Whatever you need, my Queen.

–The Owl, A Window Into an Empty Room

The Owl was an intelligent demon and a loyal servant of Lilith.


Some time in 2016, Lilith had this owl possess Jace Herondale—a recently-resurrected Shadowhunter who was left vulnerable to demonic influence—and use his body as a vessel. The demon was only able to take over Jace during his sleeping moments because his love for Clary Fairchild overpowered the Owl's love for Lilith.[1]

Despite only having control over him at certain times of day, he was able to begin gathering disciples for Lilith with Jace's body,[2][3] and was later able to use his access to the New York Institute to carry out another order from Lilith.[4] The fact that he was possessing Jace also made him practically undetectable to the Shadowhunters who had began to hunt for him, which even included the real Jace for a time.[5]

The Owl did not simply possess and take over Jace; as with all of Lilith's possessor demons, it lived, spoke, and faithfully followed Lilith's orders as if it was Jace and had access to his memories and emotions in the past. When Lilith was able to make Jace fall out of love with Clary, the Owl became fully in control,[6] with Jace's consciousness imprisoned in a form of mental cage.[7]

After the Owl collected the final disciple,[8] Lilith sent them—as in Jace and the Owl—to Idris to retrieve Valentine's flesh. While digging up the grave at the Cemetery, he was captured by Jace's friends in a powerful cage,[9] and chained with equally powerful shackles so that they could invade his mind to reach Jace. Lilith arrived and took him back before they could succeed.[10]

TMI310gif Jace v Owl 01
Careful. He's still in here. [...] Your boy is crying, you know. He's begging me... begging me not to do this.

–The Owl taunting Alec Lightwood, Erchomai

After retrieving Valentine's flesh and Clary, he rejoined Lilith. He was later dispatched by Lilith to handle the intruders that threatened to stop her ritual. He jumped down from the top of a building and faced off against Jace's parabatai Alec Lightwood and taunted him about Jace's pleas in his mind. He impaled Alec with an arrow, but the warlock Magnus Bane arrived to stop him. Magnus had obtained enough power and used it on him to release Jace from his mind prison. Jace and the Owl fought for control of his body. Jace won and the Owl's essence was expelled from his body through his mouth in the form of black blood, and the blood sizzled, leaving no physical trace of the Owl demon.[11]


The Owl was blindly loyal to his Queen, Lilith. It was intelligent, able to decide and act of its own accord. It knew somewhat how to blend in among humans and was capable of interacting with them. The Owl was also sadistic and cruel.


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  • Demonic physiology: As with most fighting demons, the Owl had supernatural strength and agility as well as magic. He was also sometimes empowered by Lilith herself, given demonic energy through a kiss.
  • Possession: The Owl was capable of passing on demons into humans—particularly vulnerable mundanes—that would possess them. He was also able to take the possession away.


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The skull of an owl at the Church of Talto.

  • In Hebrew-language texts, the term lilith or lilit (translated as "night creatures" or "screech owl").[12] The Burney Relief terracotta depicting a woman flanked by owls was, and still is by some, believed to be Lilith. Lilith is also associated with owls, due to a reference to a liliyth among a list of wilderness birds and animals in Isaiah, in later Jewish literature.[13]


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