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Olivia "Ollie" Wilson is a New York Police Department detective and Luke Garroway's partner.


First encounter

At around 2011, while Ollie was still a rookie cop with the NYPD. Once, while on patrol by the dockyards near Dumbo in Brooklyn, Ollie was attacked by a werewolf, and she was found unconscious in a pool of her own blood. She was told that it had been a dog attack, but she was dubious. She did some research and became convinced that she was in fact attacked by a werewolf and that, despite being scratched, she was not infected with lycanthropy.[1]

Meeting Luke

In 2016, Ollie was partnered with Det. Luke Garroway, after the death of his old partner, Alaric Rodriguez. During an investigation of a mysterious massacre that was later covered up as a gas leak, Ollie found Luke talking to air, not knowing that he was surrounded by invisible Shadowhunters. When she asked him about it, he simply told her that he was taking notes and advised her to start practicing the same. Ollie did not hide her curiosity about Luke's life and grilled him about his personal life, which he only often shrugged off as he tried to get her focused on their work instead.[2]

Ollie had her suspicions about Luke but had no proof, so at one point, Ollie trailed him to the Jade Wolf, claiming to need his help when Luke found her. Luke excused himself, telling her that he had a date—something Luke thought Ollie would have wanted to hear as she had been pestering him about his love life—but Ollie, despite her response to Luke, was not convinced and her suspicions simply grew.[3]

While on the case of Heidi McKenzie's death, Ollie returned to the site where Heidi was found and saw Simon Lewis, a suspect who quickly surrendered himself to Ollie. On the way to the precinct, however, Simon realized that the real killer was a man called Quinn, and when Ollie wouldn't listen to his pleas, he escaped. Later, to clear Simon's name, his involvement in the police case, and Ollie's memories of her exposure to Simon's abilities, Luke invited Ollie to the Jade Wolf and had Raphael Santiago encanto her memories of Simon out of her mind.[4]

TMI218 Ollie & Sam 01

The encanto changed little of her existing investigations of Luke, and she proceeded to go as far as to bug the restaurant while there on a date with her girlfriend Samantha. The couple later watched and listened as their camera recorded Luke's speech as the head of the New York werewolf pack.[5] Finally, Ollie went to the Hunter's Moon and crashed their private party to confront Luke, asking him how long he'd been a werewolf.[6]

Legends are true

Luke at first denied every thing that Ollie suspected and found out. Luke told her that his "werewolf pack" was a motorcycle club, but Ollie remained unconvinced. Luke continued to play coy and acted worried about her mental state.

TMI301promo Luke & Ollie 01

While investigating a murder case, Ollie found the suspect, Tim Dempsey, and called Luke who tried to call her off, but she followed Tim, not knowing the danger she would be in for following the possessed man. She witnessed the man's supernatural behavior but was saved by Luke, who arrived in his werewolf form, but she was knocked out before she could see any more. Upon waking up at the hospital, Luke finally told her that she had been right about every thing.[1]

Her newfound knowledge on the Shadow World made Ollie able to work on the recent murders that was demon-related with Luke even though the murders were suspected by the mundanes to be cult-related. Luke worried about her and her seeming over-excitement and carelessness about the information. He repeatedly warned her that this involvement jeopardized her own safety and that of her loved ones', but she reassured him that she was being careful, confident that it couldn't get worse than the werewolf attack she'd already experienced.[7]

TMI306 Owl vs Ollie 02

At one point, her relationship with Sam hit a rough patch, as the latter had grown unhappy about her late nights and dangerous calls. One evening, she went to the Hunter's Moon to give Luke an update about the case. There, she was spotted by a possessed Jace Herondale, who saw that her aura showed that she was virtuous, making her a potential disciple for Lilith's ritual. She was followed out and attacked while she was in her car. Ollie tried to fight him but was overpowered and eventually possessed. Luke and Clary arrived after but were too late, and Ollie, having been fully possessed, sped off, seeking to kill a loved one for Lilith.[8]

Ollie unconsciously went to her mother and killed her for the sacrifice for Lilith. She proceeded to the Church of Talto afterwards and had her throat slit and blood offered to the altar, making her the 33rd and final disciple for the ritual. Sam worried profusely when Ollie did not come home that night, and lashed out at Luke when she found out what happened to her. Luke and Simon went to the Church after in search of Ollie. Ollie, now demonic and completely enthralled by Lilith, tried to fight off Luke, whose attempts to reach out to her failed. Ollie sped off when she heard Lilith's cry. When Lilith asked, she was able to tell her that it was a vampire that disintegrated two of her disciples.[9]

TMI310 Ollie v Luke 01

Ollie fighting Luke.

Ollie continued to do Lilith's bidding, culminating in a fight against the Luke and the Shadowhunter Isabelle Lightwood who'd tripped the alarm to Lilith's lair. Ollie led the disciples and ordered three demons out of their vessels at one point. She only stopped fighting when Lilith was banished, releasing them from her hold. She fell to the ground and woke up soon after.[10]


Ollie is a bubbly, curious, and open person, often displaying little boundaries when it comes to others' personal lives. She is smart, easily picking up on details; she is also clever enough that she was able to investigate a part of the Downworld without raising suspicions.


Samantha is Ollie's girlfriend, with whom she shares details of her investigations and suspicions about the Downworld.


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