Cain is the first child of Adam and Eve and the brother of Abel. Known by many from biblical records surrounding them, Cain is in fact one of the oldest known, if not the first of, vampires and Daylighters in history, cursed with an eternity of life as the original bearer of the eponymous Mark bestowed upon him by the Seelie Queen.



Cain and Abel were born to Adam and his second wife, Eve, one of the first inhabitants of the Garden of Eden after Lilith had been cast out. Bitter over their circumstances, Adam's first wife, Lilith, who had since become a Greater Demon, set her eyes on Cain to exact her revenge.

Lilith secretly transformed Cain into a vampire with her demonic magic then turned the brothers against each other until their quarrel ultimately led to him killing Abel with a rock. As he stood over his brother's body, Cain became overwhelmed by the thirst for blood and drank from Abel, whose heavenly blood also endowed Cain with the ability to walk in daylight.

The Seelie Queen, herself a loyal servant of Adam, bestowed upon him a powerful, mystical mark that would protect him from any harm and turn any attack against him back on the attacker sevenfold, a Mark which later became infamously known as the Mark of Cain. Cain soon realized the woes that came with his invincibility and immortality as his neighbors hunted him during his centuries of wandering, causing him to unwillingly slaughter the mobs that attempted to harm him with the power of the Mark.

At one point, Cain went to the Queen and attempted the ritual to have the Mark on his forehead removed. The ritual had been risky, though, and Cain was too afraid to die and was not able to go through with it.

Cain eventually withdrew further into his self-imposed isolationism. His legend, however, remained alive in the beliefs of mundanes and Downworlders alike. The legend of Daylighters, as well as the oldest vampire being in hiding in the sewers of New York — where Cain came to dwell for centuries — lived on among some vampires as a myth.[1]


One day in 2016, Simon Lewis, a Daylighter with the Mark of Cain came to the sewers in search of him, hoping to get information about the mark, which he too had been forced to bear, and how to rid himself of it. For the first time in centuries, Cain revealed himself to the boy upon seeing that he was a Daylighter like him. Though initially apprehensive, Cain saw in Simon a kindred spirit and sat down with him to tell his story.

When he heard Isabelle Lightwood calling for Simon, Cain feared that he would once again hurt another with his Mark. Before he could turn him away completely, Simon begged Cain for the information he came for. Cain then told him that only the Seelie Queen could remove his mark, and he would need the rock he'd used to kill Abel, which Cain willingly procured and gave Simon.[1]


Simon and Isabelle returned to him to ask for his help, requiring his Mark as protection against Lilith, whom they intended to summon and potentially banish back to Edom with his Mark. Cain was surprised to find out that Simon had survived the ritual. Simon managed to convince him by appealing to his guilt and desire to atone for his sins.

TMI316 Cain protects Lilith 01

Cain's Mark protecting him and Lilith from Simon just moments after he frees her from her prison.

After they'd summoned Lilith and kept her confined in a Malachi Configuration, a fight broke out when Jonathan Morgenstern arrived. In the chaos, Lilith convinced Cain to release her and commit to protecting her, specifically from Jonathan, in exchange for the return of his brother, Abel. Cain was easily manipulated and, after removing a seraph blade from the ground to break the prison, his Mark was triggered when Simon came at them. Lilith then transported away to escape with Cain.[2]

Skills and abilities

  • Immortality: As a vampire, Cain is immortal and un-aging. As the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, he has lived countless thousands of years.
  • Encanto: Cain should, like most vampires, have ability to mesmerize or hypnotize mundanes into following any command, whether consciously or not.
  • Heightened senses: After his Turning, his vision improved and he no longer needed glasses. He can also smell blood from a distance.
  • Superhuman strength: As a centuries-old, powerful vampire, Cain possesses an extraordinary level of physical strength, stamina, and agility befitting a vampire of his age and experience.
  • Superhuman speed: Like his brethren, Cain is capable of moving at vast speeds that exceed those of younger vampires and Nephilim. His reflexes should also be heightened.
  • Immunity to the sun: After drinking Cain's heavenly blood, Cain became impervious to the typical vampire weakness to the sun and thus gained the ability to freely walk in daylight.
  • Mark-granted invincibility: After being branded by the Seelie Queen with the mark intended to protect him, anyone who attempts to hurt Cain is pushed back by a powerful, invisible force.


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