You missed your ride, angel doll. Why'd you go with him, huh? You really know how to hurt a guy.

–Brad to Clary, Dead Man's Party

Brad was a vampire of the Brooklyn vampire clan under Camille Belcourt.


One evening, Brad was at the Hardtail bar when Clary approached him and complimented his bike. Brad flirted with her and used encanto on her, fully enslaving her to his charm and made him seem more attractive in her eyes. Without enough of their identifying runes, Brad failed to realize that she was in fact a Shadowhunter. Just as they were about to leave, with the keys to his motorcycle now in his hands, Clary's companion, Jace, came up to them and challenged him. Brad attacked him but Jace easily evaded and knocked him out. Jace stole his keys and motorcycle and rode off with Clary.

Brad had to run all the way back to the Hotel Dumort, risking death because of the impending sunrise. At the hotel, he once again encountered Clary and Jace trespassing into the hotel. He once again tried to enchant Clary while other vampires kept Jace occupied, but failed to do so because of her new rune. During a tussle with Clary, another Shadowhunter arrived and shot a small hole into the wall of the hotel, causing light to spill into the room and shine right on Brad, causing him to burn and implode.


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