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When times turn dark, rules are what bind us to our humanity.

–Luke to a rogue werewolf pack, Awake, Arise, or be Forever Fallen

Luke Garroway, born Lucian Graymark, is a former New York Police Department detective, a former Shadowhunter Turned werewolf, and the former leader of the New York werewolf pack. He is a fatherly figure to Clary Fairchild, the daughter of his old friend and love Jocelyn Fray and his former parabatai Valentine Morgenstern, his friend, Simon Lewis, and fellow werewolf, Maia Roberts.


Early life

Luke was once a strong and powerful Shadowhunter living in Idris. He was a member of the Circle, loyal to his best friend Jocelyn, and his parabatai, Valentine Morgenstern.

Luke with Jocelyn on the night he was Turned.

When Valentine's ideas became more radical, Luke and Jocelyn desperately tried and secretly plotted ways to bring him back from the brink. During this time, when Valentine pulled away from both of them, he and Jocelyn became much closer and fell in love, but the pair never acted on their feelings because of their love for Valentine. Nonetheless, Valentine became suspicious and believed that they were having an affair. Valentine vengefully took Luke with him on a fake mission, where he trapped Luke in a building full of werewolves that soon Turned him.[2] A heavily wounded Luke, whose injuries received from the wolves ensured that he would Turn, went to Jocelyn. Luke attempted to kill himself while Jocelyn looked after his wounds, but she convinced him to live and fight and learn to one day accept his new fate.[3]

After he Turned, he was disowned by his family.[4] Luke stayed for six months at a farm, where he found himself healing emotionally.[5] He also received some help from the Praetor Lupus.[6]

After the Circle staged the Uprising, a battle that left several Shadowhunters and Downworlders dead, Valentine successfully stole the Mortal Cup. Luke confronted Valentine, who called him an abomination and told him that he should have killed himself instead of allowing himself to Turn. Just before Valentine could kill Luke, Jocelyn arrived and led him away. Luke did not see Jocelyn for a while after that and believed that Valentine had killed her.[2]

After reuniting with Jocelyn in New York, he became an honorary member of the Fray family, acting as a father figure to Jocelyn's young daughter, Clary, and her best friend Simon.

Hunt for the Cup

In 2016, Luke and his partner Alaric began investigating a string of demonic murders that they knew were somehow connected to the Shadow World. He and Alaric tried to get on top of it to prevent the mundanes, particularly his boss Capt. Vargas from catching onto its supernatural nature.

When remaining members of the Circle came to New York and found Jocelyn, Luke was their next stop. Luke insisted that he did not know where the Mortal Cup was, and, in an effort to get rid of them as well as to dissuade them from looking for Clary, told them that he did not care for them and only stuck around to get the Cup for the werewolves. Unbeknownst to him, Clary was at the station and overheard him.[7]

Checking up on the Frays the next day, he found their shop and home ransacked, and Clary's bedroom burned. He collected Clary and Jocelyn's possessions to safeguard them and kept the things at the station. Meanwhile, Luke was under pressure in the pack to find Clary and the Cup. At the same time, his superiors at the precinct had him under the microscope because the Circle members who interrogated him turned up dead, and they were thought to be witnesses Luke brought in to interview; while Luke did kill one while looking into Valentine's plans, the other was in fact killed by Shadowhunter Jace Wayland.[8]

He lost contact with Clary, who still believed that Luke did not care about them. When Luke couldn't contact his partner Alaric, he suspected that the pack had gotten ahold of Clary and traced his car. He found Clary imprisoned in a cargo container at the pier. Clary tried to fend him off, but Luke was too strong and fast for her and he carried her off. The other pack members, under Theo's leadership, blocked their path. To permanently protect Clary, Luke fought Theo, officially challenging his leadership. He killed Theo, making him the pack's new alpha, but the battle left him severely injured after he was bitten by Theo—the alpha's bite was poisonous and had fatal effects.[9]

TMI106promo HealingLuke03.jpg

Clary and the others took him to the High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus Bane, as Luke became bedridden from the negative effects of the bite, alternating between unconsciousness and screaming in pain. The warlock helped him recover with his concoctions and magic until he finally woke. Luke finally told Clary about his, Jocelyn, and Valentine's past. Upon finally revealing that she had a brother that died in a fire, part of Clary's powers were unlocked and she realized that the Cup was most probably hidden in the Ace of Cups tarot card that was part of the deck Jocelyn drew for Dot.[2]

