Charlie Cooper is a pediatric surgeon at St. Ambrose Hospital in New York.


Early life

When he was young, Charlie was afraid of blood. Both of his parents were doctors and expected him to follow in their footsteps, forcing Charlie to overcome his fear to become a doctor himself.[1]


Charlie was working a shift at the St. Ambrose Hospital's maternity ward when he noticed a woman kicking the vending machine, her snack stuck inside. Charlie offered to help by "out-thinking" the machine; he bought a snack above hers, causing her stuck snack to fall with his. Charlie introduced himself, and when she was about to leave, Charlie stopped her to ask for her name. Though she hesitated, Isabelle told him her name.[2]

While attending a Relief Corps fundraiser party put together by Morgan Young, he ran into Isabelle once again and asked for her number, asking her to tell him straight if she was uninterested. Isabelle had been visibly distracted and agreed to give her number.[3] He asked her out some time after, and they went out to dinner on their first date. Charlie asked to know more about her and pointed out her bracelet, to which Isabelle claimed that she and her family ran a business making and selling jewelry.

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Charlie invited Isabelle to another drink at a bar downtown, and though she initially accepted the offer, she rescinded, needing to respond to a demon her ruby had detected nearby. She told him that it was because she had an order she suddenly remembered that urgently needed to be done and left. Remembering the recent cult killings in the news, Charlie worried for Isabelle and went after her to make sure that she would be safe. He found her lying in an alley then, with her heels torn off, and noted the cut on her forehead. He took her to the hospital and stitched her wound, and she left afterwards.[1]

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They remained in contact after that through texts. When Isabelle's mother found out about him, she insisted on meeting him. Isabelle got in touch soon after and he was asked to go to the Hunter's Moon for drinks with her family. There, Jace Herondale—Isabelle's adoptive brother who'd recently been possessed—set his sights on him, having seen his pure aura, making him a good candidate for Lilith's virtuous mundane disciple. Her family was amused by the excuses Isabelle had given him to hide their nature. When Luke Garroway arrived, Isabelle, Charlie, and the others left them alone at the table and dispersed. Jace tried to get him to step out of the bar with him so he could make him demonic, but Charlie was distracted then called by Isabelle, unwittingly saving him.[4]

Isabelle soon ended things between them, having gotten tired of lying to him about her life.[5]


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  • Charlie is allergic to almonds.[2]


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