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For almost a century, I've closed myself off to feeling anything for anyone. Man or woman. You've unlocked something in me.

–Magnus to Alec, Of Men and Angels

Magnus Lightwood-Bane is an immortal, very powerful warlock who has lived for centuries. He is the husband of Alec Lightwood and is the first-ever High Warlock of Alicante.



When Magnus was nine years old, his mother realized that his cat eyes were a sign that he was part demon. She could not handle the fact that she bore the son of a demon, so she committed suicide by using a keris.[1] Magnus found his mother's lifeless body in her bed moments before his step-father did. His step-father called him an abomination and blamed him for his mother's death. Magnus then killed him by burning him with his magic.[2][3]

At one point, Magnus became involved with the musician Imasu Morales, who played the charango. The relationship lasted—much to Magnus's friend Ragnor Fell's surprise—but the couple eventually broke up. Magnus made no effort to fix the relationship, feeling that Imasu wanted more than he could give.[4]

An old photograph of Ragnor, Camille, and Magnus.

In 1857, Magnus sold his London house and purchased a ruby necklace to give to his then lover, Camille Belcourt.[5] At one point during the early 1870s, life got very tough for Magnus that he attempted suicide at the Blackfriars Bridge. Camille stopped him, and he has since viewed her with much gratitude as his savior, and his "rock" in life.[6] He and Camille broke up several times during the course of their relationship,[2] and though he loved Camille very much, because of her cynical views of love and her emotionally manipulative tactics, she eventually broke his heart.[4] When Magnus found out that she had been having an affair with a mundane Russian, they parted ways.[7]

At one point, Magnus picked up the habit of helping new Downworlders navigate through the Downworld, wanting to help them in the way he would have needed it in his youth. One of the Downworlders he helped was Raphael Santiago, a newly-Turned vampire.[6]

Decades later, Magnus had become the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Being well-known in the city, former Shadowhunter Jocelyn Fairchild went to him and begged him to take her daughter, Clary's, memories of the Shadow World. He warned against it, saying Jocelyn would essentially be deceiving her, but she insisted, and he obliged.[8] Magnus went on to feed these memories to the Greater Demon Valak, in case Valentine came in search of the Cup.[5]

Magnus also eventually came to own and run the Pandemonium, a night club in New York.[8]

Fleeing Valentine

One evening, Magnus was at his club when he spotted two Circle members inside. After a brief confrontation, he kicked them out. Clary later ran into him. Magnus recognized her, and Clary recalled a bit of him after catching a glimpse of his face as well. Additionally, Magnus realized that the Circle may come after Jocelyn again, so he called Dot to warn them.[8]

When word of Valentine's return, and the fact that he was looking for the warlock that gave Jocelyn her sleeping potion, reached Magnus, he opened a Portal in his club and escaped with several other warlocks. Dot tried to stop him and convince him to help Clary; instead, Magnus offered to take her with him before disappearing into the Portal.[9]

Helping Clary

After being haunted by dreams of her memory of Magnus taking her memories, Clary finally told her friends about him, prompted by Simon's revelation that Camille suspected that it was Magnus who took them. The Shadowhunters of the New York Institute, believing that Magnus's hedonism and greed would get him out of hiding, set up a meeting with him, promising the necklace he'd given to Camille in exchange. Magnus, despite being in hiding with his people and in spite of and his adviser, Elias's pleas against it, agreed to go, as the necklace had great sentimental value for him.

TMI104promo Clagnus01.jpg

They met at a rave at Hardtail, where Magnus told Clary that he cannot return her memories, as he had fed them to a memory demon Valak, to protect her and her mother in case Valentine ever interrogated and tortured him for Jocelyn and the Cup's whereabouts. When a Circle assassin arrived, Magnus immediately fled through Portal, but not before being saved and entranced by Alec Lightwood. Clary also accidentally grabbed a button from his coat, which Jace and Alec used to track him.

Upon his arrival at his previously heavily-warded lair, Circle members had already infiltrated the place and killed many of the warlocks seeking refuge there with him. The Shadowhunters he had just met with arrived and helped subdue the Circle members. Alec intervenes in a fight between Magnus and a Circle member, and Magnus was visibly charmed at first sight. Magnus moved the lair to a safer location and finally agreed to help Clary try to get her memories back. They summoned Valak, who then demanded a memory of their most beloved from each of them, but the bond was broken when Alec let go. Realizing that Alec was scared about Jace's reaction to finding out that he is Alec's loved one, Magnus tried to console him.[5]

Not long after, Magnus called Alec to ask him out on a date. Alec initially agreed but quickly took his answer back; Magnus mistakenly believed that this was Alec playing hard to get, when in fact, Clary, who'd been left under his supervision, had run off.[10]

When they discovered that it was Ragnor who made Jocelyn's potion for her, Magnus—to distract him from Alec's upcoming wedding with Lydia Branwell—accompanied Jace and Clary to Ragnor's house near London. Shortly after arriving, however, a Shax demon attacked and killed Ragnor. Though devastated, Magnus took Ragnor's things back to his apartment to continue investigating separately. While going through Ragnor's things, Magnus was haunted by his ghost, or his memory of Ragnor, his familiarity with his old friend telling him just the kind of advice Ragnor would say. Ragnor lectured him about love, and, realizing that he wanted to fight for Alec, Magnus rushed to the Institute. Alec noticed him the moment he arrived, and Alec promptly left Lydia at the altar to kiss Magnus.

