Luke reinstates his position as their pack leader, telling him that no one will kill Jace until he says so. Though Maia is convinced that Jace is the killer because of all the proof, Luke tells them that he doubts Jace is the killer as he would've known better than to leave the body and be caught with it, irking Taito further. Maia tells him to calm down before he could start another bar fight. Luke reiterates that he knows their code: "blood for blood", and that if Jace did kill Gretel, he'd carry out justice himself.

Meanwhile, at the Institute, Isabelle and Magnus are having a hard time trying to get Alec to Magnus's loft. They tried to Portal him out, making it seem like Alec is being Portaled to Idris upon their parents' request, but Aldertree continued to deny them this. He placed Raj on guard in Alec's room. Seeing that Magnus's healing wasn't working or waking Alec up, he tried to escort Magnus out. Magnus explains that his magic was the only thing keeping him alive. Angered, Magnus knocks Raj out with his magic. They see this as an opportunity and uses Raj's body, shape-shifted into Alec, as Alec's double in the Institute, while Alec is finally Portaled to Magnus's apartment.

Later, Maia tracks the bloodied Jace with his scent but is unable to follow him further when mundanes find him in the streets. She and Luke, in his role as an NYPD detective, comes to the hospital in search for him. When Jace hears them, he tries to escape but is caught by the nurse in charge of him. Because of the commotion, Maia spots him as well and Turns into a wolf then and there. She chases after Jace but comes to a dead end when Jocelyn Fray arrives and Marks the door between them shut.

Jocelyn tries to convince Jace to go with her, but Jace is still distrustful of her, after Jocelyn tried to kill him in their last encounter. She tries to apologize, blaming Valentine for her choices, but Jace, still suspecting that Jocelyn will hand him over to the Clave—Jocelyn defends herself by saying the Clave would be reasoned with, but the wolves can't—still refuses her help and leaves, heading for Magnus's.

Aldertree comes in to check on Alec, but immediately notices something off about Isabelle's confidence. He uses his stele to reveal and deactivate the shape-shifting rune, exposing their deception. He tells him that Jace is suspected of murdering a werewolf and is being hunted by Luke's pack, and their continued disobedience stops him from 'protecting' Jace by bringing him in. Realizing that they would need the Clave to protect Jace from the werewolves, Isabelle tells him where Jace is and strikes a deal with Victor: she would get access to a Portal to get to Jace, and she'd ensure that Jace is surrendered to the Clave.

Elsewhere, Clary and Simon are still trying to look for Elaine. Still rusty at using her Tracking rune, Clary seems to be failing. She then tries to encourage Simon to admit to his mom that he had become a vampire, believing that Elaine would understand and still accept him. Still skeptical, Simon is unable to give an answer before Clary senses Elaine, realizing that her tracking has worked. They rush off and find her in a restaurant.

Clary gets a call from Isabelle and finds out that the pack is on the hunt for Jace. She leaves to meet with Luke, and Simon heads inside to speak to Elaine, planning to finally tell her the truth. There, he finds out that Elaine was meeting with Raphael, who'd introduced himself as Simon's band manager, lying for Simon by telling her that they'd been on a tour all this time. When Elaine steps away, Raphael threatens Elaine's life to further pressure Simon to look for Camille.

Simon accompanies his mother home but tells her that though their band tours will be local from now on and that he plans on coming home soon, he has to tie up some loose ends and cannot return home yet at that moment. Once again, he loses the courage to tell her the truth.

At the Jade Wolf, Clary meets Luke and tries to get him to call off his pack. Alaric arrives and tells Luke that Maia has caught up to Jace and seems like she's going in for the kill.

True enough, Maia and a group of Turned wolves ambushed Jace on his way to Magnus and Alec. Jace pleads to her, explaining his side: that he was tricked into kidnapping Gretel, and that it was Valentine who killed her. He tells her that Valentine was using all of them for his ulterior motives, and that them going after one another is playing right into his hands. Doubtful, Maia demands that he give her a reason why she should trust him, and Jace tells her that like her, he knows what it's like to lose someone he loves. He says that he was only trying to get to his 'brother', and that he would willingly surrender to them once he has saved his brother. Though she seems to hesitate briefly, she doesn't stand down and tells him that it was her companions that he needs to convince.

