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The City of Bones, also known as the Silent City, is the residence of the Silent Brothers. It also serves as the final resting place for some of the fallen Shadowhunters.


The Silent City is the base of operations of the Silent Brothers. It is an extensive and complex city of levels and chambers so vast and deep underground. Most Shadowhunters are buried in the City of Bones; traitors, however, forfeit their right to be buried here.[1] The City has several prison cells, which hold suspected criminals awaiting trial or those who commit infractions against the Clave. Interrogations with the Soul-Sword for truths can also take place here.[2]

In one chamber, the Soul-Sword is kept and hung from the ceiling, above a round platform with the Clairvoyance rune on the ground. The Sword in this case is used for rituals such as going through a person's mind.[1]

The City can be reached through a number of entrances. One entrance in New York is found under an overpass of FDR Drive.[3][1] Another in New York is considered the Downworlders entrance,[4] and one other is found in a cemetery.[5]

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Most of the entrances lead to a central area that contains a statue of the Angel Raziel holding a cup, a stone replica of the Mortal Cup, and a sword with the Shadowhunter creed "Nephilim: facilis descensus Averni" ("For Shadowhunters, the descent into hell is easy"). This area will lead to other parts of the City.

According to Alec Lightwood, the rune energy in the City of Bones will kill any mundane who dares to enter.[1]


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