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Magnus's loft is the home and lair of the former High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane. It is currently found at the top of Nightingale Towers,[1] a residential building in Brooklyn Heights.[2]


TMI104 Magnus's loft 04

Magnus moving the loft with his magic.

When Magnus went into hiding with other warlocks in the city, his lair became their hideout. He glamoured the lair heavily, making it seem like the loft was in a warehouse and somewhere in the middle of a building looking out onto another building.

When the lair was attacked by Circle members in his absence, Magnus and a group of Shadowhunters arrived to save the remaining warlocks. The attack left the apartment trashed, and that the apartment's location has been compromised prompted Magnus to move the apartment to another location,[3] to Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. Though Magnus moves whenever necessary, he never strays too far from Brooklyn to be able to continue performing his duties as the High Warlock of the borough.[4] Magnus redecorated slightly after the move.[3]

Magnus eventually moved to Nightingale Towers again and redecorated shortly after.[5]


Old designs:


  • Exterior shots for the second and third seasons' "Nightingale Towers" building uses the Toronto Carpet Factory.


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