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I wouldn't trade the Shadow World for anything. Before, I always felt like there was something missing. And then I met Jace outside Pandemonium and my life finally made sense.

–Clary, All Good Things...

Clarissa Adele "Clary" Fairchild, also known as Clary Fray, is a Shadowhunter who was raised among mundanes, unaware of her true heritage. Clary's simple and content life was disrupted when her mother was kidnapped, forcing her into action. Led on a journey of self-discovery in the dangerous, magical and unpredictable Shadow World, the secrets of her past were revealed as she begins to embrace her newfound powers. Her parents are the late Valentine Morgenstern, the late Jocelyn Fairchild, and her older brother is Jonathan Christopher.


Early life

A young Clary's memories about to be taken by Magnus.

She was born sometime after her brother, Jonathan Christopher whom most everyone believed perished in a fire with her father.[1]

Before she was born, her mother went into hiding and fled to New York, leaving behind her life as a Shadowhunter. While playing at a park when she was young, Clary was almost attacked by a demon but was saved by her mother. After the incident, Jocelyn rushed her to Magnus Bane, a warlock, and had him wipe the memories of the Shadow World from her mind.[2] For years, Jocelyn led Clary to believe that her father was a man named Jonathan Clark.[3]

During her first grade in school, she met a boy named Simon Lewis. He had an allergic reaction to clay, and Clary ran to get the nurse for him. The pair grew very close and became best friends, practically inseparable.[4]

Jocelyn's abduction

In 2016, Clary started her 18th birthday with an interview at the Brooklyn Academy of Art. Clary was accepted into the advanced program she'd applied for, and she credited the graphic novel illustrations she didn't submit as the pieces that caught the panel's attention.

Clary kills a demon for the first time.

Later that evening, Clary encountered a group of Shadowhunters and Magnus Bane, whom she briefly and confusedly remembered, at the Pandemonium. Spooked by the battle she witnessed at the club, she rushed home and told Jocelyn, who finally began to tell her that she was a Shadowhunter. Just then, members of the Circle arrived, forcing both Jocelyn and Dot into action. Jocelyn clasped a necklace around Clary's neck and sent her through a Portal that took her to the NYPD 89th Precinct, to Luke,[2] a close friend of Jocelyn's and a father figure to Clary.[1]

While at the station, however, Clary overheard a conversation between Luke and two people about how he cared nothing for Clary or her mother, to Clary's immense surprise. She rushed back home to find Jocelyn missing, and a demon in the guise of Dot attacked her, managing to severely injure Clary and infect her with demon venom. Jace, one of the Shadowhunters from the club, arrived just in time to save her. Overwhelmed by the venom, Clary collapsed, and Jace carried her back to the New York Institute to recuperate.

Upon waking, she met Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, the latter of whom immediately expressed his distrust of her. Jace informed her of the basics: that they, including her, were Shadowhunters, humans who were part-angel,[5] whose mission was to protect the human race from demons, and that other beings from stories exist.[2] In addition to finding out that she was Nephilim, the Institute's trainer and former Circle member Hodge Starkweather told her that her mother was once also part of the Circle—the organization, led by Valentine Morgenstern, that abducted her.

When they realized that the people who took Jocelyn were after a powerful tool known as the Mortal Cup, they worked alongside Clary to get ahold of it before Valentine or the Downworlders could find it. While the people helping her were primarily concerned with securing the Cup, Clary remained focused on her search for Jocelyn.

Blocked memories

TMI102 Clary03.png

In an attempt to unlock her seemingly blocked memories, the Shadowhunters brought her to the City of Bones, where the Silent Brothers used the Soul-Sword to tap into her mind. While not all her memories were accessed, she remembered enough to find out that she was Valentine's daughter. Outside the City of Bones, Simon was kidnapped by vampires in an attempt to get information on the Cup.[6] Clary forced the others to save Simon, and they infiltrated the vampires' base, the Hotel Dumort. With the help of Raphael, a vampire who did not agree with Camille's decisions, they were able to escape with Simon.[5]

Realizing that her memories were crucial to their search for the Cup, as indicated by the demon that had attacked her at their home, Clary told them of a memory, which came to her at the Silent City, from her youth where she saw a man named Magnus taking her memories, Simon told them that her abductor Camille had told her about Magnus Bane when he mentioned Clary's missing memories.

