I don't need your advice. I took this position because you couldn't handle it. You let your heart dictate your actions, and that will be your downfall. I'm not giving you an ounce of power, Magnus. I don't care if you have to watch the man you love wither and die.

–Lorenzo, Familia Ante Omnia

Lorenzo Rey is a powerful warlock from Spain and is the current High Warlock of Brooklyn.



Lorenzo was born to a mundane woman and the Greater Demon Belial.[3] Lorenzo apparently grew up in Toledo, Spain during the Siglo de Oro. According to him, his mother was friends with El Greco, and he claims to have been the inspiration for the baby in his painting "Madonna and Child with Saint Martina and Saint Agnes".

At one point in his life, Lorenzo developed a sense of bitterness and jealousy towards the warlock Magnus Bane. While Lorenzo had to work hard for everything he'd gained over the centuries, he despised how apparently easy it was for Magnus to rise among the ranks and graces of other warlocks due to his heritage.[1]

Lorenzo has various antiques in his house, gathered over the years, including a 16th century Ming Vase, procured from a Castilian trader when it was still new, and a Fabergé egg that was a gift from the Tsar Nicholas in the late 19th century he received at the Romanov Easter party.

High Warlock

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When the High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane was deposed in 2016, for his decision to lend the support of warlocks under his jurisdiction to the Seelie Queen,[4] Lorenzo was appointed as his replacement. At the party where Magnus would formally pass the "baton" onto him, he met Magnus and Alec Lightwood, Magnus's boyfriend and the head of the New York Institute. Afterwards, they felt a disturbance in the form of a small earthquake, followed by the magic of all warlocks in attendance acting up: their glamours faded, their magic uncontrollable, and Rufus tried to make a Portal that ended up devouring him.

Lorenzo later found that the ley lines beneath his house was corrupted. He recognized the handiwork as being demonic magic from Edom and believed it to be Asmodeus, so he immediately suspected Magnus, a son of Asmodeus. He went to Magnus's loft and accused him of sabotaging his party to make him look bad and threatened to banish him to the Spiral Labyrinth once he's able to prove that he was responsible.

Alec went to his house shortly after, claiming to have come as an ally, but in fact, he came to help Magnus sneak into his home so he could study the ley lines himself. Alec asked Lorenzo to tour him around his home, which Lorenzo was more than happy to do, to distract him. Lorenzo heard a noise when Magnus's magic came in contact with the corruption, but when he went to investigate, Magnus was already gone. Alec left shortly after, and Lorenzo remained oblivious. When the issue was resolved by the joint efforts of Magnus and Alec,[2] Lorenzo took the credit.

When Magnus needed the help of at least a dozen other warlocks to free Jace from Lilith, Alec met with Lorenzo and told him about Lilith, Jace, and their plan, asking for permission to get aid from the warlocks. Lorenzo did not see the need in interfering, thinking it would simply make an enemy out of Lilith. He approached the High Council for backup to forbid anyone from helping, threatening to send anyone who does to the dungeons of the Spiral Labyrinth. Before Magnus made the desperate attempt to go to his father, Magnus tried one last time to bargain with Lorenzo and make him see sense, but Lorenzo continued to resist. The confrontation led to a fight and Lorenzo threatening Magnus with banishment.[5]


Let me tell you something about being a leader. When a subordinate comes to question your judgment and launches a fireball in your face, it's your duty to put him in line. Your boyfriend still hasn't accepted that I'm the High Warlock now — not him. If I had to break his spirit to teach him that, so be it.

–Lorenzo to Alec, A Kiss From a Rose

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Magnus eventually approached Lorenzo for help, and Lorenzo, seeing it as part of his responsibilities as High Warlock, agreed to give Magnus magic through a magical transfusion. Lorenzo reminded him of the risks, though Magnus was determined and willing to face them. In exchange, Lorenzo also demanded for his apartment. Alec later confronted him, initially to ask him to give Magnus back the apartment and, when Lorenzo refused, later warned him to be careful because he, as a representative of the Clave, will be waiting to take him down when he finally slipped up, though Lorenzo did not seem bothered by the intimidation.[6]

When Magnus's body rejecting his magic finally took a toll on Magnus's health, Alec approached him and asked him to remove Magnus's magic. Though Lorenzo initially refused, telling Alec that Magnus brought it upon himself, Alec pleaded with him to reconsider, appealing to the part of him that has ever been in love, and he eventually agreed. After Alec convinced Magnus to let go of Lorenzo's magic, Lorenzo took back his magic but reaffirmed his claim over his apartment.[1]

Skills and abilities

  • Immortality: As a warlock, Lorenzo has been granted immortality. Physically, Lorenzo does not age.
  • Magic: Lorenzo has access to magical powers; he is capable of casting spells and glamour, among others.


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  • Lorenzo's favorite alcoholic drink is an Old Fashioned he mixes himself,[2] and his favorite type of tea is té rojo.[5]


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