The New York pack is the pack of werewolves. After suffering an attack by the Brooklyn vampire clan that slaughtered most of its members, Maia Roberts is currently in the process of rebuilding the pack.


In 2016, when the return of Valentine Morgenstern and his hunt for the Mortal Cup spread along the Downworlders, its then leader Theo ordered his followers to find the Cup, wanting the power and protection for werewolves.[1] When this goal put Clary Fairchild at risk, her close family friend and father figure Luke Garroway, a member of the pack undercover at the New York Police Department and a former Shadowhunter, fought Theo and killed him, winning control of the pack.[2]

After the death of a large number of their pack,[3] a member Russell attempted to challenge Luke for leadership of the pack. When Luke wouldn't let him make the rash decision of risking his life, Russell and some other members left to form their own pack.[4] When the rogue pack began Turning mundanes, Luke confronted them and convinced them all to rejoin the pack.[5]

Known members


Known members before death / Fates unknown:


  • Instead of their headquarters Jade Wolf being at the docks and having undercover werewolves stationed as actual detectives at the local police department, the pack headquarters Jade Wolf in the books is the defunct Second Precinct in Chinatown that is glamoured as a takeout- and delivery-only restaurant.


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