TMI107promo Precinct07.jpg

With the card being among the things Luke took from the Fray home and hid in his desk at the precinct, things were complicated by the arrival of Ned Fisk, an agent sent to investigate Luke in connection to the demonic murders and the deaths of his "witnesses". Luke was unable to retrieve the card himself, so Clary and Jace came in to steal the card from evidence. Later, his boss and friend Susanna Vargas was killed in the precinct. While he was suspected for a while, he was let off as Luke had a solid alibi during Vargas's time of death.[10]

Saving Jocelyn

When Clary's best friend, and a good friend of Luke's, Simon Lewis was Turned into a vampire, Luke gave him some tips to help him adjust to his new life, while also assuring Clary—who had decided to make Simon completely Turn instead of letting him die—that it wouldn't spell the end of Simon's life.

With Luke now the head of the pack, he had additional resources due to his control over the werewolves in New York. He agreed to help the Nephilim in their plan to let Meliorn escape Clave custody, though the plan involved vampires, who did not get along well with others, especially werewolves. In the end, they still managed to work together and distract the Shadowhunters enough to release Meliorn.[11]

Meanwhile, Simon helped get IA off his back. While Luke and the others knew that the "demonic murders" had been Valentine's doing, the mundanes are still unaware, and Luke became a prime suspect due to Fisk's suspicions. To close the case, Luke had Simon pretend to be the serial killer. They abducted Fisk, and Luke shot Simon. Because Simon was undead and, though still alive, had no pulse, the case was closed with the belief that the killer was dead.[12]

TMI113 Waking Jocelyn 01.png

Meanwhile, with the card hidden in the Institute, their goal shifted, primarily to saving Jocelyn from Valentine. Valentine, in the form of Michael Wayland, tricked Jace, Clary, and Luke into going to Renwick's, where they found Jocelyn but were confronted by Valentine, who had shapeshifted back from Michael's form. Valentine attempted to take the Cup, but Clary tricked him by giving him a fake. Though Valentine was able to escape, Jocelyn's body was left behind, allowing the group to bring her back to the Institute.[13]

It was a while before the group got ahold of the cure: a spell from the Book of the White which, after the book was retrieved, Magnus Bane performed for them. Jocelyn was awakened, and Luke reunited with her at last.[14]

Great loss

After Valentine took Jace, Victor Aldertree arrived and took control of the Institute from Lydia Branwell. One of his first acts had been to ban Downworlders from the Institute, including Luke, despite his loyalty and status as a former Shadowhunter. Despite this, he and Jocelyn and Clary remained in contact. Luke also took in Simon, who until then had been staying at the Institute. He let him stay at the Jade Wolf, though the resident wolves refused to be around the vampire and kicked the boy out and into the boat basin.[15]

TMI204promo Lucelyn03.jpg

When Jocelyn was reassigned to Idris, the decision to join her was a simple one for Luke, despite his bitter experiences of their homeland. The plan did not go through, however, due to Jocelyn's untimely death in the hands of a demon dispatched by Valentine.[16] Luke was unable to attend her funeral because of Aldertree's standing ban on Downworlders in the Institute.[17]

The grief of Jocelyn's loss became so overwhelming for Luke that he lost control of his lycanthropy. Luke changed out of his own volition and was unable to control his actions while in his wolf form. While his pack, who had begun to doubt Luke's loyalties and priorities due to his absence and constant worrying about Clary and Jocelyn, had given up looking for him, Simon and Maia remained concerned and set out to track him. They found him in the woods where he used to camp out with Clary and Simon when they were young, and Simon was able to talk him down and calm his emotions enough to make him regain control and change back.[4]

Protecting Clary

No way. I couldn't save your mother, but I'll be damned if I put you in jeopardy.

–Luke to Clary, How Are Thou Fallen

Luke was quickly brought up to speed by Clary on recent events, particularly with meeting his sister Cleophas at the Citadel and discovering her rune-making ability. She came to him concerned after receiving word that Cleo went missing after they met and suspected that Valentine may have taken her; Luke, however, was doubtful of his sister and thought that she could be working with Valentine. Clary convinced him to not think the worst of his family, and Luke decided to give her a chance. He searched for Cleo with his NYPD resources with Alaric, only for Cleo to show up at the Jade Wolf wounded and heavily bleeding. Luke pointed out that he knew that the Downworld was the last place she'd go for help, bringing up the way she'd treated him after he was Turned years before.

