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I wanted you to be proud of me. Out of everything that you taught me, killing was always what I was best at. It's ironic, isn't it? That that should be the reason you came to hate me.

–Jonathan to Valentine, Day of Atonement

Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, also known as Sebastian, was the son of Valentine Morgenstern and Jocelyn Fairchild.


Early life

TMI202 Jonathan Christopher 01

Before he was born, Jonathan was injected with pure demon blood while still in Jocelyn's womb.[1] As a child, Jocelyn saw the destruction he was capable of and what she believed to be a natural inclination to bring death in him and slowly grew fearful of him.[2] After the Uprising, Valentine faked their deaths by setting fire to the Fairchild manor.[3] For years after finding out about his "death", his mother Jocelyn mourned for him. She kept a box of his things with her, and she would take it out once a year and cry over it.[4]

Valentine raised Jonathan secretly and in seclusion in a remote cabin in Idris, at the same time as, but separate from, Valentine's other experiment: Jonathan Herondale, whom Valentine was raising as Jonathan Wayland. Valentine kept journals of the two opposite Jonathans' progress. Jonathan claimed to have developed an interest in science as a child, after Valentine gave him a chemistry set and taught him the basic laws of physics.

Because of his demon blood, Jonathan grew up with murderous tendencies. When he turned eight, Valentine gave him his first seraph blade. He had been so eager to try it out and make his father proud that he snuck out of their cabin and killed and skinned a large werewolf, wanting to give its pelt to Valentine as a trophy.

TMI211 Young Jonathan02

At one point, a young Jonathan killed a boy named Albert Timberworth by throwing him off a bridge, apparently curious if the 32-foot fall would kill him. Jonathan's deadly experiments continued and began to attract unwanted attention, in addition to fearing that Jonathan was out of control and he could be his son's next victim, that Valentine afterwards kept him shackled in the basement of the cabin.

Eventually, Valentine sent Jonathan to Hell, specifically the realm Edom. Jonathan felt that Valentine's reasons were that he grew to hate him for his inclination to kill and that his father chose Jace and wanted to protect him from Jonathan.[5]

Time in Edom

TMI310 Young Jonathan & Lilith 03

Upon his arrival, Jonathan was welcomed by Lilith, the Queen of the realm, who greeted him while in human form. She introduced herself as his mother, and when he told her that his mother hated him, Lilith told him to abandon that thought, because it was her blood that made him special and powerful. As she told him that she loved him, she gripped him by his arms and burned him.[6] Other demons joined in burning his skin—gradually, layer by layer—because he was too pretty, and too human, for their world. They made him hideous,[5] leaving his body disfigured, his face unrecognizable.[7]

Eventually, Lilith and the demons taught him how to use and draw power from his demon blood. He spent his years in Hell clinging to memories and hopes of freedom.

Eventually, he summoned the Greater Demon Azazel, who helped him escape Edom in exchange for his freedom from Duduael. Upon being freed, Jonathan found the cold unbearable, having gotten used to the flames of Hell. He was also disappointed to not have been overwhelmed with the emotions—anger, nor happiness—he'd expected to have when he finally made it back; instead, In the end, he felt nothing, though he eventually realized that he needed revenge on his father.[5]

As Sebastian

Jonathan spent time thinking of his next steps in his new life. To blend in,[5] Jonathan kidnapped the English Shadowhunter Sebastian Verlac from London and took on his identity. He led Sebastian's family believe that he was safe and just needed to be away.[8]

Meanwhile, Valentine had managed to convince the other Jonathan—now known as Jace—that he was Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern,[3] until he was forced by the Soul-Sword to admit to him his deception. Meanwhile, a vision from Ithuriel told Jace and Clary that a "demonic Morgenstern" would be capable of destroying the Soul-Sword, denoting that someone like Jonathan would be able to do it. Because it was then believed that Jace was Jonathan, they wrongly assumed that it was referring to him, leading to him accidentally activating the sword. Clary was later able to deactivate the Sword,[9] and Jonathan, knowing that the Sword could be used to destroy him, a demon-blooded creature as well, stole the Sword with the intention of sending it to Edom with Valentine.