TMI113 Waking Jocelyn 01.png

Later, the group was able to find a bookmark that was once in the Book of the White. With it, Magnus was able to track it to Camille, who was then imprisoned in a coffin at the Hotel Dumort.[4] When the Shadowhunters helped Camille escape, she demanded to be taken to Magnus's so he could make a Writ of Transmutation for her. While there, Camille taunted him about their past and his current love, kissing him just as Alec and his sister arrived to catch them. When the Book was finally found in Camille's apartment, Magnus was able to perform the spell and successfully woke Jocelyn.[7]

Constantly helping

Magnus continued his pattern of helping others, even Shadowhunters, now that his life was so intertwined with them due to the events of the past few weeks.

When Magnus was unable to track Jace after he joined Valentine, Alec lashed out at him and everyone around him. Alec once again approached him, this time to ask for his help to track Jace with his parabatai rune, which Magnus refused because of the risks, causing Alec to once again storm off. Magnus was then interviewed by the Institute's new stand-in head Victor Aldertree and was later banned from the Institute, along with all other Downworlders.

TMI201promo Malec02.jpg

The tension between the new couple continued because of Alec's frustration at Jace's absence. When Alec accused Magnus of being ungrateful, Magnus called him out by reminding him that he did not stop his own wedding for Magnus, but for himself. Magnus left the Institute, refusing to be treated so horribly by Alec, and returned to his apartment. Alec eventually apologized to Magnus and the pair made up; Magnus told Alec not to push him away when things get difficult. Magnus then agreed to track Jace using the parabatai rune, but before Magnus could actually begin, Alec sensed Jace's presence, who was now back on land.[11]

Meanwhile, Simon Lewis, Clary's friend and a new vampire, under dire circumstances, was desperate to find Camille. When Simon approached him for help, Magnus immediately told him that he shouldn't because she still likely held a grudge against him for their last encounter. Simon did not care and asked him to help look for Camille anyway. Magnus agreed, and he Portaled them to Camille's residence in Agra, India. While there, Magnus found a Ming dynasty vase that belonged to him, and while Simon looked for ways to find Camille, he took it upon himself to search for items that Camille never returned to him. Among those items, he found a keris,[2] the weapon his mother used to kill herself when she learned of his true heritage.[1]

Before they left, they also found the fire-breathing snake he had given to Camille as a gift. Once back in his apartment, Magnus offered to continue to help Simon as much as he can in navigating throughout the Downworld, not wanting Simon to go through the same thing he did, which was having to learn everything on his own.[2]

When Alec fell into a coma while trying to track Jace with an adamas stone, Magnus used all the magic he could to try to wake him up but only managed to keep him as stable and alive as long as he could. Magnus realized that his magic could not help him and Alec likely needed Jace to recover. Against Aldertree's orders, he and Isabelle Portaled Alec to his loft to reunite with Jace, and Alec almost immediately recovered.[12]

TMI204gif Portal01.gif

For defying his orders, Aldertree informed Magnus that he would be punished. This later turned out to be Raphael's torture, disguised as an interrogation for information on Camille. Desperate, Raphael finally approached Magnus for help, though he initially did not want to bother him with his problems. Because he had already been helping Simon with Camille, the box they found at Camille's, which turned out to be her grave dirt, gave them a way to summon Camille. Still harboring some form of love for Camille, Magnus summoned her alone, pondering giving her a chance. He condemned her for her actions, for being a negligent sire, and called her out for endangering Raphael, whom he saw as his own child. As soon as Camille tried to encanto him into letting her escape, he bid her farewell and sent her through a Portal to the Clave.[6]

Later, when Jace needed a place to stay after leaving the Institute to get away from Aldertree, Jace went to his loft and Magnus let him stay.[13]

Budding relationship

Magnus continued to work on his new relationship with Alec. Realizing that they had yet to go on their first date because of their constantly busy lives, Magnus sent him a fire message claiming to have an emergency. He told Alec that they should go on their first date, insisting that making time for things he cares about will remind him of what he was fighting for in times of war and conflict. Alec agreed and the two went to the Hunter's Moon.

TMI206promo Malec08.jpg

Their night began smoothly, with Magnus ordering them drinks and the two of them getting competitive playing pool. However, things soon took a turn. Magnus discovered that Alec had never been in a relationship before, which Alec was reluctant to admit as he did not want Magnus to treat him differently due to his lack of experience. Magnus was taken aback to hear Alec had been with no one else before. He then became nervous when Alec asked how many people he had been with, before finally letting Alec guess he had been with 17,000 people.