Clary drawing a summoning pentagram.

The group lured Magnus out of hiding with a party, and while the warlock initially refused to help them, he eventually agreed when the group helped him fight off Circle members that attacked their safe haven. To her surprise, Magnus also told her that Dot, whom she had grown to see as a sister,[6] was tortured and killed by Valentine in her efforts to protect her. Magnus then told them that he fed Clary's memories to a memory demon, Valak, for safekeeping. They decided to summon the demon, but when Jace's life was put at risk, Clary decided to sacrifice her memories and banished the demon to save him.[7]

TMI113 Waking Jocelyn 01.png

Even without her memories, Clary was eventually able to retrieve the Cup for the Clave.[8] While Valentine posed as Michael Wayland, Clary caught onto his deception and gave him the fake Cup, after which Valentine falsely told them that she and Jace were siblings—that they was Jonathan, and he was his son with Jocelyn. They were also able to rescue Jocelyn from Valentine,[9] though she was still asleep under the potion she took, so she began hunting for the Book of the White for the spell that could wake her. They then lost the Cup when Hodge betrayed them and gave the Cup to Valentine.[10][10] After they found the book and were able to revive Jocelyn, they lost Jace, who felt he had no choice but to join Valentine.[11]

True Shadowhunter

Clary and Jocelyn's reunion.

After a brief happy reunion with her awakened mother, Clary soon became preoccupied with their troubles. She broke the news to Jocelyn that Jonathan was alive and was taken by Valentine, not knowing that Jocelyn felt that Jonathan was innately evil and would later try to kill him. Along with this, she was closely monitored by the Institute's new head, Victor Aldertree.[12]

Alec blamed Clary for their dilemmas, making the latter start to falter in her sense of belonging—unable to truly fit in among the Shadowhunters while also unable to return to her former ordinary life. In an effort to get her bearings, she went to the Brooklyn Academy of Art to paint. Though Jocelyn and Luke, concerned for her safety, rushed over, she was kidnapped by Dot and taken to Valentine's ship. Clary was caged and mind-controlled by Dot to trick Jace into submitting to Valentine. Clary was able to get through to Dot, who then later helped her and Jace escape the ship by taking down the wards with her magic.[13]

TMI204promo Clace01.jpg

Though she and Jace were separated, he soon contacted her and Isabelle. The group formed plans to meet at Magnus's loft to save the unconscious Alec, who needed contact with his parabatai to survive. Jace was arrested after this,[14] and he was imprisoned in the City of Bones. Clary tried to talk to Jace, but was only pushed away. Meanwhile, the Clave decided to reassign Jocelyn to Idris, and Jocelyn asked Clary to come with her. Though she briefly considered it, she turned her offer down, wanting to learn to be a Shadowhunter at the Institute and unable to leave her friends.[15]

Blood connections

Clary and Alec at Iris's door.

A new type of demon infiltrated their ranks at the Institute and began possessing Shadowhunters to kill others. While possessing Alec, the demon killed Jocelyn, devastating Clary. A vengeful Clary set out to hunt for the demon and soon found it possessing Isabelle. After it attacked Alec, Clary stabbed Isabelle, forcing the demon out of Isabelle's body, after which Clary vanquished it.[15] Clary mourned her mother; her judgment clouded during the early stage of her grieving, Clary went to the warlock Iris Rouse in hopes of bringing her mother back from the dead.

She realized too late—after already committing to a blood oath—that resurrection through dark magic comes with a dark price, particularly for her mother's sanity. Iris set out to have her impregnated by a demon. Clary was able to fight back, discovering a new ability along the way: she received a vision of a rune that was not in the Gray Book that ultimately helped her vanquish the demon.[16]

Sometime after, Clary began hearing a deafening scream only she could hear. Through Sister Cleophas—a former Iron Sister and Luke's sister—she learned that the sound was cries of help from an angel, one trapped by Valentine that was calling out to her. She and Jace went to release him, and the angel, Ithuriel, gave them both a vision of the sword's destruction before he left and returned to Heaven.[17] Magnus later informed them that Clary likely held a blood connection with Ithuriel, and that her "new" runes were sent by the angel.

