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"Dark magic" is a term used by warlocks who are afraid of their own powers. For someone like me who can harness those powers, all magic is equal.

–Iris's view of dark magic, Dust and Shadows

Dr. Iris Rouse is a warlock and a notorious dark magic user. As her cover among mundanes, Iris is a physician with her own clinic.



TMI205 Iris01

Iris's record at the New York Institute.

Iris worked as a midwife for mundanes from 1741 to 1867. She never truly allied or affiliated herself with the Clave but has done work for the Institutes in London, New York, Paris, and Copenhagen.[2] At one point, she and Magnus Bane crossed paths at the ruins of la Bastille.[3]

Since the early 1900s, however, Iris's dark magic practice got the attention of the Clave. Most of her violations were related to necromancy until finally, she was arrested by Shadowhunters in 1975 and imprisoned in the City of Bones for eight years.

Eventually, she became a doctor and opened up a private practice, specializing in internal medicine. In addition to her mundane practices, Iris began taking in various mundane women, such as Leigh, whom she would have her own private demon impregnate to "host" warlock children, after which she would wipe their memories. She also lived with Madzie, a young warlock child she introduced as her goddaughter.

Blood oath

In 2016, Iris was approached by the Shadowhunter Clary Fairchild to bring her mother back. Having formed a plot in her mind to counter what she saw as the impending extinction of her kind, specifically due to Valentine Morgenstern's actions, Iris agreed to help Clary in exchange for a simple favor instead of her typical fee, which the young Shadowhunter wouldn't be able to afford.

She sealed the deal with a blood oath, and though Clary changed her mind in the end, the binding oath had been made. Cashing her favor in, Iris trapped Clary in a room with her demon with the intention of letting the demon rape and impregnate her to create a part-Shadowhunter, part-demon warlock species that would be much harder to kill. Knowing that this wasn't normally possible, Iris made a concoction she suspected would help circumvent this and tricked Clary into drinking it. Clary was able to destroy the demon, however, and was subsequently saved by her friends. Iris escaped but vowed to return for Clary's debt.[2]

When Iris was found by Valentine Morgenstern, he took Madzie hostage and used her to blackmail Iris into stealing Magnus's counter-spell book. Iris infiltrated Magnus's apartment by disguising herself as a cat. During a Shadowhunter party thrown at his apartment, Iris toyed with the Shadowhunters' minds by giving them hallucinations. Magnus was able to see through the mind tricks and took out his heavily-protected spellbook to counteract the spell, allowing Iris to steal it right out of Magnus's hands. Magnus was able to figure out that the infiltrating warlock had been the new cat he'd welcomed earlier, he immediately put his wards up, but not before Iris could hand the spellbook to Valentine. Magnus and the others hunted her down and Iris, overpowered, demanded that Clary—still bound by their blood oath—look for Madzie before Magnus Portaled her to the Clave.[3]


Iris is an expert liar, able to keep up a facade as she lies for her benefit and is still able to keep a straight face even when she is caught. She easily manipulates others for her gain.

She is protective of her kind, and her family, intent on preserving the longevity of warlocks. She is also very secretive about her warlock mark.

Skills and abilities

  • Immortality: As a warlock, Iris has been granted immortality. Physically, Iris does not age.
  • Magic: As a warlock, Iris has access to magical powers. She specializes in botany and interdimensional-transition magic, understanding of runic magic, and potions.
  • Necromancy: Iris is able to easily perform necromancy, though it may have unpredictable results at times.


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  • Iris apparently favors Old French spells.[3]

  • She is portrayed by Stephanie Belding in a guest starring role.