TMI211 Sebastian01

Jonathan then had Azazel stage an attack on Isabelle Lightwood so he could swoop in and "save" her,[5] a deed which he hoped would later grant him access to the New York Institute. He took her back to his apartment. When she woke up, he offered her a vial of medicine that would help with her withdrawal symptoms. To gain her trust, he told her that he was also previously addicted to yin fen and found his own ways of kicking the addiction, one of them being the root extract medicine he was giving her. He convinced Isabelle to confine herself in his residence for at least a day to recover.[8]

TMI212promo Clary & Sebastian 04

After recovering, Isabelle invited Sebastian to the Institute, just as he had anticipated, where he proved his worth by imparting his expertise on Greater Demons and advising them how to defeat Azazel. This opportunity also allowed Jonathan to meet Clary for the first time. When he noticed that Clary was struggling with her rune powers because of her emotions, he advised her to accept her feelings instead of shutting them, and her powers, out. When they needed Clary's ability to save Jace and capture Valentine, he forced her to accept her emotions by throwing harsh truths at her, which, despite his words, Clary later thanked him for.[10]

Jonathan was eventually able to gain the trust of the other Shadowhunters and integrated himself into the Institute, well enough that he became part of the team assigned to Valentine. He anonymously arranged for Luke Garroway to get access to Valentine's cell to kill him but reported him to Alec Lightwood,[11] prompting Alec and the Clave to decide to have Valentine transferred to Idris to keep him safe, while he was being interrogated for the Mortal Instruments, from those who want him dead. This transfer gave him the opportunity to Portal Valentine away from the Shadowhunters through Duncan Armstrong, a Shadowhunter he'd been blackmailing into doing his bidding at the Institute. Jonathan had Duncan Portal them to the basement of the cabin he grew up in and later killed Duncan.[7]

TMI215 Jonathan01

Jonathan gave Valentine a recap of the life he had in Hell. When the remorseful Valentine took the blame for everything that happened to him and told Jonathan that he grew to regret sending him away, Jonathan refused to believe him and continued to prepare for the ritual that would send Valentine and the Soul-Sword to Edom. Valentine then took hold of the Sword and, compelled to tell the truth by the Sword, told Jonathan that he never hated him, that he had always and still cared for him despite his decision to send him away, and that he still thought of him and was haunted by his decision every day. He also told Jonathan that he was the "ultimate warrior" he'd always dreamed of, not Jace, and the man he'd grown up to be fulfilled this dream, calling him his greatest creation. This was able to convince Jonathan to change his mind, and he later took Valentine back to his place and had dinner with him.[5]

When Valentine left for Idris to summon Raziel, he left Jonathan behind in New York, claiming to have done it because of the danger. Jonathan decided to kill those in pursuit of them, for which Valentine Turned several mundanes to Forsaken to help him. Jonathan was able to take Jace by surprise and moved to hang him by the neck on a bridge, only to be coazed into a battle. While he bested Jace at first, Isabelle arrived and confronted him. He was distracted enough that Jace was able to stab him from behind. Jonathan tried to continue fighting, but Jace was able to kick him off the bridge and into the stream.[12]

In his dying moments, Jonathan crawled ashore and used his blood to open a rift to Edom and called for his "mother", Lilith. Through this rift, several asmodei entered the world, one of which took Jonathan's body and brought it to an isolated cave. The demons then coalesced into Lilith, and she was reunited with her "son".[13]


As you live, so shall my son.

–Lilith to Clary, Erchomai

Lilith went to great lengths to prepare Jonathan for his rebirth, and to prevent anyone from interfering. She and her Owl, which she had possess Jace, gathered 33 disciples—33 virtuous mundanes who, after possession, killed for her, tainting their virtuous souls with demonic lifeblood—to donate their blood for the nourishment of his body, kept beneath an altar in her base.[14]

TMI310 Jonathan's resurrection 01

Jonathan's revival nearing completion, with the mark binding him to Clary appearing on his chest.