Self-conscious, Alec grew quiet and thoughtful, thinking all the way back to Magnus' loft after their date. Alec then expressed doubt about their relationship, wondering if they were too different to really make it work. Just as Alec was beginning to leave, he stopped and reconsidered, telling Magnus he didn't care how many people he had been with. Magnus returned the sentiment, stating he didn't care how many people Alec hadn't been with. Alec kissed Magnus and the two decide they want to put in effort for their relationship to be a good one.[13]

Their first date was followed by many others, including trips to other parts of the world like Tokyo and Prague through Portal. From one of their trips, Alec bought Magnus an omamori charm, meant to protect the wearer and bring them luck. Magnus later opened up to Maia Roberts, a bartender friend at the Hunter's Moon, that it had been a long time since someone had given him a gift and he believed Alec was someone special.[14]

TMI218 Magnus eyes 01.png

Despite his long list of lovers and past relationships,[13] Magnus felt vulnerable in his relationship with Alec. While Alec wanted to take the next step in their relationship, Magnus feared that if they moved too quickly, he would lose him. Alec reassured him that he did not have to worry about that,[14] and the two slept together for the first time. During this intimate moment, Magnus lost control over his glamour and moved away, feeling self-conscious about his exposed warlock mark: his cat eyes. Magnus was afraid of Alec's reaction, but he reacted well, touching Magnus' face and telling him they were beautiful, that he was beautiful.[15]

Later, as a way to show his mother that their relationship wasn't going to go away, Alec asked Magnus to host a party in honor of his brother Max receiving his first rune. During the party, the warlock Iris Rouse, cast a spell that affected Alec, Jace, and Clary, playing on some of their insecurities and fears. On his roof, Alec was going to commit suicide by jumping off, but Magnus arrived in time to save him. He was able to stop the spell and figure out that a red-haired cat he let in was the warlock in disguise. When he trapped Iris, he sent her to the Clave.[16]

Clary's blood oath to find Madzie activated in the form of an old French spell, la chair brûlée, or "the burnt flesh." She went to Magnus for help, but he was unable to help, as blood oaths are binding and must be completed.[17]

Threat of the Sword

Magnus attended a meeting called by werewolf and local pack leader Luke Garroway for Downworld representatives to discuss Valentine's plans with the Soul-Sword, which he intended to use to destroy all demons and Downworlders. Since Clary had the ability to activate the Sword, the Seelie Queen sent her knight Meliorn with the message to execute Clary. Raphael, representing the vampires, was in agreement with Meliorn, while Luke and Magnus did not.

During the meeting, Magnus found out that Raphael had been seeing Isabelle,[17] which led him to remember when Isabelle claimed to be on a mission to crack down on the Downworlder drug trade.[14] He deduced that she went to Raphael to get her fix and told Alec. He followed Alec to the Hotel Dumort where he found Alec punching Raphael. Magnus pulled Alec back with his magic. Alec lashed at Magnus for not telling him about Isabelle and the yin fen sooner and left with Isabelle in tow. Raphael claimed that he had feelings for Isabelle, but Magnus disagreed and said that he was merely blinded by his addiction.[17]

TMI210promo Magnus, Clary, Raphael, & Jace 01.jpg

To keep Valentine from getting to Clary, Luke and Jace took her to Magnus's where she would be safe. However, when Valentine showed her through a video call that he had slit Simon's throat, she insisted they go to save him, and Alec, whom Magnus was still worried about. Magnus Portaled them close to the Institute, but shortly after they arrived, Magnus's hands were held by some of the vampires from Raphael's clan to prevent him from casting any spell while Raphael moved to kill Clary. They were saved by Luke and Jace and were able to convince Raphael and the Seelies to unite against Valentine before he could activate the sword. They all split up, and Magnus and Clary began to search the Institute for Simon.

While searching for him, Magnus found Madzie. He approached the young warlock and told her that she was being used and lied to by Valentine. He offered to help her, and he took her to his good friend Catarina Loss. He made it back to the Institute after the slaughter of the Downworlders who entered the Institute had happened and found Alec, who was worried he was dead. The two confessed their love for one another and kissed.[18]

For a mission that involved a Greater Demon who massacred a large number of mundanes, Alec brought Magnus a sample of dirt found on his victims. Magnus easily determined that the sand was from Duduael and that the demon was Azazel. Magnus set up a pentagram on the Institute courtyard and summoned Azazel, using Valentine and his knowledge of the Mortal Cup's location as an offering. However, Azazel's incredible power and Clary's sudden inability to work her Sun rune led to Azazel breaking free from the pentagram. While Magnus and the others were on the ground in pain over a screeching sound, Azazel swapped Magnus and Valentine's bodies.[19]

TMI212promo Magnus v Valentine 02.jpg

Now in Valentine's body, Magnus was tortured by the Inquisitor as they tried to pry Valentine into telling them where the Mortal Cup was. The Agony rune made Magnus relive painful memories he spent centuries trying to forget. Everyone, including Alec, believed Valentine was trying to trick them by claiming he was Magnus. Even though her request to the Clave to execute Valentine was denied, Imogen ignored the order and prepared to kill him. At the last minute, the real Valentine appeared as a holographic message with Jace as his hostage. Imogen allowed Magnus to go to his apartment to meet Valentine and switch them back. When they were back in their own bodies, Valentine tried to escape through a Portal but was stopped first by Magnus, then by Clary. Left alone together, Alec asked the traumatized Magnus how he can fix things for him.[20]

When various Shadowhunters turned up dead in New York with their runes carved out, the Clave was led to believe they could be facing a Downworlder uprising. To locate and prove Downworlders innocent, they instructed the Institute to gather DNA samples from Downworlders. Alec approached Magnus, still traumatized by the events of the body switch, for a sample; Magnus was upset that Alec was going along with the Clave and requesting that of him. He reluctantly agreed to the test, but it drove a wedge between him and his boyfriend.

