Ichor is the blood of demons. It can be gold,[1] black,[2] or gray.[3]

Ichor in other beings

The presence of ichor in Shadowhunters may have varied results:

  • Jonathan Morgenstern was given doses of demon blood while in his mother's womb. According to his father, this gave him enhanced strength, speed, and other skills superior to those of normal Shadowhunters', and affected his psyche as well.[4][5] This also gave him the ability to destroy small living beings, like a flower. It also makes his eyes turn completely black on occasion.[6][7][3] Jonathan's ichor can be gray.[3]
  • Valentine Morgenstern injected himself with Downworlder—whom, being part demons, have some demon blood.[8]


The term "ichor" comes from the ancient Greek word for the blood of their gods.

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