TMI207promo Luke, Clary, Cleo 01.jpg

Cleo claimed that she was kidnapped and imprisoned by Valentine but managed to escape, and Luke remained distrustful of her despite Clary's pleas. Cleo suggested going directly to Valentine's hideout, and Luke openly objected to it. Clary asked to speak to him in private, where she told him that she knew that Cleo was lying, having recognized the way she called her Clarissa, which was what Valentine called her. Clary still suggested that they go along with her lies, and when Luke still refused and insisted on instead surrendering Cleo to the Clave, Clary tased him and escaped with Cleo. He went to the Hunter's Moon and found Jace, who helped him track Clary. They intercepted them before they reached the lighthouse where Valentine was, and Clary protected Cleo, who now wanted to help them to save an angel that Valentine was holding. At the lighthouse, Luke faced off against Valentine, who escaped while holding Cleophas hostage.[18]

When word of the Soul-Sword's effect on Downworlders got out, Maia took it upon herself to try and kill Clary, knowing that her angelic blood could activate the sword and decimate their kind. Luke wouldn't allow her or the rest of his pack harm her, creating another rift between him and his followers.[19] Instead, Luke focused on helping the Shadowhunters retrieve the sword from Valentine as his way of preventing their downfall.

From a vision given to Clary and Jace by an angel, they believed that Jace with his demonic blood could destroy the sword, and so he helped Jace get to the Institute to attempt it. Realizing that they could be severely outnumbered, he recruited the help of faeries and vampires to storm the Institute and kill Valentine. While Jace snuck into the Institute ahead of them, he and the other Downworlders waited outside for their cue. Unbeknownst to them at that time, Jace, in fact, had angel blood and accidentally activated the sword—the very opposite of their desired result. Luke, Maia, and Meliorn were incidentally left behind to face a Circle member that attacked them and was not part of the group that immediately stormed the Institute—the group that died after Valentine used the activated sword on them.[20]

The deaths of more than half of their pack brought unrest among the remaining members. Russell, in particular, began to challenge Luke's leadership and cause a sort of mutiny, encouraging the others that they should Turn mundanes to reinforce their pack numbers. Luke refused Russell's challenge for pack leadership, leading ultimately to Russell and a large number of the remaining pack members to leave and form their own pack. Meanwhile, Luke continued to push for the destruction of the Clave or the death of Valentine as a way to prove that the Shadowhunters care enough about the Downworld to prevent something like the most recent massacre from ever occurring again.[21]

Downworld justice

With the death of his partner Alaric in the siege on the Institute, Luke was assigned a new partner, the newbie Ollie. Unbeknownst to him, Ollie was secretly tailing him and watching his every move.[21][22][23]

TMI213promo Imogen & Luke 01.jpg

Following the massacre of Downworlders because of the Soul-Sword and Valentine's subsequent capture, Luke campaigned for the Sword's destruction. When a Shadowhunter was found dead, with wounds dealt by a werewolf and with his runes carved out. Inquisitor Herondale, who was in charge of the Institute at the time, suspected that he was involved and had Jace and Alec bring him in for interrogation. Imogen accused him of killing the Shadowhunter as revenge for the Clave refusing his demands of destroying the Sword. Luke challenged Imogen and volunteered himself for a DNA test to be compared to the one they got from the victim and even stated that if the murderer was a member of his pack, he'd kill him or her himself.

When more Shadowhunter bodies turned up with wounds inflicted from various Downworlder groups, they suspected that Downworlders were conspiring against them. Imogen instructed the Shadowhunters to implant GPS chips on all Downworlders so their movements could be monitored, a notion condemned by Maia and the werewolves present when Jace informed them, resulting in a fight. When Luke arrived and tried to stop them, he was held back by his werewolves. When he broke free of their hold, Maia had already been planted with the chip, unwillingly by the Shadowhunter who was with Jace. Luke called Jace out, saying that their measures were exactly what could start a revolt or the war they were trying to avoid.[24]

Luke didn't immediately agree to attend the Cabinet meeting spearheaded by Alec, as the newly-appointed head of the Institute, who hoped to improve Shadow World relations in light of the recent events. Alec recognized the importance of his presence at the meeting, being the most respected pack leader in New York. Luke felt that the meeting was an empty gesture and said that he would only believe that Alec wanted the same change they needed if they destroyed the Soul-Sword; Alec pointed out that the Clave would never allow it. Luke understood this but then raised his next demand: that Valentine should be executed. Alec promised to push for his execution and again asked him to attend the meeting.