TMI208promo Climon06.jpg

Following a confession from Simon, the longtime best friends began dating.

Meanwhile, Clary's standing blood oath with Iris bound her.[18] The blood oath cursed Clary with impending death unless she managed to rescue her goddaughter Madzie from Valentine, who was using the young warlock's magic for his bidding. Jace, Luke, and Simon raced against time to save Madzie before Clary could die. Jace managed to reunite them in part due to Valentine's plans, allowing Clary to recover, but Simon was kidnapped by the manipulated child.[19]

Valentine used Simon as bait to get Clary to the Institute, where he had planted the Soul-Sword to be activated. Against the others' wishes, Clary went, desperate to save her best friend. Jace and the others were able to keep her away, but Jace, under the belief that he had demon blood and could destroy the sword, held and activated the Sword, just as Valentine had planned. Valentine managed to use it to kill all Downworlders within the Institute at the time, save for Simon who'd ingested enough angel blood from Jace to be immune to the sword's effect. Outside, before Valentine could wield it to destroy all Downworlders, Clary received another vision of a rune and drew it on the surface of the sword, unwittingly deactivating it, but the Sword went missing shortly afterward.[20]

Heart's desire

TMI211promo Valentine visit 04.jpg
TMI212promo Clary & Sebastian 04.jpg

Valentine was captured and held in the Institute. During an attempt at an interrogation, Clary found out that she and Jace were in fact not siblings, a fact Jace discovered prior but kept from her, seeing how happy she apparently was with Simon.[21] Discovering that the only family—aside from Valentine—that she thought she had was in fact not took a heavy toll on her. The chain of sudden devastating events and revelations drove her to block her emotions to give the semblance of levelheadedness, and this made her momentarily lose her ability to use her new runes. With the help of newcomer Sebastian, Clary embraced her pain and anger and regained access to the runes.[22]

Clary attested that discovering that they weren't siblings would not have changed her relationship with Simon.[21] The couple continued dating and seemed happy together. However, during a visit to the Seelie Court, the Queen made Clary have "the kiss [she] most [desired]" in exchange for their lives. Kissing Simon had no effect, but kissing Jace freed them.[23] The devastated Simon later broke up with her.[24]

Clary drawing the Portal rune for the first time.

Clary and Jace's interaction after the Court became awkward, with the pair avoiding each other. Working together became unavoidable when Valentine escaped the Clave. When Clary found out that Jace was convinced that Valentine could be in Idris, she received a vision of another rune, and ended up creating a Portal upon drawing it. The Portal took them to Idris, where Clary almost drowned in Lake Lyn and became delusional from its waters. Though they did not get there in time to find Valentine, they found a notebook, from which they discovered that Clary's brother Jonathan did not die as a child and was raised by Valentine.[25]

They later discovered that the man they came to know as Sebastian and had welcomed into the Institute was in fact her brother, Jonathan. Also haunted with recurring dreams of the lake, she realized that the lake was the third Mortal Instrument: the Mortal Mirror.[26] Though they tried to keep the fact from Valentine, he eventually found out. He set out to return to Idris,[27] to summon the Angel Raziel and compel a wish out of him.[28]

Clary making her wish to Raziel.

The pair reached the Lake just before Valentine could summon the angel, only to be caught by surprise to find Valentine lying in wait, killing Jace instantly with a stab to his heart. Valentine then summoned Raziel, expressing his wish: the destruction of all Downworlders, demons, and disloyal Shadowhunters. Before Valentine could offer up his blood for the wish, Clary attacked Valentine and killed him. Caught up in the moment and her immediate grief, Clary immediately asked the angel for Jace—Jace back from the dead. The angel was quick to grant her wish, and Jace was brought back to life, but not without unforeseen consequences.[29]

Lilith's son

Clary during her Rune ceremony.

