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Moo Shu to Go is the fifth episode of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.


ALEC AND CLARY ARE ONCE AGAIN AT ODDS; Alec finds himself torn between duty and loyalty to Jace.

Tensions escalate between Alec and Clary as they don't see eye to eye on the best way to hunt down Valentine. But when Jace and Isabelle are sent on an intel mission to the Seelies by Maryse Lightwood, Alec is put in charge of keeping Clary safe, much to both of their chagrin. With his hard-as-nails mother back in town and Clary's rule-breaking tendencies, Alec finds himself struggling to stick to the Clave's rules while keeping his promise to Jace.

Meanwhile, the New York City werewolf pack begins their hunt for Clary and the Mortal Cup.



Guest starring:

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  • Christian Bako as unnamed Circle member


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A list of the songs and score music featured in this episode:

  • "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G, BWV 1048: II. Adagio Ma Non Tanto" - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Jonathan Carney
  • "Soldier" - Fleurie


  • Shooting took place mid-July.

  • The title "Moo Shu to Go" refers to the Jade Wolf—specifically, the restaurant's most popular item, moo-shu pork, and the idea that the bulk of their business comes from making food deliveries and takeouts.[1][2]

  • In this episode, and in some others of the first season, the werewolves have clothes on when they transform back into their human selves from their wolf forms. In later seasons, their clothes are ripped during the Change and are thus naked when they turn back.

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