Adamas is a mystical stone used by Iron Sisters in forging weapons for the Nephilim, particularly seraph blades.[1] Only Iron Sisters typically have access to adamas.[2]


The adamas is shaped by Iron Sisters into weapons; only the Sisters, who are Marked with sacred runes upon acceptance into the sisterhood, are capable of it.[1]

The New York Institute's walls contain adamas.[3]

The adamas is also used in an ancient way of communication between parabatai; the stone can be used by one to track the other.[2]


In Ancient Greek, "adamas" (ἀδάμας) is of Semitic origin—it means unconquerable, invincible, untamed, proper, unalterable, and unbreakable. Adamas is also related to the Greek word variant "adamant" and the Latin word "diamant", which translates or refers to the "the hardest metal, diamond".[4][5]


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