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Idris is the Shadowhunter homeland, their home hidden from mundanes.[1] Its capital, and only city, is Alicante.

The country is surrounded by mountains and wards.[2][3] Currently, the new wards in Idris do not allow those with the Circle rune to pass.[4] The wards also typically react to Portals.[2]


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Alicante is the capital, and only city, of Idris. The Gard and the Accords Hall are both found here.[4] The city is surrounded by adamas-formed demon towers, which control the city's wards.

Lake Lyn

Lake Lyn is a remote lake that isn't used because the water has dangerous hallucinogenic properties. The lake has since been discovered to in fact be the mythical Mortal Mirror.


Also found in Idris is the Shadowhunter Academy.[5]


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