Luke received a fire-message with a message that led him to a burner phone left in the trash can outside the Jade Wolf. He answered the phone, and the person—whose voice was being disguised by a voice modulator—informed him that if he wanted Valentine dead, he could get him in and out of his cell later that night after the meeting. The anonymous caller told him that he was passing on the opportunity because he was more capable to kill him, being Valentine's former parabatai. The call was interrupted when his partner Ollie, still snooping around him, arrived, though Luke ditched her to get to the Institute.

Luke walks out of the meeting and prepares to call the benefactor.

Diplomacy gets us nowhere. Nothing has changed in 20 years.

–Luke at the meeting, The Fair Folk

Upon his arrival at the Institute, Luke was greeted by Alec, then by Maryse Lightwood, who sympathized with him for Jocelyn's death. At the meeting, Luke once again brought up the appeal for Valentine's death. When Alec couldn't give a satisfying answer to their pleas, Luke excused himself and used the phone to contact the caller. The caller gave his instructions, and Luke gave his own—ways to protect himself from getting caught. With just a five minute window, Luke made his way to Alec's office to get a dagger and the code to Valentine's cell, Maryse arrived and thanked him for going through with "it"—Luke momentarily thought that she was referring to the kill mission before she said that she was thanking him for participating in Alec's meeting. When Maryse tried to apologize to him for turning against him in the past, Luke, who was in a hurry, left without being able to give a proper response.

Luke got into a tussle with Valentine, but he was betrayed by his caller, who intended to use the ruse to urge Alec to move Valentine. Before Luke could kill him, Alec and Sebastian arrived and stopped him. Luke was cuffed and kept in another cell where Alec interrogated him, but none of them were able to identify the mystery caller. Despite agreeing that he deserved to be imprisoned for his recklessness, Alec released him, noting that sending him to prison would have the opposite effect of what he was gearing towards.[22]

When a mundane turned up dead and had Simon's fingerprints over it, he called and told Clary. Together, they looked for him, knowing he can't be put in prison as a vampire and needed to get to him before a mundane cop did—just as his partner Ollie just did. Luke and Clary tracked Simon to a bleeder den and found out from Raphael that it wasn't Simon but Daniel Quinn who actually killed the mundane. Afterwards, Luke called Ollie and had Raphael encanto her into forgetting Simon.

Upon Valentine's escape from Clave custody,[25] Luke, along with the other participants of the Downworld Cabinet, began attending secluded meetings with the Seelie Queen.[26][27] Sometime after their last meeting, Luke received a fire-message from Cleo, who was still being held captive by the Circle and was now with Valentine, telling him that Valentine had the Soul-Sword. Luke immediately went to Magnus's to tell him that the Clave, including Alec, had been lying to them. After Magnus confronted Alec, Luke tried to calm Magnus, who was so angry and hurt about being lied to by Alec.

TMI218promo Magnus & Luke Queen audience 01.jpg
Magnus, we came here to stop Valentine, not make new enemies by breaking the Accords.

–Luke about brokering a deal with the Queen, Awake, Arise, or be Forever Fallen

With his sudden mistrust of the Clave as a whole, Magnus urged Luke to follow his lead and ally the werewolves with the Queen, but Luke pointed out that the Queen was just as untrustworthy, though he recognized that they indeed needed the Queen's help against Valentine. Magnus set up another meeting with the Queen,[27] who gave them an ultimatum to decide whether or not they were ready to ally themselves completely with her, whose terms involved uniting the Downworld outside of the Clave's rules, thus potentially breaking their conformity with the Accords.

Adding to his problems was Russell's antics, who had begun Turning mundanes as part of his movement to up their werewolf count. When Maia and Simon managed to save one, he left him in Maia's care while he confronted Russell. He finally accepted Russell's challenge of a battle to the death for pack leadership, and while Luke beat him, he did not kill him. Luke regained the respect of the other pack members, and he reclaimed control of the pack, proclaiming then and there to the werewolves resubmitting their allegiance to him that they should no longer conform to the old ways; that he will be establishing new, more humane rules. He then went on to welcome them all—old and new werewolves—into the pack.[23] Luke found himself having a long night with the "cubs" after.

