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The Brooklyn vampire clan is a faction of vampires residing in Brooklyn, New York City banded together as a clan. Based in the Hotel Dumort, the clan's leadership has changed over the years and was last known to be led by Griffin, Raphael Santiago's successor. They are considered by some as the most powerful clan in New York.[1]


For a long time, the clan was led by Camille Belcourt, who had a tendency of going rogue, violating the Accords for her pleasures, such as feeding on humans and keeping stacks of human blood, and thus putting the rest of her clan at risk.[2] Not wanting the clan to be affected by her actions, her second-in-commaned, Raphael Santiago, led a coup and, with the support of rest of the clan and the Shadowhunter friends of the newly-Turned vampire Simon Lewis, ousted Camille, threatening to report her to the Clave otherwise. Raphael then took over the clan.[3]

Despite the clan's initial reservation, they, particularly their former leader Raphael, were often convinced to cooperate with Shadowhunters and werewolves.

Known members


  • Some members of the clan possess motorcycles run by demon energies.


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