As he drank away his pain, Dot arrived with dragonfly wings, still unaware that it had been Valentine who asked her for help with his magic. The two friends—and ex-lovers—drank and reminisced old times. The combination of drinking and dancing led them to share a moment, but Magnus stopped Dot before she could kiss him, stating that his heart belonged to Alec and that he was in love with him. Later on, Alec came back to Magnus and apologized for not following his gut, stating Magnus was right and he never had to prove himself to him.[21]

TMI214promo Alec welcomes Magnus01.jpg

When Alec was appointed by Jace as the new head of the Institute, he called for a cabinet meeting at the Institute with the heads of each local Downworlder faction in hopes of improving the Shadowhunter-Downworlder relations in New York. Magnus, being the High Warlock of Brooklyn, attended. Magnus was very supportive of Alec, but the discussion turned sour when he revealed that his and Valentine's minds switched bodies and that Valentine was walking freely at that time, infuriating Luke who pushed for Valentine's execution.[22]

The trauma that the Agony rune caused stayed with Magnus for days, leaving him unable to sleep at night without seeing and dreaming of his worst memory. Each time Alec attempted to get Magnus to talk to him about it, he would claim he was fine and found ways out of the conversation. Finally, Alec refused to leave until Magnus talked to him, and he learned more about his past. He never wanted Alec to know the ugly truth about his past, but Alec reassured him that there was nothing ugly about him.

Magnus later opened a Portal for in the basement level of the Institute for Valentine's transfer to the Gard, during which he escaped Clave custody through his son's doing.[3]

During a Cabinet meeting for Downworlders with Luke, Raphael, and the Seelie Queen, Magnus and Luke vouched for Alec. He told Alec about the meeting as they had dinner in Alec's office. It was shortly after that that Luke told Magnus that Valentine still had the Soul-Sword—that the Clave, even Alec, had lied to their faces to hide the fact that there was still a great risk to Downworlders, despite their recent conversations and plans about the total transparency of the Clave with the Downworld.

Magnus confronted Alec to find out if he really did hide the scary truth. Alec tried to explain, but Magnus reacted strongly, as he had told Alec his deepest secrets and had trusted him so completely; furthermore, lying about the Soul-Sword was dangerous for Magnus and his kind. Stunned by the lie and scared of the risk that the Clave's lies present to his kind, Magnus lashed, angry to have been fooled into thinking the Clave could change its ways. Luke tried to remind him to calm down, and that Alec would never mean him harm, but Magnus decided to set up another meeting with the Queen, remembering her warnings against the Clave's predictability about lying in their previous meetings. Though he recognized that she cannot always be trusted, she was also the most powerful being in the Downworld and they needed her against Valentine.[23]

Breaking away

TMI218promo Magnus & Luke Queen audience 04.jpg

At the meeting with the Seelie Queen, Magnus, representing the warlocks, and Luke, for the werewolves, agreed to ally themselves with the Queen against Valentine. The Queen, however, wanted to be completely independent of the Clave, which Luke pointed out could mean going against the Shadowhunters. She gave Magnus, who was reluctant about breaking their alliance with the Nephilim so suddenly, an ultimatum in the form of a rose—when all the petals turn black, his time to consider is over.

During this time, Max was attacked and found injured at the Institute. Still not speaking to Alec, he refused to take his calls until Alec showed up at his door. Even then, he was about to close the door on him when Alec said he needed him, only stopping because Alec said it was about Max. Magnus was unable to help Max even with his magic, but he stayed at the Institute as Alec and his family worried for Max. As the others sought to track down Jonathan, Magnus made sure Max was safe.

Later, once it was clear Max would be okay, Magnus was approached by Alec. No longer so angry, Magnus let him speak his apology for the lie and told Alec he loved him, but that as a leader, he had certain decisions to make and Alec was getting in the way of that. He stated he could not both be a good leader and have Alec in his life, and walked away, deciding finally to side with the Queen.[15]

The Queen promised to offer shelter and keep all Downworlders safe from the Soul-Sword and Valentine in her realm, in exchange for the warlocks becoming her loyal subjects,[24][25] and he was able to convince Luke and Raphael to ally the werewolves and vampires with the Queen, leaving the Nephilim with few Downworlder allies. As part of their plans, Magnus gathered his warlocks to put up wards around the city to keep all Shadowhunters, specifically Valentine, from passing through,[24] only to be betrayed by the Queen who made a deal with Valentine to protect the Seelies in exchange for passage to Idris, bypassing their wards.