Luke then arrives with Clary; Luke tries to get them to stand down while Clary confirms what Jace just told them. Nonetheless, the wolf behind her pounces to attack Jace, but is stopped by Isabelle and her whip. Luke then goes into alpha mode and lets his pack, including Maia, submit to him.

Clary, Isabelle, and Jace head straight to the apartment, where Magnus and Alec are waiting for them. Jace takes the adamas stone and grips Alec, trying to get Alec to wake while reciting their parabatai oath. The stone falls as Alec goes limp; Jace gets emotional and begs him to wake up, and Alec soon wakes, reciting back the last line of their oath. As soon as Alec shows signs of regaining his strength, Victor arrives and arrests Jace.


Alec and Jace first met in the Institute's training room, at ten and eleven years old, respectively. Jace gives Alec tips on how to aim better by being more confident.

Years later, Jace and Alec have become a formidable pair and have decided to become parabatai. After passing their last test, however, Alec revisits his doubts because he has developed romantic feelings for Jace. On the day of their ceremony, Alec goes to Isabelle for help, and when she realizes his reasons, he convinces Alec to go through with the ritual anyway because she believes that he will one day find someone who would love him, "heart and soul," but he would never find another Jace to be his parabatai.

Though he is late, causing Jace to worry for a bit, Alec arrives for their ceremony. They are surrounded by a ring of fire for the ritual, recite the oath, and they become parabatai.



After escaping the ship together, Jace and Clary are separated. Jace is immediately suspected of Gretel's murder, making him a target for the werewolves of Gretel's pack—Luke's pack. Meanwhile, Alec is still unconscious, his condition worsening and not improving despite Magnus's efforts, because of his attempt to track Jace with the adamas stone.

To get the pair together without risking Jace's capture, Alec is Portaled out of the Institute without Aldertree's permission, but when Isabelle realizes that they need their help to keep Jace safe from the werewolves, she repents and agrees to surrender Jace to the Clave after Alec is saved.

After multiple encounters, Jace only evades Maia Roberts and the other werewolves through Luke's leadership over them, and Isabelle's deal with Aldertree. He arrives just in time to save Alec and is arrested immediately after.






  • Raymond Ablack as Raj
  • Joel Labelle as Alaric Rodriguez
  • Neven Pajkic as Taito
  • Jewelle Blackman as Nurse
  • Leonidas Castrounis as 10-year-old Alec
  • Tomaso Sanelli as 11-year-old Jace
  • Alex Eling as Teen Alec
  • Dale Whibley as Teen Jace
  • Romy Weltman as Teen Isabelle
  • Joanne Jansen as Gretel Monroe
  • Dorren Lee as Young Woman
  • Herschel Andoh as Man
  • Deshay Padayachey as Doctor


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A list of the known songs and score music featured in this episode:

  • "Howl" - Junip
  • "Don't Wanna Leave Ya" - Danica Dora
  • "Building a Wall" - Fort Frances


  • Filming began on August 30.[1][2] Filming wrapped on September 10, 2016.[3]
  • Jace was originally going to be hiding out in a college in this episode.[4]
  • The scene featuring Elaine, Simon, and Raphael was shot in the Goodlake restaurant in Ontario.
  • Both of the young actors who portrayed younger versions of Jace in this episode were given contacts to match Dominic's different-colored (brown and half-blue) eyes.

The following are elements adapted from The Mortal Instruments:

  • Luke said the words "Beati bellicosi" while laying Gretel to rest. "Beati bellicosi" in the books is the motto of the Praetor Lupus.
  • The parabatai oath and ceremony was shown.
  • Simon's father being dead was once again mentioned.
  • Alec's feelings for Jace, and his doubts about being in love with his parabatai, were tackled once again.
  • Isabelle never wanting a parabatai was also mentioned. (Though this was not stated outright in the books, it has been implied, and Cassandra Clare has stated it several times online.)