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The Book of the White is an ancient book of warlock magic containing very powerful spells and recipes for potions.


The book was in Ragnor Fell's possession in the 1990s when Jocelyn Fairchild came to him. With instructions from the book, Ragnor created a potion for her that could put her in a coma-like state that can only be reversed by a spell within the book. He had her hide the book afterwards to safeguard its location from Valentine Morgenstern. Years later, Jocelyn's assistant Dot hid the book for Jocelyn in Camille's study, in her apartment on the Upper East Side, under the guise of just another antiquity sold from their store but glamoured as a cookbook.

When Valentine came for Jocelyn in New York in 2016, around two decades after the potion was made, Jocelyn finally used it. When Clary and her friends realized that Ragnor made the potion, they tracked him down. Ragnor offered to give them something that would help them track the book but was killed by a Shax demon before he could retrieve it. Magnus Bane Portaled Ragnor's things to his loft in New York and inspected them there. Clary recognized a bookmark among his things as one she saw tucked into a spell book in an alternate dimension,[1][2] and Magnus realized that it may have been the Book of the White and that the bookmark might be a piece of the book itself.[3]

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Magnus waking Jocelyn with a spell from the book.

Magnus used the bookmark to track the book's current owner, and they were led to Camille.[1] They were able to find the book in her study, after Clary recognized Jocelyn's specialty chicken cacciatore in cookbook it is glamoured as. Magnus was able to use an incantation in the book to wake Jocelyn.[3]


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