TMI1Promo Hardtail

Hardtail is a biker bar frequented by Downworlders, found in the Meatpacking District of New York City.[1]


One evening, Jace and Clary came into the bar. Because it was a vampire night, and many vampires owned demon energy-powered motorcycles, several bikes were parked by the bar—even indoors, by the entrance. Jace had Clary flirt with a vampire named Brad and, once he had taken out his keys to his motorcycle, Jace knocked him out and stole his keys. Before the other vampires in the bar could retaliate, Jace and Clary sped off in Brad's flying motorcycle.[2]

Hearing of a Downworld rave, promoted as "A Rapturous Evening" and even considered "one of the biggest parties of the year", to be held at the bar, Isabelle Lightwood presented it to the others as a way to lure out Magnus Bane and agree to meet with them. At the party, a Circle member attempted to assassinate Magnus but was stopped by Alec Lightwood.[3]