TMI217 Sigil Ley lines 01

A sigil and a map of ley lines in New York City.

TMI217 Ley lines 01

Ley lines at a park in New York.

Ley lines are the energy source for all magic, for both Seelies and warlocks.[1]


Ley lines are typically healthy, making Seelies' and warlocks' magic function well on a day-to-day basis. However, they have been proven to be corruptible, but it takes extremely powerful magic to pull off.[2]

For protective reasons, against rare but dangerous instances such as ley line corruption, the New York Institute is not built on any ley lines.[2] Meanwhile, the site of the Church of Talto is one where the ley line concentration gives off plenty of energy.[1]


TMI217 Ley line convergence 01

A ley line junction at a park where Jocelyn hid the mirror.


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