Aparições da Segunda Temporada (2A): 0/20
This Guilty Blood:
A Door Into the Dark:
Parabatai Lost:
Day of Wrath:
Dust and Shadows:
Iron Sisters:
How Are Thou Fallen:
Love is a Devil:
Bound by Blood:
By the Light of Dawn:


Essa predefinição será usada se o personagem aparecer somente na primeira metade da segunda temporada (e/ou a primeira):

  • Se o personagem aparece somente nessa temporada, não use se o número total de aparições, menções, etc. do personagem é menor que quatro.
  • Se o personagem aparece em ambas as temporadas (2 até agora em 2017), não utilize essas predefinições se o total de aparições ou menções do personagem é menor que seis.

Uma exceção a isto seria os personagens principais esperados para aparecer em mais.


vazia: {{ApariçõesS2A|||||||||||number=}}
completa: {{ApariçõesS2A|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|number=20}}

Add the following next to the pipes corresponding to the episode number:
Basic options:

  • yes if they appear
  • no if they do not appear
  • mention if they are mentioned only
  • flash if they appear only in flashbacks
  • mainflash if they appear in both the main story and the flashback(s)
  • will if the character is set to make an appearance (in any of the ways enumerated above)
  • leave it blank if it is yet to be announced

Other options:

  • credit if the actor is credited but does not appear in the episode
  • allusion to episodes where they are alluded to
  • screen if the character is represented on a screen (with a photo, an illustration, in a video, etc.)
  • name if only the character's name is seen onscreen
  • project if the character only appears non-physically, as a hologram or projection
  • spirit if they appear as a ghost or spirit
  • corpse if they appear only as a corpse (may or may not be the actual actor)
  • illusion if they only appear in/as an illusion or as a character's imagination or hallucination
  • vision if they only appear in/as a vision
  • dream if they only appear in a dream sequence
  • eclipsed if the character is eclipsed (his/her face isn't shown for some reason, e.g. only the back of the head, shadow, silhouette, etc. is shown, for reasons such as unavailability of actor or lack of one for a yet to be cast role, or simply if a character is shrouded in mystery)
  • voice if the character's voice is heard in the episode
  • different if a character appears in a different form (werewolf, disguised as another character, etc.; recasts do not count)
  • write anything else next to the corresponding pipe to write something that does not fall under any of the available appearance categories above
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