Eventually, the 33 disciples were completed, rendering Jonathan just about ready for the ritual.[15] Jace retrieved the two last things Lilith needed for him: flesh from his father Valentine, and Clary's heart—in fact her life force, which Lilith bound to him through a mark on their chests—allowing Jonathan to rise and live, as long as Clary was alive. Shortly before Lilith was killed—on Earth, and banished back to Edom—Jonathan awakened and took ahold of Clary who passed by his tomb.[6] Before she was sent back to Edom, Lilith managed to send the apartment, along with Jonathan and Clary, to Siberia. The apartment appeared to explode with her, convincing the others that Clary and Jonathan died with her.

Now bearing his own skin, restored by Lilith's ritual, Jonathan introduced himself to Clary when she woke up days after the explosion. Clary asked him about the rune Lilith cut into her chest, and Jonathan showed her his own, calling it a symbol of their bond, and Clary realized that it was what brought him back to life. Jonathan expressed his desire to protect Clary and be there for her as her brother, which the girl rejected and only used to try and get away from Jonathan. Clary fled but only managed to get so far before she collapsed of exhaustion in the cold, and Jonathan caught up to her and brought her back to the apartment.

While Jonathan tried to nurse Clary back to health, he asked her to try and understand his situation and how he grew into the boy she came to despise. He told her that he would like to change and find some goodness inside of him like she has as well.

We are one now, little sister. You and I... we are one.

–Jonathan to Clary about their bond, Lost Souls

TMI311 Clary & Jonathan 01

Jonathan and Clary bleeding out from his injury, moments before he heals them.

Later, Jonathan offered to go to Paris with Clary, knowing she'd always wanted to go. Clary acted eager to distract him then tried to kill him, stabbing him through the chin. Both then witnessed for the first time the effect of their new bond, born from the rune Lilith had Marked them both with, as Clary bled with him from the same injury and healed only when Jonathan activated his healing rune. Jonathan gleefully told her of their bond.[16]

Jonathan took the apartment to Paris next. He continued to try and get Clary on his side, and Clary pretended to give him a chance. Jonathan, however, had a secret agenda on the side. With Clary, he went to an antiques shop ran by a Vetis demon, Mirek, to retrieve the Morgenstern family sword. The demon taunted him about not wanting to give him the sword, then claimed to have already sold it. When the demon wouldn't tell him to whom, Jonathan killed him. Jonathan then felt a twinge of pain and rushed outside, realizing that someone was hurting Clary. He tracks her down and kills the French Shadowhunter she was with, not knowing that Clary had been attempting to contact her friends with his stele.

And I did it for you. Seeing you in his arms like that, so vulnerable... It wasn't like any kill I've ever done before. Clary... it felt so good! You make me good.

–Jonathan to Clary, Original Sin

Clary confronted Jonathan about his belief that he was being good, despite his actions. Jonathan retorted that Clary seemed to have felt good about killing their father. Clary demands to know what Jonathan had planned with the sword, and Jonathan refused to answer, doubting Clary's loyalty. Jace then arrived with Luke and Alec to rescue Clary. Clary explained to them that killing Jonathan would kill her, too, but stabbed herself in the leg, prompting Jonathan to run. Jonathan returned to the apartment and transported some place else, anguishing over the loss of Clary, and her betrayal.[17]

Unable to be with Clary, who was once again under the protection of her friends at the New York Institute, Jonathan tormented Clary by burning himself and cutting the words "I miss you" into his skin, and thus causing her the same pain.[18] Desperate for his sister's presence, Jonathan went to a place called "the Bone Chandelier" and employed the services of a Seelie nymph Lanaia to take Clary's form and act like her, instructing her to seem excited to be back with him, though he was dissatisfied with the fakeness of it in the end.

TMI314 Jonathan vs Jace 01

"If I killed you, Clary would never forgive me."

Deciding that he needed the real Clary, Jonathan stalked her and Jace while the two went on a date, knocked Jace out and took his form. He slowly led her back to the apartment and kissed her during the "date", unwittingly giving away his identity to Clary. When they were close to the apartment, Clary stopped him. Jace, Isabelle, and other Shadowhunters arrived. Clary intended to knock him out with a Somnus rune but, in the moment of hesitation Clary had due to their bond, Jonathan slipped away and ran. The encounter made Jonathan confident that Clary would join him soon.[19]

Personality and traits

Jonathan is an expert liar, able to blend in with others as a charming, compassionate, brilliant man. He also has masochistic tendencies, often burning his hand, due to his high resistance to pain after years of torture in Edom. Johnathan is also sadistic; he enjoys killing and finds ways to justify his decisions and actions.