Magnus later agreed to seal the rift to Edom opened by Jonathan, doing it to prevent any harm the demons going through the rift may cause. He stayed in the Institute to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the asmodei, when Alec suddenly writhed in pain and his parabatai rune faded. Worried for Jace and Clary, he Portaled to Idris with Alec and Isabelle and came in time to witness Raziel's summoning from afar. By the time they reached Lake Lyn, Valentine was already dead, and they found Jace and Clary alive. At the end of it all, at a party celebrating Valentine's demise, Magnus and Alec made up.[25]


TMI302promo Magnus & Lorenzo 01.jpg

For his decision to lend the warlocks' support to the Seelie Queen against both Valentine and the Nephilim, Magnus was stripped of his title as High Warlock of Brooklyn,[26] replaced by Lorenzo Rey.[27] Magnus began seeing clients—including a previous customer, actress Stella Woods—who came to him for potions, spells, and other magical services. Magnus tried to hide his hurt from Alec, who came to him with news of a potential promotion as a Council delegate under the new Consul and even convinced him to take the opportunity. Magnus was unable to resist, however, and told Alec that he didn't want him to move to Idris for the job. Alec told him that he didn't want to either and told him that he was there to stay.[26]

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Ley lines

Magnus was invited to Lorenzo Rey’s party to pass the mantle of High Warlock of Brooklyn over to his successor. Still upset over the loss of his position, Magnus held some resentment towards Lorenzo and invited Alec to join him. Lorenzo promptly introduced himself and was somewhat dismissive to Magnus. Catarina and Madzie joined Magnus and Alec but Magnus noticed tremors disturbing his drink. Suddenly every Warlock lost control of their magic dropping their glamours including Magnus’ eyes. One Warlock attempted to create an escape portal that went wrong killing the Warlock and sending dangerous tendrils of energy across the room but Magnus was able to stop it.

Magnus sensed that the corruption was demonic and revealed to Alec that his father was Asmodeus, a Greater Demon. Alec assures him that he didn’t care who his father was, it didn’t change who Magnus was. Whilst Alec distracted Lorenzo, Magnus used his magic to sense the ley lines and discovered extensive demonic corruption that blasted him across the room. Magnus was able to get out before Lorenzo found him and explained to Alec that the energy was of a very old and powerful demon - revealed to be Lilith.

Magnus backed Alec’s plan to use the angelic core to cleanse the Ley Lines successfully directing them towards the core. He kept up his hold despite it exhausting him as Alec struggled to activate the core. Magnus was able to do so though he collapsed from the exertion afterward.[27]

Shadowhunter problems

Alec and Izzy revealed that their mother was returning wanting to speak to her children. Believing she wanted to grill them over their life choices, Magnus agreed to help Alec host dinner stating that something important to his boyfriend was important to him too. Alec prepared an old recipe he’d made his mother before but Magnus realized it was practically inedible and used magic to correct it. The couple was both surprised when Maryse happily greeted them even going so far as to hug Magnus.

At dinner, Magnus kept the conversation flowing with entertaining stories before leaving the room to let Maryse talk to Alec after she revealed the Clave was removing her runes. Maryse gave her approval of their relationship before she left stating that she couldn't be happier they had found one another.[28]

After spending the night at Magnus’ loft, Alec proposed the idea of moving in with Magnus. Magnus gently turned him down saying that they weren’t ready. He didn’t realize that Alec had seen him opening a small box containing tokens that belonged to past lovers that Magnus had outlived. The couple had a fight about the box with Alec upset with the idea that Magnus would remain young and eventually move on from him whilst he grew old and feeble and died, and Magnus upset that Alec had gone through his things and didn't want to even think about Alec dying.[29] The argument caused Magnus to tell Alec to stop acting like a child with the pair avoiding each other for a time afterward.[30] The couple eventually reconciled.[31]

It was eventually discovered that Jace was Lilith's Owl and under her thrall. Whilst his love for Clary had kept him aware of his actions whilst awake, Magnus had unknowingly sold an anti-love potion that was given to Jace putting him completely under Lilith’s spell.[31] Feeling tremendous guilt over this, Magnus went to Lorenzo Rey seeking permission to use combined Warlock magic to overcome Lilith’s hold. Lorenzo refused stating that he didn’t care if the death of Jace would destroy Alec causing Magnus to lash out with his magic.

Magnus tried to combine magic without Lorenzo’s permission but was unable to convince anyone, not even Catarina, to break the rules.[32] Out of options, Magnus prepared a portal to Edom to ask his father for help. Alec begged Magnus to come back safely before he departed.

In Edom, Asmodeus agreed to give Magnus the power to defeat Lilith, but only if Magnus sacrificed his magic to him. Magnus agreed and returned to Earth to witness Jace stab Alec. He used his father’s power to break Lilith’s hold but was unable to heal a dying Alec who was healed by another.[33]


He agreed to babysit Madzie but had to rely on Alec’s help to fight off Iris Rouse who returned to try and claim her. Unused to being dependent on others, Magnus began to feel useless without his magic. Iris later captured Magnus in an effort to find where Madzie was hidden from his memories, without his magic to defend him, Magnus relied on his centuries of memories to keep Iris finding the truth before he was rescued. Alec tried to point out that Magnus didn’t need magic[34] but Magnus still felt useless especially after finding he couldn’t help Izzy when she had an adverse reaction to Simon’s vampire venom.[35]

With Alec’s help, Magnus tried to adjust to living a mortal life without magic. Magnus awoke Alec bright and early with breakfast but seemed unusually rushed and distant. He tried to train with Alec so he would still be able to fight and kept flirting throughout their sparring session until Alec pinned him to a wall and passionately kissed him before they went back to Alec‘s room and slept together. Magnus joked he should probably train with someone else since he found Alec too distracting. Alec suggested they lie in for a while, but Magnus wanted to get out and seize the next moment. Suddenly jumping from an immortal life to having around fifty years left made Magnus scared of wasting time but Alec managed to calm him to savor the moments they had together.[36]

Tired of feeling this way, despite Alec’s reassurances, Magnus went to Lorenzo Rey and begged him to give him some of his magic. Lorenzo agreed to the price of Magnus’ apartment but warned him that there were serious risks the magic rejected Magnus.

