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She's one of our fiercest warriors. She'll rip him to shreds.

Theo about Gretel, Moo Shu to Go

Gretel Monroe[1] was a werewolf and a member of the New York werewolf pack.


Hunt for the Cup

TMI105 Gretel & Clary 01

Gretel approaching Clary

While under Theo, the pack leader before Luke took over, Gretel was ordered to threaten Clary Fray—particularly the life of her friend Simon Lewis—into telling them where the Mortal Cup was. In her werewolf form, Gretel snarled at Clary and scared her.[2]

Taken by Valentine

TMI202 Pack v Simon 01

"Wait. Pack leader gave orders."

Gretel was around when their new pack leader, Luke, invited the recently-Turned and homeless vampire Simon Lewis to stay at the Jade Wolf, their headquarters and home. As soon as Luke left, Gretel and the other pack members made it clear to Simon that he was not welcome to stay there. Simon tried to perform an encanto on them but failed miserably, and Gretel remarked that he was the "worst vampire ever." They then carried him out of the restaurant and forced him into a supply room close by.[3] Gretel once again antagonized Simon when they saw each other the next day, but she stopped her companions from harming him, remembering Luke's orders. Instead, she warned him to stay out of her sight.

TMI202 Jace & Gretel 01

Gretel pleading for her life.

Later that night, Gretel was abducted by Valentine Morgenstern's men, including Jace Wayland and Jeremy. Jeremy claimed that she, in her white werewolf form, killed his father five years prior. She was brought onto Valentine's ship and brought in front of Valentine himself, while she vehemently denied the accusations against her, even as Jace put a sword to her throat and Valentine continued to make it seem like she's lying to protect herself. Clary arrived, and Jace escaped with her before he could execute her. However, Valentine finished what he started and stabbed her, then ordered his men to throw her overboard.[4]

Her body washed up close to Jace on the beach, and when Jace came to check on her, a mundane saw them and called the police. Jace became the primary suspect for the murder, and the pack, especially her godfather Taito and her friend Maia, demanded justice for her death.[5]


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Behind the scenes

  • She was portrayed by Joanne Jansen in the second season. For the first season, no actor was cast for the role. Instead, Gretel was portrayed only in her wolf form using CGI.