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This article covers a topic that has not been fully explored on the show and thus contains some information taken from the books, in addition to information from the TV series.

Greater Demons is the term used by Shadowhunters to refer to demons of significant power and intelligence compared to their lesser counterparts.


"Greater Demons" have some aspects in common: human-level intelligence, personalities, and names, and they are incredibly rare.[1]

When the corporeal form of Greater Demons are killed on Earth, they are simply banished and sent back to Hell.[2][3]

Known Greater Demons


  • In the books, Greater Demons cannot be permanently destroyed. Their temporary destruction merely shatters their form into a million pieces between the worlds, or the spaces in the Void or Hell, where its ethereal body exists. While it may take them centuries to reform and rebuild its physical form, they eventually do. When they are summoned or forced to reform, they remain weak for decades.[4] It is unknown if this applies on the show.


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