Clary received her Angelic rune shortly after, in a public ceremony attended by many Shadowhunters and meant to honor Clary for killing Valentine. Later, Clary told Jace to tell Alec the truth about the wish, but Jace insisted that they must hide it from everyone because taking that one wish could be grounds for punishment.[30]

Clary facing the Owl.

While investigating a unique case of a demon possessing mundanes, Clary worried about Jace's paranoia that Jonathan had returned and was the Owl creature responsible. An encounter with the Owl, however, contradicted his theory.[31]

At one point, Jace opened up to her that he felt like he was losing his mind, having waking moments he had no memory of.[32] He told her that he was going to seek treatment at the City of Bones, but Clary doubted that it was mental issues and suspected that it had more to do with his revival. Worried, Clary finally told Luke about wishing Jace back from the dead. Together, they went to see Cleophas at Luke's farm and asked for her help to reach out to Ithuriel.

Lilith taking a sliver of Clary's soul.

Cleo helped Clary summon the angel, and after the successful summoning, Clary asked Ithuriel if she was responsible for Jace's behavior. Ithuriel told her that she wasn't, but that his return from the dead left him vulnerable to influence. The angel mentioned the arrival of the great evil in their realm, and Clary thought it to be the Owl. Ithuriel was about to tell her about the Owl's master before a large demon arrived and tore his heart out. The demon took a sliver of her soul and left.[33] Clary later deduced that the demon that arrived was the Owl's master mentioned by Ithuriel.

When Jace returned from his treatment claiming to be healed, Clary noticed something off about his behavior—as if he didn't care for her. Clary asked Magnus for help identifying the demon, for which Magnus called on Brother Zachariah for help. The unique Silent Brother gave them sources to look into, and Clary found that Zachariah was close to a Herondale in his past life. Clary then asked about Jace's treatment and he told her that Jace never arrived for his treatment. Clary told Magnus about Jace's odd behavior, and Magnus realized that Jace had fallen out of love with her—he connected this to the client who'd commissioned him for a "falling out of love" potion. Magnus deduced that the demon who came at her was the woman who came to him, disguised as a human, and they sought to look for Jace.

She called Luke, who was at the Hunter's Moon where Jace was with his family, too late as he had already set his sights on Ollie as his next target. They tried to stop him, but by the time they caught up, Ollie was already possessed, and they saw that Jace was in fact the Owl.[34] Clary went after Jace and the two fought on the rooftop of a building. Clary tried to talk him down, but Jace told her that he no longer loved her and proceeded to push her off the building. She was severely injured and momentarily paralyzed, so she called on Simon for help getting back to the Institute.

Clary on trial.

After recovering, Clary joined the briefing where Magnus told them that the demon they were up against was Lilith, the Queen of Edom. To be able to fully explain the situation, Clary finally told everyone about her wish at Lake Lyn. Initially fearing that Alec would immediately report her to the Clave, he instead hugged her, saying he would've done the same for Jace. They then plotted to trap Jace in a Malachi Configuration, which they stole from Alicante's Armory with Imogen's help. However, Imogen's death in the hands of the Owl, and Jace's and their subsequent presence at the Cemetery of the Disgraced, alerted the guards to their activities. To buy them time to save Jace, Clary sent them off to Magnus's through her Portal rune and surrendered herself to the Clave.[35]

Clary was questioned by Consul Jia Penhallow with the Soul-Sword, forced to tell the truth about everything, from Jace's possession all leading up to Clary's wish. For this, Clary was sentenced to death.[36]

Father and daughter reunited.

Sometime after, Clary's execution was scheduled with the culling of other death row inmates. While waiting her turn, Clary was joined by Iris Rouse, who told her that her execution was moved up because she refused Jia's demands of resurrecting Valentine. When it was her turn, she told Jia that she could resurrect Valentine with a rune. Jia momentarily put her execution on hold so she could, and though Clary did not know what rune she would be drawing but was confident that rune would just come to her, she ended up with a Necromancy rune that successfully brought Valentine back to life.

