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This article covers a topic that has not been fully explored on the show and thus contains some information taken from the books, in addition to information from the TV series.

High Warlocks are warlocks, typically old and powerful, that are distinct and recognized in their respective areas. They tend to be the warlock most sought for help by other Downworlders and Shadowhunters.


The High Warlock title is decided upon among warlocks. Other warlocks take it upon themselves to start using the title themselves, often in the absence of other warlocks in the area. In the occasion that more than one warlock is interested in the title, an understanding is met. In other times, a group of warlocks in the area would choose one of their number to appoint and bestow the title upon, usually the one most powerful or most open to conducting business with Shadowhunters and other Downworlders. There are also warlocks who choose to not take the title in their preference to lie low.[1][2]

The duties of a High Warlock vary and are infrequent.[1]

Known High Warlocks


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