Just before an emergency Council meeting called by Alec, Magnus called Luke and Raphael to his loft and convinced them to accept the Queen's deal: protection in her realm for their respective groups—Luke's pack and Raphael's clan—from Valentine's destructive wish of the death of all demon-blooded creatures, in exchange for their loyalty and halting their cooperation with the Shadowhunters. By the time they went to the meeting, Luke and Raphael had already agreed, and the Queen spoke for all of them and refused their request for help. He apologized to Alec, Jace, and Clary about how things turned out, but all parties agreed that as long as Valentine was caught, it was fine. Clary asked Luke to not die while stopping Valentine.

The Queen had given them instructions to dispatch their own followers to hunt for Valentine and were forbidden from sharing details with the Shadowhunters. Luke had Maia tell the others to spread the word to other packs about the hunt for Valentine and Jonathan.

TMI220promo SQueen, Luke & Simon 01.jpg

Simon later approached him and told him that Maia was missing.[28] Simon suspected that she was taken by the Queen, and when they went to the Court to look for her, the Queen refused to cooperate for her release. They then found out that she had made a deal with Valentine behind their backs. Luke threatened to tell the city's Downworld about her betrayal and went to look for Maia in the Wander Woods, knocking out the Seelie Knights who tried to get in his way. They found each other around the same time as Simon and the Queen, who had secretly made a deal for Maia's freedom.

After Valentine's defeat in Clary's hands, a party was held at the Hunter's Moon in celebration.[29]

Unbeknownst to him, Ollie planted a hidden camera at the Jade Wolf around a week prior and heard his speech about the pack.[23] Firm in her belief in her findings, Ollie confronted Luke at the party and asked him how long he'd been a werewolf.[29]


TMI301promo Luke & Ollie 05.jpg

Luke denied Ollie's findings at first and claimed that the "New York pack" he was referring to was a motorcycle gang. He tried to avoid her, but Ollie did not give up and incessantly called him before finally going to the Jade Wolf to confront him again. She told him about being scratched by a werewolf four years before, but Luke still denied being a werewolf and the existence of the Shadow World, suggesting that she needed help to get her off his back. When Ollie found herself in harm's way due to an encounter with a possessed human, Luke saved her, showing her his wolf form, and later finally admitted everything to her.[30]

While they investigated the string of murders in the city,[31] Luke tried to warn Ollie, who was eager to do something about her newfound knowledge on the Shadow World, of the dangers that came with it.[32]

When Cleo was finally able to escape from the Circle after Valentine's defeat, Luke let her stay at his farmhouse, hoping it would help her the way it helped him decades before, but didn't hear from her since.[5] Meanwhile, Luke was forced to ask Simon to leave the boathouse next to Jade Wolf when his werewolves concern for his presence became all too real after a mysterious force from Simon almost paralyzed Glenn,[32] much to Maia's disappointment.[33] In hopes of helping Simon, Luke contacted the Praetor Lupus.[6]

TMI306 Maryse & Luke 01.png

During a trip one evening to the Hunter's Moon, Luke ran into the Lightwoods having drinks. He greeted Maryse who had just been stripped of her runes and exiled, and those at the table all silently agreed to leave the two alone. Luke tried to give Maryse some comfort and advice about adjusting to life as something other than a Shadowhunter. The pair caught up and was interrupted only by the arrival of Ollie, who passed on a breakthrough on their investigation. He then received a call from Clary who told him to find Jace. They found him too late as the Owl had already possessed Ollie.[34]

Luke immediately called Ollie's girlfriend Sam and told her to leave their apartment, in case Ollie went to her to sacrifice her for Lilith. Despite warning Sam, Ollie went after and killed her own mother. Sam then confronted Luke about her disappearance, suspecting that the Shadow World was involved, and angrily slapped him.

TMI307 Luke v Ollie 01.png

In an effort to find her, Luke followed the lead that Ollie informed him of the night before and had Simon, whose Mark would protect them, accompany him. Once there, they found Lilith's altar and later Ollie, who attacked Luke for trespassing into her "mother's" land. Luke tried to reach Ollie, to no avail; she was completely enthralled under Lilith's power. She intended to kill him but stopped when they heard Lilith's cries, and Luke rejoined Simon, whose Mark had just pulverized two of Lilith's minions to salt.[6]

After they went to tell the others, Luke learned that Clary had given herself over to the Clave to give them time to find a way to release Jace from his possession. Luke tried to find news about Clary, and it was ultimately through Maryse's contact that they found out that she was on trial.

