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Magic is the supernatural element that influences certain aspects of the lives of the Shadow World's inhabitants. Magic can be manifested as either seraphic or demonic.



All Downworlders have some demonic magic in them. However, Seelies and warlocks are the known practitioners of magic.

Magic enables warlocks to cast spells and practice their organized and researched magic The magical secrets and records of the warlocks are kept in their secretive Spiral Labyrinth.

Meanwhile, the magic of Seelies is in tune with nature.


Shadowhunters are incapable of performing magic. However, they do use some forms of magic almost regularly. Glamour is considered the simplest among all magic is most frequently used by Shadowhunters as well as the other Shadow World denizens; their wards, and most of the tools given to them by the Angel Raziel, such as the Mortal Instruments and their runes, are actually magical.

The Silent Brothers and Iron Sisters have access to strange magic that they have gained through the Gray Book and their detachment from humanity.

Their Portal, created with the help of warlock Magnus Bane, also uses a form of magic not accessible to the Nephilim. Some of their weapons also use materials with magical properties, such as the adamas.


Much of the magic available to Nephilim were gifts from angels. Angels also have powers possibly going far beyond conventional magic.


Demons, like warlocks, utilize what is termed as "demonic magic", though their use of this is mostly darker than that of most Downworlders.

Known forms

  • Battle spells — spells used in battle which include attacking with fire, acid, lightning, venom, poison, among others
  • Demon possession — the possession of a mundane human's body by a demon
  • Dimensional magic — used to move from one dimension to another
  • Healing spells — spells used to heal wounds, injuries and poisoning
  • Necromancy — the use of death energy to bring back the dead
  • Protection spells — also know as glamours; spells used to shield a person or place, often to fool mundanes into believing that what they see is something different from what is truly there
  • Summoning rituals — the summoning of either demonic or angelic entities
  • Tracking spells — spells used to find the location of an individual; requires any personal belonging of the individual
  • Transportation spells — spells that magically teleport people or things from one place to another; includes the Portal

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