Valentine refused to say anything unless it was to Clary, further delaying her execution. Jia allowed it but stayed close, listening to his interrogation. She was able to convince Valentine to explain why Lilith would want his body: she needed his flesh for the ritual of Jonathan's resurrection. Immediately after, Jia returned, intending to burn Valentine's body to stop Lilith. Valentine fought back, however, and conventional means proved unable to kill him. Clary then pretended to be on his side to get close enough to cancel out the Necromancy rune. When a guard arrived, Clary surrendered herself and begged the guard to burn Valentine's body, only for the guard to reveal himself as the Owl, still in Jace's body. He took Valentine's rib and took her with him to Lilith, needing her for Jonathan's resurrection.[37]

TMI310 Lilith & Clary 01.png
TMI310 Clary & Jonathan 01.png

As a last step for the ritual, Lilith cut a mark into Clary's skin, which also appeared on Jonathan's corpse, binding their life force. The others tried to get to Lilith and Clary to save her and stop the resurrection. When Simon arrived, she told him to go directly to Jonathan's sarcophagus so that Lilith would attack him to protect Jonathan, knowing that the Mark of Cain would react and kill Lilith. To take her away from Jonathan, Clary threatened to kill herself, knowing that it would disrupt the ritual, and lured Lilith away. She struck her with her Sun rune and kept her still long enough for Simon to go and attempt to destroy Jonathan's sarcophagus. Lilith attacked him with intent to kill and was killed by the Mark of Cain. The force of the powers colliding sent Simon back and over the building. Clary rushed over, only to be stopped and grabbed by her revived brother. Lilith's death on Earth caused a massive explosion, after which Clary and Jonathan disappeared, leading Simon and the others to believe that she was killed in the blast.[38]

In the cover of the explosion, Lilith's magical apartment, along with Clary and Jonathan, was moved to Siberia. Clary awoke days later with Jonathan, now truly alive and bearing his true face. Clary realized that the symbol Lilith had cut into her chest was what brought Jonathan back to life. Jonathan tried to reason with Clary that they needed to remain in hiding as she was still a wanted criminal by the Clave, neither of them knowing that she had been posthumously pardoned. Clary refused to be swayed by Jonathan's words.

Jonathan and Clary bleeding out from his injury, moments before he heals them.

Clary fled but only managed to get so far before she collapsed of exhaustion in the cold, and Jonathan caught up to her and brought her back to the apartment. Shortly after recovering, Clary tried to kill him, stabbing him through the chin, during a moment of vulnerability when Clary pretended to look forward to going to Paris together. Both witnessed for the first time the effect of their new bond, born from the rune Lilith had Marked them both with, as she bled with him from the injury she'd dealt and healed only when Jonathan activated his healing rune.[39] Clary was eventually rescued by Jace and the others.[40]

Clary struggled with her connection to Jonathan and, during an encounter that could have guaranteed his capture, found herself unconsciously looking out for him and allowed him to get away.[41] Their connection also started to affect her state of mind. She began lashing out, violently as she did when she beat up Aline Penhallow,[42] and unexpectedly, even towards those she loved. She eventually managed to capture Jonathan, Portaling him into a cell beneath the Institute.[43]

A way to potentially break their twinning rune bond was discovered,[44] but the synthesis of the product was taking time and Clary was leaning further and further towards her and Jonathan's dark side. To counteract this, Jace stayed by Clary's side as much as possible so he could anchor her, but when they were separated briefly in a fight, Clary gave into her darkness. She knocked Jace out so he wouldn't follow her and released Jonathan from their prison cells.[45]

TMI319promo Team Evil 02.jpg

Clary and Jonathan escaped to Lilith's apartment. She was still in love with Jace, however, so when Jace sent her a fire-message asking to be with her, Clary asked Jonathan to give him a chance, confident that his love for her was stronger than his loyalty to the Clave. During their trip to the Kosti Lustr in Prague to capture the Seelie Queen, Jonathan found out that Jace had been spying on them, reporting back to the Institute with a whisper ring and tried to have him killed by the Queen's guards. Though Clary protected Jace, she left him behind, threatening to kill him if he tried to separate her from Jonathan again, and escaped with Jonathan and the captive Queen.[46]