Desperate, Luke decided to break her out of the Gard; initially planning to enlist the help of the Brocelind werewolf pack, Maryse talked him out of it.[35] Luke then gathered his pack and gave them his orders, but Russell—seemingly backed by many of the remaining members—once again questioned his orders, this time more respectfully than when he first defied him. Russell sympathized for Clary, but he pointed out that they were also family, and that Luke's orders were no longer in the pack's best interest and would, in fact, risk their lives. He made him choose between Clary and the pack, and Luke left, though it meant losing the pack.

Luke prepared weapons and gear and went to Magnus's loft hoping to ask him for a Portal outside Alicante, but was intercepted by his fellow detectives Mendez and Greer who took him to the precinct.[36]

Luke surrendering his badge and gun.

There, he was interrogated by their lieutenant, who informed him that he was, again, being investigated by Internal Affairs. Luke used the excuse that he was having family problems and that his daughter Clary needed him, but everything he was saying was used against him: his partner's sudden matricide and subsequent disappearance, his last partner's disappearance, the death of the previous lieutenant and the disappearance of the corpse of the suspect in her death, and even Clary seemingly vanishing from existence due to her absence from her mundane activities. Due to the circumstance, Luke was unable to give an answer that satisfied the lieutenant and went on to say that if they had proof against him, he would give a statement and call his union rep. He saw Maryse waiting for him outside and rushed away, and Lt. Dwyer suspended him.

Maryse informed him that Clary was out of the Gard, but was rescued by Jace so Lilith could use her for a ritual. With the others' help and blood Clary intentionally left for them to find her, they tracked Clary to a mundane building—Lilith's new hideout meant to protect her by using the clueless mundanes as an obstacle. They were joined by Alec, Isabelle, and Simon.

Luke and Isabelle watch the possessed disciples drop to the ground.

After setting off alarms to get the mundanes out of the building, they lured down Lilith's mundane and possessed disciples and he and Isabelle worked together to fight them, non-lethally, knowing that the mundanes could still be saved. They fought them off and knocked some out, buying enough time for Simon to do something about Lilith, but, with their limited weaponry, stood little chance when some of the demons left the mundanes' bodies until Jace arrived and killed them. Eventually, the fighting stopped when the demons possessing them were banished after Simon was able to use the Mark on Lilith, releasing the mundanes, including Ollie, from her hold on them.[37]

Personality and traits

Luke prefers to resolve issues by talking through them rather than encouraging conflict and risking bloodshed, as well as properly investigating before making rash decisions. However, he is not past facing off adversaries and does not hesitate to punish those who cross a line, even if they mean something to him.

Being Alpha of his pack, Luke maintains an air of authority and control. He also has paternal instincts towards younger Downworlders, having guided several to find themselves, and cares for Clary and Simon as their father figure.

He is irritated by people poking their noses where they shouldn't, and when people risk the lives of others thoughtlessly. Luke will resort to force if it means stopping someone from doing something he disagrees with or believes that will put too much at risk.

Skills and abilities

  • Lycanthropy: As a werewolf, Luke possesses the ability to transform into a wolf. He also retains the enhanced strength and speed, graceful movement, and accelerated healing that comes with it, whether while in his human form or when transformed.

  • Marksmanship: As a police detective, Luke had excellent sight and aim with his gun.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combat: Luke is highly skilled in unarmed combat.

  • Nephilim physiology: When he was still Nephilim, Luke possessed a variety of enhanced physical and mental abilities granted to him by the angel blood in his veins and also by the angelic Marks of the Gray Book. He also had the power to perform tasks unique to the species, such as the ability to use and call on the power of angels for their seraph blades. This included enhanced strength, agility, stamina, and coordination, which only improved over time and practice.
  • Runic magic: As a former Shadowhunter, Luke was once able to use runes, which granted him various superhuman abilities and other varied effects that served to benefit the wearer. Ever since becoming a Downworlder, however, the Nephilim Marks on his body had lost its effects, and Luke can no longer bear to have new ones.
  • Swordsmanship: Luke was capable in the art of sword-fighting.

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    • In an alternate dimension, Luke left the police force after being mauled by a suspect's dog and opened up a rare bookstore, with the guidance of that dimension's magic-less Magnus Bane.[12]
    • He is portrayed by guest star Isaiah Mustafa, and a younger version of him was played by Nykeem Provo in the first season.

  • Luke's alternate dimension version is a nod to Luke's profession in the books.
  • Differences from the books:
    • Luke is a detective, as opposed to being a bookstore owner in the books.

  • References