Floretta Camp is a warlock.


Floretta is in good standing with the Clave and has done work for them as a historian, researching Great Lakes Shadow World activity. Among mundanes, Floretta has become a housewife, a farmer, and a ceramicist. She was also a recipient of honor for "Concealed Mundane Intervention" in 1987.[1]

Physical appearance

Floretta has red hair, and stands at 5'6" tall. Her warlock mark is her lion's mane, which she has partially shaved.


  • Immortality: As a warlock, Floretta has been granted immortality. Physically, Floretta does not age.
  • Magic: As a warlock, Floretta has access to magical powers. Her specialties are botany magic and liquid potions.


  • Floretta's name is a mixture of both of Zac Hug's grandmother's names.[2]


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