During the exchange for the Queen and the Morning Star sword‏‎, Jace and Isabelle arrived, wielding the heavenly fire-infused sword Glorious that could sever their bond. Jace stabbed Clary with the sword, freeing her from the rune that immediately began to fade from her skin.[47]


The angered Jonathan, now almost purely demonic due to the loss of his connection to Clary, used the Morning Star sword to open a rift to Edom in Alicante, releasing an endless number of wraiths into the Shadowhunter city, and into the world. They were saved only by Magnus' decision to go to Edom to close the rift from there.[47] When they got wind of Lilith's plan to amass an army of demons to kill Magnus in Edom and return to their world, Isabelle, her veins full of heavenly fire from Glorious' explosion, went on her own to try and save Magnus.

Clary created an Alliance rune so that their small group of Shadowhunters and Downworlders can temporarily share each other's abilities and immunities and thus safely traverse Edom. She was met with some powerful resistance while she first applied the rune on Simon but she pushed through and succeeded in bonding Jace with Meliorn and Alec with Lorenzo Rey. They made their way to Asmodeus' keep in Edom where Isabelle was able to vanquish Lilith with her heavenly fire. Clary then Marked Magnus and Isabelle with the Alliance rune so that they could all absorb the heavenly fire that was threatening to destroy Isabelle. With their temporarily bonded angel and demon blood, they saved Isabelle and dispersed the remainders of the flame.[48]

After they returned from Edom, Clary saw and followed a bright ball of light that turned out to be the spirit of her mother, passing on a warning from Angel Raziel to stop using her rune abilities or face consequences. Later, when they received news that Jonathan had been attacking Institutes, killing Shadowhunters and mundanes, out of spite for Clary, she insisted on facing Jonathan. She talked him down and hugged him. She created a new rune, having come to terms with Raziel's ultimatum, that gave her wings and used it to crush Jonathan.

Clary immediately saw the effect of her disobedience: her runes slowly began to fade one by one. Clary also found herself losing her memories and the Sight. In preparation for her departure, Clary wrote Jace a letter explaining what was happening to her. At the party after Magnus and Alec's wedding, Clary subtly bid her farewells to both Simon and Jace. When she felt the last of her runes and Sight of the Shadow World disappear, she left the Institute. Because of the circumstances of her departure, the others did not dare approach Clary to tell her about them or the Shadow World in fear of making things worse.

Clary sees Jace.

A year later, Clary was attending the Brooklyn Academy of Art. Clary felt the lapses in her memory and expressed them through her abstract art. During an exhibit of her work, she spotted Jace—despite his glamour—watching her and inexplicably recognized him, and reached out to touch the runes peeking out of his collar, the interaction possibly blessed, finally allowed, by the angel watching them from above.[49]

Personality and traits

Clary is headstrong, stubborn, and fiery. She is also intelligent and creative. She loves and cares deeply about her mother and her friends and is loyal to them above all others.

Having not been raised with the typical Shadowhunter prejudice and rules, she is often at odds with the more traditional Shadowhunters in the Institute, like Alec and Lydia, over issues regarding mundanes and Downworlders, strict adherence to rules and protocol, and their generally self-centered culture. Unlike most Shadowhunters, who defend innocents out of a sense of duty, Clary does so without hesitation because she wants to.

Physical appearance

Clary is a beautiful young girl with bright red hair and a slim build. Hodge remarked that she looks a lot like her mother, Jocelyn. Her clothing style is generally simple and conservative, and she dislikes wearing the revealing outfits that Isabelle had her wear on occasion.

