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Dorothea Rollins, better known as Dot, is a warlock. She was like an older sister to Clary Fairchild and once worked for Jocelyn as an assistant, and alongside her as a friend, protector, and confidante. She had a tarot card reading booth in Jocelyn's antique store, Greenpoint Antiquities.


Early life

Dot had a shop in Salem in the 1690s and became one of the subjects of the Salem witch hunt.

Around the early 1900s, she became romantically involved with fellow warlock Magnus Bane, who went on to become one of her dearest friends.[1]

Helping Jocelyn

At one point, Dot met the warlock Elliot Nourse, who one day introduced her to Jocelyn Fairchild,[2] a former Shadowhunter. Jocelyn had the Mortal Cup and hid in the Ace of Cups card in a tarot deck she later gave Dot.[3][4] Jocelyn and her daughter, Clary were in hiding from Valentine Morgenstern. Along with Elliot and Magnus, Dot protected them.

TMI101 Dot01

Dot greeting Clary on her birthday.

On Clary's 18th birthday, Dot gave her a top as a gift—one which Clary used later that night. Dot was evidently concerned about Clary, particularly the things she expected her to know soon.

When members of the Circle showed up at their home later that night, Dot received a call from Magnus to warn them. She immediately told Jocelyn and she handed her the potion that would send her into a deep sleep. Dot opened a Portal for Clary, and when she was safe, Dot tried to confront the rogue Shadowhunters, only to be matched and thrown out a window.[3]

Protecting Clary

After the encounter, Dot rushed back to the apartment and put glamour over the place to prevent the mundanes from seeing the chaos. She also found Luke Garroway taking some of their things to hide and prevent Clary from being tracked. She later went to Magnus, hoping to ask for his help, only to see him escaping to his lair with other warlocks. Dot refused to join him, wanting to continue her search for Jocelyn and Clary.

Outside the Pandemonium, Dot was taken by the Circle members and brought to Chernobyl to Valentine. Valentine proceeded to torture her with injections from his experiments when Dot insisted that it wasn't her who made Jocelyn's sleeping spell and would be unable to reverse it. Dot later escaped her cage and was approaching Jocelyn, trying to comfort the unconscious woman by telling her how Clary was, but before she could do anything else, Emil Pangborn attacked her. In an act of defense, Dot blindly stabbed him with one of Valentine's injections. She was again freed momentarily, only to be recaptured by Valentine.[5]

Valentine's captive

Magnus later attributed his inability to sense her magic to her death, which he relayed to a devastated Clary.[6] Unbeknownst to them, Dot was still alive, kept by Valentine for her magic but subjected to his injections for his experiments; the injections put her under his influence,[7] and dulled her power somewhat.[8]

TMI202 Dot02

Dot opening a Portal for Jace and Clary's escape.

A few weeks after she was imprisoned, Valentine sent Dot back to New York to kidnap Clary. She found her outside the Brooklyn Academy of Art and Portaled back to Valentine's ship with her. Under orders from Valentine, Dot put Clary under a spell that made her susceptible to suggestion—basically under Dot's control—but after a conversation, Clary convinced Dot to help her and Jace escape the ship. When they needed it, Dot put down the ship's wards with her magic.[7]

Some time after, Valentine brought Dot with them as he and his men stole the Soul-Sword from the City of Bones. Dot created a Portal for their quick escape.[9]

TMI209 Madzie & Dot 01

Dot forced to mentor Madzie.

When Valentine took Madzie, a very young warlock child, he and his followers relocated the base to an abandoned indoor amusement park. Valentine ordered her to perform a spell, but the injections she regularly received made her barely able to generate enough magic for it. Valentine told her to teach Madzie instead. Despite her reluctance, she agreed when Valentine threatened to subject Madzie to the injections. Dot taught her well, and Valentine soon began using the girl for his magical needs.

After Jace, Luke, and Simon infiltrated the base to save Clary, whom Madzie helped Valentine kidnap,[8] Dot was left behind behind bars at the amusement park. She spoke up, and they took her with them to Magnus's loft.[10]

Brief freedom

Magnus immediately began treating her, while Dot told them about what she heard while in captivity—which is, unbeknownst to them, only what Valentine let her hear and wanted them to believe: that Jace, due to his demon blood, could destroy the Sword. Though Luke and Clary were reluctant to believe her due to Valentine's previous power over her, Magnus's confirmation by matching it with the vision Clary and Jace received from Ithuriel convinced the others. She hadn't been completely wrong: someone with demon blood could have destroyed the Sword, but it wasn't Jace, who in fact had angel blood, making them all fall for Valentine's trap.[10]

Dot began to slowly recover from the effects of Valentine's injections, but ever so slowly as it took her some time to be strong enough to even create Portals.[11][1][2] At one point, Valentine, while in Magnus's body, reached out to her, asking her to teach him how to access his magic, making her believe that it was because he was struck by a Greater Demon, making Dot agree to help him and overlook her suspicion of his odd behavior.[11]

TMI213 Magnus & Dot 01

Magnus and Dot reconnect, and almost kiss.

When the Institute came to her demanding DNA samples from Downworlders, Dot Portaled away and went to Magnus's. Still unaware that he'd been swapped with Valentine, she gave him dragonfly wings to help with his magic. Dot noticed that he was drinking whiskey on rocks—his heartache drink—and stayed to have drinks with him. They reminisced about their pasts and danced, and at the end of the night almost shared a kiss before Magnus gently pushed her away, completely loyal to his boyfriend Alec Lightwood despite their argument. Dot understood and chalked it up to being swept up in the moment and the alcohol in her system.[1]

Suddenly, a sigil appeared on Dot's wrist. She recognized it immediately and knew what it meant: the sigil was a map to the Mortal Mirror that was transferred to her as part of a mechanism they'd setup to protect the Mirror but to keep them informed of its location. The appearance of the sigil on her arm signified that something happened to Elliot. She went to the Institute to inform Clary, and others that Clary trusted. When Alec pointed out that once the Mortal Mirror was found, it would become property of the Clave, Dot said she was only helping to stop Valentine and would only give the Mirror to Clary, as she had no faith in the Clave and only trusted her.

They deciphered the map and the ley lines, and Jace and Clary accompanied her in retrieving the Mirror. After Dot took the Mirror out of its invisible nook, they were intercepted by Jonathan Morgenstern, Clary's brother, who intended to take the Mirror for Valentine. She handed it to Clary and opened a Portal for her and Jace to escape with the Mirror while she stayed behind to hold Jonathan off.[2].It is belived that she is still alive because it is said that the sigil on her wrist was supposed to travel to the person she trusted the most,wich was Clary.

Skills and abilities

  • Immortality: As a warlock, Dot was granted immortality. She had maintained the appearance of a young woman for years.
  • Magic: Dot had access to magical powers that often manifest themselves as flames or sparks in her palm. Dot was capable of casting spells and opening Portals, among others.


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  • The character is significantly different from her book counterpart. The differences include:
    • Dot is much younger than Dorothea in the books.
    • Dot is an actual warlock (like the film variant of Dorothea), instead of a mundane adopted by a witch like she was in the books.


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