Delighted at having magic back, Magnus threw himself into using it with gusto aiding a concerned Alec.[37] He temporarily moved into the Institute but was not well received. He became jealous after discovering Alec had spoken to Andrew Underhill about their relationship problems that he tried to deny to a delighted Alec.

Only a short while of using Lorenzo’s magic, Magnus began to notice he was getting nosebleeds that he tried to ignore. Magnus and Alec agreed to move in together when Magnus eventually found a new place before Magnus collapsed bleeding at the mouth.[38] Whilst unconscious, Magnus dreamed that he and Alec were dancing together, in the real world, Alec frantically begged Magnus to stay with him keeping up chest compressions until Catarina arrived and stabilized him.

When Magnus awoke, he learned from Alec that if he tried to use magic again, it would kill him. Magnus despondently considered whether a life without magic was worth living and doubted how Alec could still love him when he wasn’t the all-powerful Warlock Alec had fallen in love with. Alec told Magnus he couldn’t live without him and eventually Magnus allowed Lorenzo to take his magic back stating that as long as he had Alec, that would be enough.[39]

Back to being mortal, Magnus felt useless again. He tried to find purpose in Maryse’s shop but his mental state worsened when he found a grey hair. Alec invited him to dinner but Magnus turned to drinking before the meal arriving drunk and told Alec he wasn’t sure if he would ever get over the loss of his magic. Magnus finally broke down crying in Alec’s arms.[40]

Broken heart

Magnus waited for Alec at Maryse’s shop noticing how tense his boyfriend was. Alec asked for a break, and though Magnus misunderstood initially, his boyfriend made it clear that they should break up from each other. A confused and distressed Magnus promised to quit drinking but Alec explained this was about Magnus being unable to ever be happy again and he couldn’t just watch him suffer for the rest of their lives and stated the spark he fell in love with had died. Despairing, Magnus begged Alec to stay with him pleading that he couldn’t take so many losses at once but Alec left breaking Magnus’ heart.[41]

In shock and broken hearted, Magnus wandered aimlessly being bombarded with memories of his and Alec’s time together. He didn’t notice his father until he approached him and was horrified at him being free on Earth. Asmodeus returned Magnus’ magic trying to get his son to return to Edom but Magnus quickly escaped through a portal. Still devastated by their breakup, Magnus returned to a place where he and Alec had left a padlock emblazoned with Aku Cinta Kamu - Indonesian for “I Love You” - and destroyed it.

Eventually, Magnus went to Brother Zachariah asking him to erase his memories of Alec but the Silent Brother refused telling Magnus he would regret it and knew it since he had the power to destroy his memories himself. Magnus almost went through with destroying his memories of Alec but was stopped by Asmodeus who eventually earned his son’s trust.[42]

Asmodeus began guiding Magnus again and the two went to Magnus’ old apartment, now inhabited by Lorenzo. In an act of vengeance, Magnus turned Lorenzo into a lizard and trapped him in a tank. As Asmodeus continued to plan, Maryse arrived having learned of his and Alec’s breakup. Seeing Magnus had his magic back, Maryse realized what Alec had done and told Magnus that not three days ago, Alec had come to her asking for the Lightwood family ring so that he could propose to Magnus. Magnus realized Asmodeus’ manipulations and confronted his father.

Asmodeus stated that his relationship with Alec had made Magnus weak and Magnus needed to take his place as a Prince Of Edom. Magnus declared that to be his worst nightmare and attacked his father sending him unconscious through a portal trapping him in limbo.

Ruling Edom

After Jonathan Morgenstern attacked Idris with a rift to Edom, Magnus helped defend Alec and Izzy from demons. Alec tried to push Magnus away but once the Warlock explained that he knew about the deal and that Asmodeus was gone, Alec kissed him. Magnus explained that the rift could only be sealed from Edom which would trap him there.

Alec tried to stop him and began to reveal his plans to propose before Magnus revealed a ring. Magnus created a ring of his own and the couple proposed to one another witnessed by Izzy, Jace, and Clary. Magnus Portaled to Edom and sealed the rift trapping himself there unable to return.[43]

Trapped in Edom, Magnus managed to keep Lilith at bay and took the throne he’d always dreaded. He was stunned when he heard Alec’s voice and embraced his fiancé who revealed that once they had stopped Lilith he planned to stay in Edom with Magnus.[44]

With the combined effort of Jace, Clary, Simon, Melilorn, Alec, and Lorenzo, Magnus destroyed Edom and escaped back to Earth having sealed the rift for good.