Since meeting and becoming one of the Shadowhunters, Clary now has a number of runes burned into various parts of her body, including the iratze rune on the right side of her neck,[2] Protected on the left side of her chest,[8] just below the Vision rune on her left collar bone,[15] and the Nyx rune on her right scapula.[8] On her left arm, listed from her forearm down to her wrist, she has the Blocking rune,[15] Communication,[50] Unseen,[8][15] and the Soundless rune.[8][15][51] On her right arm are Courage in Combat,[7] Visible,[8] and the Shape-shifting runes;[12] she has the permanent Angelic rune on the back of her right wrist,[30] and the Heat Vision rune on the back of her right hand has since faded.[15]

Skills and abilities

  • Nephilim physiology: Being Nephilim, Clary naturally possesses a variety of enhanced physical and mental abilities granted to her by the angel blood of Raziel in her veins and also by the angelic Marks of the Gray Book. This includes enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, and coordination, which would improve over time and practice.
    • The Sight: As a Shadowhunter, Clary is able to easily see through most magical illusions and layers of glamour over reality. However, due to her general ignorance of the Shadow World because of her year's worth of missing memories, she still needs some prompting to see through glamour.
    • Use of heavenly weapons: As a Nephilim, Clary is also able to handle heavenly weapons, such as seraph blades, with effect that would normally not work for other species.
    • Runic magic: Due to the angel blood in their veins, all Shadowhunters are all able to apply runes on their skin without any real danger. These Marks, in turn, give varied effects that serve to benefit the wearer.
    • Angelic blood empowerment: While all Shadowhunters have some angel blood in them, Clary has more; particularly, she has pure angel blood, and a blood connection with the angel Ithuriel.
      • Accessing new runes: Because of this, Clary is able to "create" new runes—those not in the Gray Book—sent to her as visions or images by Ithuriel. These runes include the Sunlight rune,[16] the Portal rune,[52] a Necromancy rune,[37] and one that deactivated the Soul-Sword and other magical protections.[20][22][37]
        • Wings: When Clary hugged her brother she drew a rune on herself which unleashed her angelic wings, in a burst of golden light, that appear identical to Ithuriel's and used them to kill Jonathan.
        • Blood connection: Because of their angel blood, Jace and Clary share a connection, both with each other and with the source of their blood, Ithuriel. In addition, Clary's blood relation to Jonathan Morgenstern, and in turn her connection to Jace, gives them the ability to track Jonathan, who was otherwise untraceable for a time, by using the combined strength of their runes and blood.
    • Unique Shadowhunter ability: Inherited from Jocelyn, Clary has the shared ability to press physical objects into paper, transforming them into drawings or paintings, and are conversely the only ones able to "reach into" the pictures to extract the true hidden object. According to Luke, this may have been her unusual angelic powers, which some Shadowhunters have, and may have been passed down from her mother and possibly her entire bloodline.
  • Art: Clary is a particularly skilled and talented artist.
  • Skilled combatant: Clary has become quite skilled in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat, which she is still currently trying to improve further under the tutelage of those at the Institute.


  • Fairchild stele: For her eighteenth birthday, Jocelyn gave her a stele that is a family heirloom.
  • Basic Shadowhunter gear, including a stele, seraph blades, witchlight, and various other weapons.
  • Dual kindjals: After Clary's Rune Ceremony, Clary chose her weapon of choice. Her gut led her into picking up two separate kindjals, wielding them together as dual blades. Clary later learned from Luke that one of the kindjals belonged Valentine, and the other belonged to Jocelyn.


  • Portal shard: Clary received a Portal shard tied to a chain from Jocelyn before they were separated for the first time. It spontaneously triggered visions of the people Clary focused on, working like a Portal for viewing the current state or location of the person. It was also detectable and once used by Valentine to communicate with her.


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  • Differences from the novel:
    • Clary is two years older than her book counterpart.
    • At the beginning of the TV series, Clary was applying for the art school Brooklyn Academy of Art; at the beginning of the books, was a high school student attending Tisch art classes.
    • Similarities, aside from physical appearance and character relationships:
      • Clary is an artist.
      • Clary has a connection with the angel Ithuriel, being Valentine's unintentional experiment after being given doses of angel blood while still in Jocelyn's womb.


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