From his time with Valentine, he was well-educated and was trained to possess unrivaled fighting abilities, along with the superiority his demon blood gave him. His time in Edom also gave him vast knowledge on Greater Demons.

Physical appearance

Resurrection brought back my real face.

–Jonathan, Lost Souls

Jonathan has blue eyes and red hair, the latter being of the same shade as his mother's, sharp cheekbones, and a lean figure.[16] His eyes — even the sclera, or the white of his eyes — sometimes turn completely black, particularly when he accesses his powers.[2][7][5]

Jonathan has the "heightened speed" rune on the left side of his neck, a healing rune on the right, and the rune that binds him to Clary on the right side of his chest.[16]

The first day I was there, they started burning my skin. Just one layer at a time. They said I was too pretty for their world... Too human. So they made me hideous.

–Jonathan, Day of Atonement

For at least half of his life, however, which had been spent in hell, all the layers of skin on his entire body were burned off. His rebirth around a decade later healed his skin, restoring his true face.

Valentine Morgenstern: "Then why keep the Verlac boy's visage if you're weaker for it?"
Jonathan: "I think it rather suits me. Don't you? As does the accent. A bit more... charming than a demonic beast with burnt flesh."
―Jonathan about Sebastian Verlac's face, Day of Atonement

For a time, Jonathan used the appearance of Sebastian Verlac, a tall man with blue eyes and blond hair. He had a "Calm Anger" rune on the left side of his neck.

Skills and abilities

  • Nephilim physiology: Being Nephilim, Jonathan should possess a variety of enhanced physical and mental abilities granted to him by the angel blood of Raziel in his veins and also by the angelic Marks of the Gray Book. This includes enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and coordination, which continue to improve over time and practice.
    • The Sight: As a Shadowhunter, Jonathan should naturally and easily be able to see through most magical illusions and layers of glamour over reality.
    • Runic magic: Due to the angel blood running in the veins of all Shadowhunters, Jonathan should be able to apply runes on his skin without any danger. These Marks would give varied effects that serve to benefit the wearer.
    • Use of heavenly weapons: As a Shadowhunter, Jonathan would also able to perform tasks unique to their species, such as the ability to use and call on the power of angels for their seraph blades, as well as to handle any heavenly weapons or objects with effect, which would normally not work for other species. In particular, these are tools made of adamas and forged by Iron Sisters.
  • Demonic blood empowerment: Being born with pure demon blood apparently gave him enhanced strength, speed, and others superior to those of normal Shadowhunters', as well as the ability to destroy small living beings, like a flower. According to Valentine, this would also affect his psyche.[1] Upon being reborn with Lilith's ritual, Jonathan was brought back even stronger than he was before.[19]
  • Expert hand to hand combatant: Jonathan is highly skilled in armed combat.
  • Expert swordsman: Jonathan is highly skilled and proficient in swordsmanship.
  • Flight: Jonathan possess unrivaled fighting abilities.


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  • In Season 2B, he was portrayed by guest star Will Tudor, who also portrayed Sebastian Verlac, while Elias Toufexis portrays his true, charred form. Young Jonathan is played by Jacob Skiba. He is portrayed by Luke Baines in 3B, portraying Jonathan's true form, no longer burned.[20][21]
  • Jonathan as a boy was depicted with blond hair in the flashbacks in the episodes Mea Maxima Culpa and Erchomai.
  • The writers referred to him as "Bass".[22]
  • Joey Racki was a stunt double for Luke/Jonathan in the episode Lost Souls.[23]

  • Listed below are characteristics or elements of the character in the books that differ from the show; in the books:
    • Jonathan was raised by Valentine until his teenage years and was part of his plans until the end.
    • Jonathan did not grow up in Edom, though he did spend his last moments there.
    • Jonathan did not appear burned and did not actually take Sebastian's form. Instead, he only temporarily disguised himself as Sebastian by dyeing his hair black.


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