Magnus immediately began writing invites to his and Alec’s wedding for that same night. The couple decided to get married at the Institute forcing the Clave to honor the wedding of a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder under their own roof. Magnus sent the invites via fire message and bought a dress for Maryse as he planned the wedding. Whilst trying wedding cakes, he was visited by Lorenzo who had come to collect a few personal items he had left behind. Magnus thanked him for his part in rescuing him and Lorenzo revealed that Magnus’ loved ones rallying to him had inspired him to try and find a family like Magnus had. Magnus gave Lorenzo an invitation to the wedding.

Maryse walked Magnus down the aisle to where he and Alec exchanged vows. Brother Zachariah officiated the wedding with Clave members, Shadowhunters, and Downworlders watching. The couple married and celebrated their union amongst their friends telling Maryse that they, along with almost everyone else, knew that she and Luke were seeing each other.

A year later and Magnus Lightwood-Bane had become the first ever High Warlock Of Alicante living there with his husband the new High Inquisitor.[45]


Magnus is fierce, intelligent, cunning, and wise. He is caring and deeply compassionate, understanding people's motivations with ease due to the experiences he's lived through over hundreds of years.

He is incredibly protective of his people, considering his role as their leader seriously and taking responsibility for the safety of all warlocks. This takes priority over his own happiness. He is often distrusting of Shadowhunters because of the Downworlders' history with them and their constant mistreatment of Magnus and his kind. Despite this, he is not past being friendly with Shadowhunters, especially those who do not mean them harm.

This protective instinct is not limited to warlocks only, as he has also helped many new Downworlders navigate through the Downworld. He made a promise to himself after having to learn everything about the Downworld on his own and has since harbored, protected, and guided other Downworlders. He considers all the Downworlders he's helped as his children, something that means a lot to him since warlocks cannot bear children of their own.

Magnus has difficulty leaving people who need help and guidance to fend for themselves, though he would sometimes request heavy payment from those affiliated with the Clave and their ideals, or complain as he lends people a hand. He also has a deep sense of gratitude towards those who help him and his people.

Aside from his power and skill, he is also known for his eccentric style and exquisite tastes. Magnus can be sarcastic and never hesitates to snap a witty retort when annoyed or hurt. As much as he may appear aloof and uncaring at times, it hides how lonely his life has been and how vulnerable he can be.

As a warlock employed for his services or help, Magnus is incredibly reliable, able to come up with magical solutions for most problems. Despite usually requiring hefty payments, he has helped others countless times free of charge, particularly during his tenure as High Warlock.

Magnus is openly bisexual, having been with many men and women, nor does he discriminate between kinds as he has dated mundanes, Downworlders, and, most recently, a Shadowhunter. After Camille broke his heart, he closed himself off to feeling love for anyone else. That changed briefly with his friend Dot, and again when he met Alec Lightwood.

