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By the Light of Dawn is the tenth and mid-season finale episode of the second season of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.


CLARY FACES A WORLD OF TROUBLE: Valentine's plan is in full effect and the Shadowhunters must act fast to save the Downworld.

The New York Institute is under attack as Valentine's plan for the Soul-Sword is getting dangerously close to coming to fruition. The Shadowhunters must act fast to save their loved ones and the rest of the Downworld.

Meanwhile, some of the Downworlders have their own plan to stop Valentine and their target is Clary.



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A list of the known songs and score music featured in this episode:

  • "Movement" - High Highs
  • "Sun Light" - N3XTST3P
  • "Rising Rising" (Bassnectar Remix) - Crywolf


  • Filming of the episode wrapped on November 23, 2016.[1][2][3][4] This was the last episode shot (as part of the first half of the season, or 2A) before the break from filming.

  • Valentine's line about the shape-shifting rune ("Shape-shifting, huh? Well, that's original.") was the writers being meta,[5] referencing the exasperation of some viewers/readers with the rune.[6]

  • The following are elements adapted from The Mortal Instruments:

    • Like Cassandra Clare's headcanon about Raphael in the books, his TV counterpart is also asexual.
    • Valentine abducted Simon and slit his throat; by the time Jace found him, he was dying and was in desperate need of blood to survive. Jace let Simon feed on him, after which, because of his pure angel blood, Simon became impervious to the sun.
    • The "I could have killed you"-"I would have let you" exchange between Jace and Simon was a direct quote from the book City of Ashes.
    • Jace, like Clary, has pure angel blood instead of demon blood and is not Valentine's son as previously believed.