1. BOOK VS. SHOW: If you don't watch or don't like the show but took the time to come here to express your hate for the show, cast, crew, writers, or its fans, please don't bother. You will be blocked. 2. Give your post a short and relevant title, and be sure to place it in the right category. Likewise, keep replies relevant and focused on the title of the post. 3. NO form of PIRACY (sharing, requesting) is allowed on the wiki. Violation will result in a block. 4. We've noticed a trend in posts where pictures are added to replies. If the image is unrelated to the reply and topic, do not do this. It serves no useful purpose and only clutters the thread. 5. DO NOT SPOIL OTHERS. If you end up on a discussion started by a user who explicitly states that he/she hasn't gotten to a particular part yet, ensure that the user (and the others participating in the thread) want spoilers. If not, just direct them to the page with the spoilery details/information. 6. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned. 7. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes and advertise external websites will be deleted. 8. Be civil. You are not being asked to be "nice". Do not go out of your way to attack and irritate others. This should be a given. 9. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned. 10. Sockpuppetry is not allowed! You can have multiple accounts but be honest about it. The use of multiple accounts to influence votes or evade/circumvent blocks is grounds for blocking. CATEGORIES: With categories, posts can be *grouped* based on the topic/title. There are three categories: • "General": everything related to the series; posts, questions, analysis, theories, and opinions of and about the Shadowhunters series. • "Off-topic": book recommendations, talking about your book fandoms, etc.. • "Site concerns": Posts, questions, suggestions about the forum users, app, wiki or articles. If your post doesn't fit at all in the category you placed it in, or if it violates the rules above, it'll be locked or removed. CLOSURE: Take note that sometimes, discussions may be closed when discussion in it has ended or it is no longer necessary (e.g. once it stops being 'news', has become outdated, if the question has been answered, and/or if a thread receives no more replies within 30 days) to give way to other, more active threads that would need more attention. It can also be deleted if a thread is unnecessary to begin with—e.g. if it is a duplicate and there is an ongoing, more active discussion going on about it, or if the answer is in a pretty obvious place on the wiki such as the page of the topic in question (the question will not simply be ignored; the user will be notified of the reason and given an answer by the admin who deleted it). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT US: This forum is at for web browsers. There’s a wiki website - The Shadowhunters Wiki. It’s 100% run and edited by fans like you. Additional: - our Discord server! The wiki has apps for Android and iOS. You can use the wiki and the forum from the app. The forum is coded by FANDOM Staff. They also host the wiki. FEEDBACK: Feedback about the rules and community issues can be posted to Rwtia64: Otherwise, feel free to discuss the forum in the category "For the WEBSITE". Feedback about how the app and forum work: App user? use "Give feedback" on the Shadowhunters app settings screen On a browser?
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