TMI212 Daylighter Simon 01

Simon Lewis, a vampire, seeking refuge in the sun.

For centuries, we've heard the legend of how one day a great leader would come. A vampire who can walk in the daylight. We always thought it was a myth... folklore.

Quinn, Those of Demon Blood

Daylighters are a rare kind of vampire capable of walking in the sunlight.


One of the first known Daylighters in history was Cain, who became a Daylighter soon after he fed from his first victim: his own brother, Abel, who had heavenly blood due to his heritage.[1] At one point, it became a legend among old vampires that a Daylighter would one day become their great leader.[2]

In 2016, Simon Lewis became the first Daylighter in a long time, earning the awe, respect, and envy of other vampires around him.[3][4][2] A vampire is made into a Daylighter when they drink angelic blood;[5][1] In Simon's case, he became one when he drank blood from Nephilim Jace Herondale, who exceptionally has more angel blood than ordinary Shadowhunters.[5]

The rarity and power of Daylighters are impressive, to the point where even the Seelie Queen held exceptional interest in Simon.[6][7]


Daylighters are:

  • able to expose themselves to sunlight without burning;
  • immune to the fatal effects of the Soul-Sword on Downworlders;[5]
  • able to survive the ceremony that bestows the Mark of Cain.[8]