Skills and abilities


  • Immortality: As a warlock, Magnus has been granted immortality. Physically, Magnus does not age and has maintained the appearance of a young man for centuries. This appears to be directly tied to his magic as when he surrendered his powers to his father Magnus was rendered mortal.
  • Magic: Magnus is an extremely powerful Warlock boasting centuries of experience and the pedigree of being the most powerful Prince of Hell's, Asmodeus, son with access to a vast array of magical powers that often manifest themselves as wisps, flames or smoky sparks at his fingertips or engulfing his hand but also sometimes a brief shake of reality that may be coloured grunge yellow-orange. Among the many praises to Magnus' powers, Jace commented that he is so powerful he can evade even the Silent Brothers and Hodge called him "one of the most powerful warlocks I've ever known". A further testament to his capabilities is that when the Ley Lines were corrupted Lorenzo Rey automatically assumed it was Magnus as he was the only one the former knew who could conjure that type of demonic power. After the summoning circle was broken and Valak had free reign, Magnus used his magic to force the demon back into containment until it was killed but was strained from the efforts of the Greater Demon. He is also capable of casting spells, performing summoning rituals, healing, and memory magic. Magnus' magic often appears blue but also appears in different colors such as orange or gold and even a black colour crackling with red highlights, depending on the type of magic and intent with which he is using it.[46]. In Magnus' own words "Healthy ley lines are the energy source for all magic, seelie and warlock alike" which means he draws power from the Earth's Ley Lines but personalised, sort of like he needs a spark (magical disposition in the form of his demonic blood) and fuel (ley line energy) to start a fire (spell). Judging from the fact he has used Magic without being on top of any ley lines, it seems as though he recharges on the ley lines once his internal supply is low. Notable powers he has displayed are:
    • Telekinesis: Magnus is commonly shown controlling people and objects through the use of hand gestures. He has been able to choke and strangle Circle members with this easily, knock over a bookshelf, fire telekinetic shockwaves toward a target, opening or closing doors, throwing Alec off Raphael Santiago, making his sheets move, and et cetera.
    • Pyrokinesis: Magnus is able to conjure and control fire. He has used this for simply igniting light sources like; candles, and for throwing fireballs.
    • Teleportation: Magnus can magically teleport people and items from one place to another. He used this after Valentine's attack on his building, to transport items that could possibly lead to the Book of the White from Ragnor's, and to steal Alec's Stele from him and then return it.
    • Portal Opening: Magnus can open portals or a dimensional doorway that can be used as a means for rapid travel all over the world. However, he needs to be familiar with the destination when going through one otherwise the person or people entering could get stuck in limbo. Originally, these portals manifested as a purple doorway rippling with electrified liquid-like energy that causes anyone who passes through to disappear in ashes sucked in. However, later on, he begins to summon circular vortexes usually in a grunge yellow colour that suck people in like a vacuum before spitting them out on the other side.
    • Rift sealing: Magnus is able to seal rifts from Edom, however, the energy required is substantial and therefore needs some time. Magnus in Edom was able to wrap his Magic around the rift made by Jonathan Morgenstern like a bandage effectively closing it on the other side.
    • Glamours: Magnus can change the appearance of objects, people, and even locations. He continuously uses this to conceal his Warlock mark.
    • Healing: Magnus is capable of rapidly and completely healing other people like; when he healed Raphael Santiago from his UV light inflicted wounds, attempted to heal Ragnor Fell from the Shax demon attack, healed Luke with the aid of Alec, and various others.
    • Warding: Magnus is able to put up powerful barriers of magic that can protect buildings/locations such as; the wards around his apartment and strengthening the institute wards to make them solid enough that nothing will get through. He is also capable of adjusting wards to allow for Downworlders.
    • Channeling: While healing Luke Garroway he channeled Alec Lightwoods Shadowhunter energy for a power boost simply by holding hands.
    • Memory Extraction: Magnus is able to extract memories from people as shown when he extracted Clary Fairchild's memories of the Shadow World, pulled a memory out of his head and turned it into a photo, and later tried to erase his memories of Alec Lightwood before being stopped by his father.
    • Conjuration: Magnus is able to effortlessly conjure objects like; alcohol (and glasses), Max's present, and a table with food from the Cape.
    • Astral Projection: Valentine while in Magnus's body, was able to project a holographic version of himself and Jace Herondale into the Institute Dungeons.
    • Soul Switching: When Valentine Morgenstern was in Magnus's body, they were able to perform a ritual to reverse Azazel's soul switch.
    • Warlock Tracking: Magnus can find the location of an individual but requires a personal belonging of the individual. He claims this is stronger than the Shadowhunters version.
    • Summoning: Magnus is able to summon either demonic or angelic entities. He first summoned the Greater Demon, Valak, and later summoned Camille Belcourt to his Loft.
    • Scanning: Magnus was able to individually scan every Shadowhunter at Max Lightwood's party in order to find another Warlock who could have taken his spellbook. He was also able to scan Lorenzo Reys house to reveal demonic corruption.
    • Shield Generation: Magnus was able to project a shield comprised of see-through blue energy to protect himself from Iris Rouse's attacks.
    • Transparency Inducement: While stealing Alec's Stele, he opened a window of blue energy over the wooden wall that made it transparent allowing him to see through it.
    • Ley Line Manipulation: Magnus knows a spell to temporarily divert the flow of the Ley lines to areas with none. Lorenzo also claimed Magnus knew how to use Asmodeus's Magic to corrupt the Ley Lines.


  • Expert martial artist: Magnus was shown to be highly skilled both in armed and unarmed combat. He was able to match Alec evenly in weapon sparring and quite easily handle him in unarmed sparring, out grappling him. He mentioned he trained with Maeda the founder of Brazilian Jiujitsu.
  • Potion Brewing: Magnus is skilled at the art of brewing and concocting paranormal potions that have supernatural effects/properties.




Camille and Magnus have known each other as early as the 1850s. Magnus loved and cared for her, and though she returned his affection and even helped him through a rough patch, there came a time when Camille cheated on him with a mundane. She had begun to view love as fleeting for them immortals, no longer interested in finding true love.[7]


  • Ragnor Fell
    • Magnus and Ragnor had been friends for a long time. Ragnor was there to witness Magnus's ups and downs and various relationships, enough to be able to give effective advice that Magnus would listen to.


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  • Magnus and Henry Branwell created the portal together.[48]
  • Magnus and Dot have gone to many Queen concerts together.[21]
  • Magnus's Clave records[1] (saying he was believed to have been born in Batavia) and flashbacks[3] (which shows a young Magnus with an Indonesian mother and a Dutchman as a stepfather) on the show support the idea that Magnus was born around the late 1590s (during the first Dutch expedition to Indonesia) or early 1600s (when Batavia was established) and is thus around the same age as his book counterpart, estimated as being around 400 years old.
    • However, having 17,000 lovers,[13] with some serious and long-term relationships in between, would be a hard fit into 400 years, possibly unless he counts the flings and one-night stands. For this, showrunner Todd Slavkin has stated that he is much older than his book counterpart.[49]
    • Alec Lightwood has also stated that Magnus is at least 800 years old.[50]
    • In the books, Magnus always lied about his age and made wild claims to over-exaggerate his years. If his claims in the show are to be believed unlike in the books (and if the records and flashbacks are contradicted or explained in some way), the farthest possible basis for his age would be his claim about the Dead Sea (being "alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly")—a claim he also made in the books.[5][51]

  • Magnus is portrayed by Harry Shum Jr.. A young version of him was portrayed by Cassius Doroja in flashback scenes in the Season 2 episode A Problem of Memory.
  • Showrunner Todd Slavkin pointed out a guitar pick in Magnus's box of mementos in Stronger Than Heaven and stated that it belonged to Freddie Mercury,[52] whom Todd has stated was a good friend of Magnus.[53][54][55]

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